Virginia Summer Guernsey Show 2023

Friday, August 4 - Saturday, August 5, 2023 @ Harrisonburg, VA

Pat Lundy, NY

Judge Pat Lundy sorted through the small Virginia Summer Guernsey show and named NC-Mtn Legacy Gloria (Legacy), the winning winter calf exhibited by Reagan Tompkins, as his Junior Champion. 

Cowsmo covered the show with photos and results thanks to the generous support from our sponsors!

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Guernsey Junior Champion

Guernsey Junior Champion
NC-Mtn Legacy Gloria (Legacy),1st winter calf,  Reagan Tompkins

Guernsey Reserve Junior Champion
Twin County A Pie Tulip-ET (American Pie), 1st summer yearling, Reagan & Reece Tompkins

Guernsey Winter Calf (1)

1. (1st Jr) NC-Mtn Legacy Gloria (Legacy), Reagan Tompkins

Guernsey Summer Yearling (1)

1. (1st Jr), Twin County A Pie Tulip-ET (American Pie), Reagan & Reece Tompkins