Virginia Summer Ayrshire Show 2023

Friday, August 4 - Saturday, August 5, 2023 @ Harrisonburg, VA

Pat Lundy, NY

Judge Pat Lundy had a small but high-quality Virginia Summer Ayrshire heifer show and found his Junior Champion – Steel-Fire Vicking Kathy –  in the spring yearling class. She was exhibited by Kiley Rae Little.  

Cowsmo covered the show with photos and results thanks to the generous support from our sponsors!

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Ayrshire Junior Champion - Junior & Open sho

Ayrshire Junior Champion
Steel-Fire Vicking Kathy (Vicking), 1st spring yearling, Kiley Rae Little

Ayrshire Reserve Junior Champion
S&M-Ayr Predator Carol (Predator), 1st winter yearling,  Madeline & McKinley Branch

Spring Calf (1)

1. (1st Jr) Kozy Kountry Gentleman Margo-ET (Gentleman), Laura Robson

Ayrshire Winter Calf (3)

1. (1st Jr) Lazy M Lochinvar Maple-ET (Lochinvar), Hannah Loftin
2. (2nd Jr) Kleins Barclay Bonzy (Barclay), Madeline & McKinley Branch
3. S&M-Ayr B-Kings Honey (B-King), Laura Robson

Ayrshire Fall Calf (1)

1. (1st Jr) True-Blessings Mr P (Mr P), Sedona Xenia Sifford

Ayrshire Spring Yearling (2)

1. (1st Jr) Steel-Fire Vicking Kathy (Vicking), Kiley Rae Little
2. Kozy Kountry Jungle Juice (Ringer), Laura Robson

Ayrshire Winter Yearling (1)

1. (1st Jr) S&M-Ayr Predator Carol (Predator), Madeline & McKinley Branch