Vente Blondin & Partners Sale 2021

August 5, 2021 @ Saint-Plaicide, QC

The Vente Blondin & Partners Sale 2021 takes place TODAY at 10am at the farm in Saint-Placide, QC. Added lots, sale updates and the catalog are up for viewing! 65 Holsteins sell direct from Blondin along with 50 select consignment from partners and friends! Cattle viewing begins at noon on August 4, followed by a wine and cheese social at 2pm. The sale is managed by Simon Lalande & Kim Cote and Jean-Philippe Proulx, with Pierre Boulet serving as Auctioneer and Yvon Chabot reading pedigrees.

Tom Degroot … 604 819-2879
Tyler Doiron … 418 285-9850
Dominic Fortier … 819 350-5877
Kevin Jacobs … 819 817-4216
Laurent Lambert … 819 371-5798
Garry Vanderpost … 639 471-1021

Click HERE for the PDF of there catalog or click the image below to view full screen.


Added Lots & Updates

Sale Highlights

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