Virginia Jersey Summer Show 2022

August 4, 2022 @ Harrisonburg, VA

Michael Creek, MD

The Virginia Jersey Summer Show 2022 has finished at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, VA. Judge Michael Creek admired his winning junior 2-year-old and named her Grand Champion – WF Oliver Linguini-P (Oliver),1st Jr 2-Year-Old exhibited by Regan Jackson.

Cowsmo covered the show with photos and results thanks to many generous sponsors!

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Grand Champion - Junior & Open Show

Senior & Grand Champion 
WF Oliver Linguini-P (Oliver),1st Jr 2-Year-Old,  Regan Jackson

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion 
Amandas Magician Lakley (Magician), 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Bryson Baldwin

Junior Champion - Open Show

Junior Champion – Open Show
Glad-Ray Swag Lipliner (Swagger), 1st winter calf, Makayla Hoell (Barrett Heizer)

Reserve Junior Champion – Open Show
WF Lemonhead LSU (Lemonhead), 1st winter yearling, Regan Jackson

Junior Champion - Junior Show

Junior Champion – Junior Show
WF Lemonhead LSU (Lemonhead), 1st winter yearling, Regan Jackson

Reserve Junior Champion – Junior Show
WF Barnabas Laken (Barnabas), 1st winter calf, Regan Jackson

Spring Calf (2)

1. (Jr) Bryson Victorious Boomer (Victorious), Bryson Baldwin
2. (Jr) WF Tucker Lulu Lemon-P (Tucker), Regan Jackson

Winter Calf (8)

1. Glad-Ray Swag Lipliner (Swagger), Makayla Hoell (Barrett Heizer)
2. (1st Jr) WF Barnabas Laken (Barnabas), Regan Jackson
3. Cherub Skyclass Alberta (Skyclass), Major Bond
4. SAR Victorious Blaze (Victorious), Tammie Stiles
5. (2nd Jr) Amandas Magician Belle (Magician), Bryson Baldwin
6. Eaton Wills Willa, Maggie Eaton
7. JX River-Mtn Archie 939 {6} (Archie), Esther Smith
8. JX JBR Byron Jingle (Byron), Maggie Toothman

Fall Calf (7)

1. SAR Foster Angela (Foster), Tammie Stiles
2. (1st Jr) Omabraggin Swaga Lucious (Swagger), Sedona Sifford & JD Brown II
3. Cherub Chrome Niagra (Chrome), Major, Lou & Jason Bond
4. (2nd Jr) SK Porche Dolly (Porche), Bryson Baldwin
5. Roshelle KS Colton Delilah (Colton), Kylee Seats
6. Cherub Colton Monteal (Colton), Major, Lou & Jason Bond
7. Zirkles Victorious Lucia (Victorious), Steve Zirkle

Summer Yearling (4)

1. (1st Jr) M-Signature Swagger Tess Marie (Swagger), Kathryn Woolf
2. (2nd Jr) CVS Reckless Waffle (Reckless), Regan Jackson
3. Cherub Chrome Hazelnut (Chrome), Major & Lou Bond
4. Zirkles Chrome Lulu (Chrome), Steve Zirkle

Spring Yearling (1)

1. SAR Foster Feona (Foster), Tammie Stiles

Winter Yearling (2)

1. (1st Jr) WF Lemonhead LSU (Lemonhead), Regan Jackson
2. River-Mtn Chrome 839 (Chrome), Stoney Run Farms, Inc.

Junior Best Three (3)

1. Regan Jackson
2. Skip-A-Rilla
3. Major & Lou Bond

Junior 2-Year-Old (3)

1. (Jr) WF Oliver Linguini-P (Oliver), Regan Jackson
2. River-Mtn Chrome 751 (Chrome), Stoney Run Farms, Inc.
3. Zirkles Texas Lanni (Texas), Steve Zirkle

Senior 2-Year-Old (1)

1. (Jr) Amandas Magician Lakley (Magician), Bryson Baldwin

Junior 3-Year-Old (1)

1. River-Mtn Casino 685 (Casino), Esther Smith

Senior 3-Year-Old (1)

1. Zirkles Fireman Lady Bird (Fireman), Steve Zirkle

4-Year-Old (1)

1. MD-PFC Mochas Milkshake (Premier), Steven & Marisa Little

Aged Cow (1)

1. Zirkles Tequila Lyla (Tequila), Steve Zirkle

Dam & Daughter (2)

1. Regan Jackson
2. Steve Zirkle


Produce of Dam (2)

1. Regan Jackson
2. Major & Lou Bond

Best Three Females (3)

1. Steve Zirkle
2. Regan Jackson
3. Stoney Run Farms

Breeder's Herd (1)

1. Steve Zirkle