Virginia Holstein Summer Show 2022

August 6, 2022 @ Harrisonburg, VA

Justin Burdette, PA

The Virginia Holstein Summer Show 2022 has concluded at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, VA! Judge Justin Burdette placed 101 head on the day, and selected his winning aged cow as his Grand Champion of both the Open and Junior Shows – Pineyvale McCutch Lollypop (McCutchen) exhibited by Ayla Janney. Lollypop was also the Best Uddered Cow of the Show. Reserve Grand Champion honors were bestowed on the 1st place junior 2-year-old – Harvue Doc Frozen (King Doc) exhibited by Ashley Hardesty. Frozen was the Champion Bred & Owned Cow of the show. 

Choosing the class winners and champions for the day will be judge Justin Burdette, PA. Cowsmo will be covering the show with photos and results thanks to many generous sponsors!

Show Sponsors

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Senior & Grand Champion - Open Show

Senior & Grand Champion & Best Udder of Show – Open Show
Pineyvale McCutch Lollypop (McCutchen), 1st aged cow, Ayla Janney

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion and Champion Bred & Owned – Open Show
Harvue Doc Frozen (King Doc), 1st junior 2-year-old, Ashley Hardesty

Senior & Grand Champion - Junior Show

Senior & Grand Champion – Junior Show
Pineyvale McCutch Lollypop (McCutchen), 1st aged cow, Ayla Janney

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion – Junior Show
Janney Dman Gin N Rose (Doorman), 1st 4-year-old, Ayla Janney

Junior Champion - Open Show

Junior Champion – Open Show
Oakfield-Sis An Krispykreme RC (Analyst), 1st fall calf, Billie Jo Rhodes

Reserve Junior Champion – Open Show
Harvue Select Gigi-ET (Select), 1st summer yearling, Henry Hardesty

Junior Champion - Junior Show

Junior Champion – Junior Show
Harvue Select Gigi-ET (Select), 1st summer yearling, Henry Hardesty

Reserve Junior Champion – Junior Show
PWW Warrior Cora-Red (Warrior), 1st winter calf, Madeline & McKinley Branch

Champion Bred & Owned - Junior Show

JBR Jordy Alaska (Jordy), 4th junior 2-year-old, Maggie Toothman

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder
Harvue Farms

Premier Exhibitor 
Mar-Bil Farms

Junior Herdsman Award

Charles Trip Bopp Memorial Junior Herdsman Award Winner
Trey Daubert

Spring Calf (20)

1. Harvue Doorman Felicia-ET (Doorman), Lillian Hardesty
2. STJOR Latenite Lava-Red-ET (Latenite), Billie Jo Rhodes
3. Milksource Tstorm Mojito-ET (Thunder Storm), Billie Jo Rhodes
4. Harvue Doorman Finn-ET (Doorman), James Hardesty
5. (1st Jr) Pamprd-Acres W Mango-Red (Warrior), Trey William Daubert
6. Nolandia Analyst Jenny (Analyst), Kraig Smith
7. Harvue Archer Sugar-Red (Archer), Carter Kerr
8. (2nd Jr) Oakfield US Enya-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Colton Hewitt
9. Plessed-Rose HFD Sonic Boom (Hanford), Madison Sifford
10. Stox Sidekick Karla-ET (Sidekick), Kenzi Dellinger

Winter Calf (13)

1. (1st Jr) PWW Warrior Cora-Red (Warrior), Madeline & McKinley Branch
2. (2nd Jr) Pamprd-Acres W Mary-Red-ET (Warrior), Trey William Daubert
3. Harvue Crown Royal Dratini (Crown Royal), Henry Hardesty
4. Jennings-Gap Dnv Eggnog-ET (Denver), Billie Jo Rhodes
5. Skip Crushin Juice-ET (Crush), Josh Skipton
6. Janney Awesome Rose (Awesome), Ayla Janney
7. River-Mtn Parfect 28228 (Parfect), Stoney Run Farms Inc.
8. Skip Reeve Jayla-Red (Reeve), Josh Skipton
9. Clabber-Mtn War Chili-Red ( Warrior), Madeline & McKinley Branch
10. Nolandia-H Derby Annabelle (Derby), Kraig Smith & Heather Shinn

Fall Calf (15)

1. Oakfield-Sis An Krispykreme RC (Analyst), Billie Jo Rhodes
2. Skip Avalanche Jem-Red-ET (Avalanche), Josh Skipton
3. (1st Jr) Harvue Analyst Rubeus-Red (Analyst), Heidi Hardesty
4. (2nd Jr) Witchinghour Apple Carly (Apple-Crisp), Tyler Hutcherson
5. Mar-Bil Escobar 3414-Red (Escobar), Alivia Hewitt
6. Harvue Sidekick Falynn-ET (Sidekick), David Hardesty, Jr.
7. Witchinghour Dia Clarity (Diamondback), J D Brown II
8. Kamps-Rx Apb Aloha-Red (Luxor), Billie Jo Rhodes
9. Plessed-Rose Hanford Leeona (Hanford), Sedona Sifford
10. Bulldog Jordy Lilac (Jordy), Ayla Janney

Summer Yearling (9)

1. (1st Jr) Harvue Select Gigi-ET (Select), Henry Hardesty
2. (2nd Jr) Plessed-Rose Tatoo Dianna (Tatoo), Madison Sifford
3. Ernest-Anthony Select Treat (Select), Kueffner, Packard, Skipton & Smith
4. Stox Awesome Shimmer-Red (Awesome), Hayley Ann Daubert
5. Lake-Effect TS Dally (Thunder Struck), Tyler Hutcherson
6. Stox Hancock Kahlua (Hancock), Jeremy & Rebecca Daubert
7. Witchinghour Dia Baja-Red (Diamondback), J D Brown II
8. VT-Pond-View Crush Lyra (Crush), Ayla Janney
9. River-Mtn Wrrr 27160-Red (Warrior), Stoney Run Farms Inc.

Spring Yearling (8)

1. Harvue Doc Devina-ET (King Doc), David Hardesty, Jr.
2. Skip Hi Octane Phanta (High Octane), Josh Skipton
3. Stox Brokaw Jillian 196-ET (Brokaw), Jeremy & Rebecca Daubert
4 (1st Jr) JBR Jordy Rosie (Jordy), Maggie Toothman
5. (2nd Jr) Siemers Anlyt Goldie-Red-ET (Analyst), Alivia Hewitt
6. Plessed-Rose Tatoo Luster (Tatoo), Sedona Sifford
7. S-A-Z Jordy Raven (Jordy), Steve Zirkle
8. Ban-Queen Rit It Rain-Red (Rip It), Madison Sifford

Winter Yearling (11)

1. Harvue Warrior Bella-Red (Warrior), John Hardesty & Son
2. Locust Ayr Monopoly Inez-Red (Monopoly), Steven & Marisa Little
3. (1st Jr) Pineyvale Warrior Legacy (Warrior), Ayla Janney
4. (2nd Jr) My-Type Delight Anny-ET (Delight), Madeline & McKinley Branch
5. Skip Jacoby Julia-ET (Jacoby), Josh Skipton
6. MD-Hillbrook Ivana-Red-ET (Warrior), Jennings Gap Dairy LLC & Billie Jo Rhodes
7. Walkup Diamondback Sweetpea (Diamondback), William Hewitt
8. Plessed-Rose Tatoo Savanna (Tatoo), Madison Sifford
9. Harvue Doc Fabulous (King Doc), David Hardesty, Jr.
10. Stox Altitude Petunia 187-Red (Altitude), Hayley Ann Daubert

Fall Yearling (3)

1. Harvue Doorman Freckles-ET (Doorman), Ashley Hardesty
2. Ms Harrietts Drmn Harper-ET (Doorman), Madison, Salem & Sedona Sifford
3. Rutter-M Goldwyn Adley-ET (Goldwyn), Kraig Smith & Heather Shinn

Junior Best Three (6)

1. Harvue Farms
2. Josh Skipton
3. Madison, Salem & Sedona Sifford
4. J D Brown II
5. Hayley Ann Daubert
6. Steve Zirkle

Dry Cow (2)

1. (1st Jr) Harvue Solomon Selena (Solomon), Madison Sifford
2. (2nd Jr) Harvue Flashy Lee (Flashy), Sedona Sifford

Junior 2-Year-Old (6)

1. Harvue Doc Frozen (King Doc), Ashley Hardesty
2. Stox Moovin Kadence 183 (Moovin), Jeremy & Rebecca Daubert
3. Mar-Bil Altitude Coco-Red (Altitude), Colton Hewitt
4. (1st Jr) JBR Jordy Alaska (Jordy), Maggie Toothman
5. Pineyvale Sstorm Cottontale (Sandstorm), Mar-Bil farms
6. River-Mtn Rager 24603-Red (Rager), Stoney Run Farms Inc.

Senior 2-Year-Old (3)

1. (1st Jr) Maple Dream Unstp Maple-Red (Unstopabull), Trey William Daubert
2. Penwood Lamada Lemon (Delta-Lambda), Kraig Smith
3. Norlandia Jordy Jenna-Red (Jordy), Kraig Smith

Junior 3-Year-Old (3)

1. Stox Altitud Tinkerbell-Red (Altitude), Jeremy & Rebecca Daubert
2. S-A-Z Jackson Karma (Jackson), Steve Zirkle

Senior 3-Year-Old (3)

1. Pineyvale Twizzle Gusty (Twizzle), Mar-Bil Farms
2. Mar-Bil Delight Girlie (Delight), Mar-Bil Farms
3. S-A-Z Kingboy Lou (Kingboy), Steve Zirkle

4-Year-Old (2)

1. (1st Jr) Janney Dman Gin N Rose (Doorman), Ayla Janney
2. Lo-Pine-VA Larson Magnolia (Larson), Cassidy Lam

5-Year-Old (0)

Aged Cow (3)

1. Pineyvale McCutch Lollypop (McCutchen), Ayla Janney
2. KJHPII Altitude Lilac-Red (Altitude), Steve Zirkle
3. Walkup Defiant Liberty (Defiant), Steve Zirkle

100,000 Lb Cow (1)

1. Walkup Dempsey Tasha (Dempsey), Steve Zirkle

Best Three Females (1)

1. Jeremy & Rebecca Daubert

Breeder's Herd (1)

1. Jeremy & Rebecca Daubert

Produce of Dam (3)

1. Jeremy & Rebecca Daubert
2. Ashley Hardesty
3. Trey William Daubert

Dam & Daughter (5)

1. Ayla Janney
2. Madison, Salem & Sedona Sifford
3. Ayla Janney
4. Madison, Salem & Sedona Sifford
5. Steve Zirkle