US National Holstein Convention Sale

July 2, 2018 @ 6pm EST @ Acme, MI

$12,077 avg

The US National Holstein Convention Sale 2018 was held July 2 in Acme, MI. The sale averaged $12,077 with Lot 1, Majr 234 Modesty 385-ET, topping the sale at $91,000. US National Holstein Convention Sale

Sale Results

The US National Holstein Convention Sale 2018 was held July 2 in Acme, MI. The sale averaged $12,077 with Lot 1, Majr 234 Modesty 385-ET, topping the sale at $91,000. She is the #2 GTPI Modesty in the breed at +2904G +2236M +996NM +2.20T. Her dam is a +2685G Delta due in September then 12 VG/EX dams from the Glen Drummond Splendor family. She was consigned by Raiser’s Willow Spring Farm, OH, and purchased by Peak Genetics, WI.

Selling for $85,000 was Lot 10, Comestar Laumabia Doc, the #1 GTPI King Doc daughter in the breed! She sold with a $2500CDN embryo contract and is from a +2782G Jedi backed by the Comestar Laurie Sheik family. She was consigned by Comestar Holsteins, QC, and purchased by Westcoast Holsteins, BC.

The Choice of Lot 3A and 3B sold for $60,000. Consigned by Pine-Tree Dairy, OH, they are 3/18 Pontiff daughters from a +2764G Profit x OCD Superior 9882-ET (VG-86 DOM). Lot 3A is the #2 GTPI Pontiff daughter with June genomics of +2876G +2006M +977NM. Lot 3B is the #3 GTPI Pontiff daughter with June genomics of +2857G +1879M +977NM. The choice was purchased by ST Genetics, TX.

The high selling Live animal at $19,500 was Lot 43, Craigcrest Rejoices Wind Chime (EX-93), sired by Windbrook. She was consigned by Stan and Lucas Moser, MI, and purchased by NDIRA, c/o Richard Denier, CA. Her dam is All-American & All-Canadian Craigcrest Rubies Gold Rejoice (EX-94), then three more EX dams.

From one of the hottest genomic Type families of the breed came Lot 49, Our-Favorite Collusion-ET, the #6 Genomic Type heifer of the breed (4/18). The 1/18 Delight daughter had genomics of +2284G +4.48T +3.45UDC +2.23FLC and has no Doorman or McCutchen in her pedigree. Her dam is a just fresh Hang-Time from Our-Favorite Unlimited (EX-93 95-MS), the dam of Undenied. She sold to Steve Velthuis, ON, for $18,500, and was consigned by Todd & Mary Stanek, WI.

Lot 52, Ms Hot Off The Press-Red-ET, was a stylish Avalanche out of All-American Starmark Ad Hotstuff-Red-ET (2E-94). She was consigned by Triple-T Holsteins and was purchased by Westcoast Holsteins for $14,200.

Sale Catalog

The US National Holstein Convention Sale 2018 is set for July 2 in Acme, MI. The sale will feature 88 lots including type, genomics, live animals and embryos. Online bidding will be available on Cowbuyer and the catalog is available here on Cowsmo. Click HERE to download the PDF or click the image below to view fullscreen.

Sale Information

US National Holstein Convention
Monday, July 2, 2018
Grand Traverse Resort & Spa, Acme, MI

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Sale Contacts

Dave Rama, NY…607.435.0792
Daniel Brandt, PA…717.821.1238
Scott Culbertson, MN…507.923.1881
Rick VerBeek, PA…614.580.8662
Chad Ryan, WI…920.960.1449
Kevin Jorgensen, WI…920.210.3992
Paul Trapp…717.896.7062
Jason Lamoreaux…616.822.0101
Don Welk…717.575.4700
Abe Light…315.651.7410
Max Dunseth…269.251.0232
Stan Moser… 517.404.3559
Moss McCauley…616.446.2670

Cattle Preparation
Shane Wilson…928-486-5610
Kyle Natzke…920-979-0593
Lucas Moser…517-242-6458
Austin Kopecky…402-560-7418
David Petersheim…608-632-4289
Tim Natzke…920-979-0611

Long-Distance Trucking
Todd Searles…507.208.1333
Tim Natzke…920.979.0611

Pre-Sale Photos

Check out Videos of many of the consignments HERE!

Sale Order, Added Lots & Photos

Sale Updates

*Photos on most absentia lots are posted at or The Cattle Exchange Facebook page.

Lot 1 Sells in absentia. The #2 GTPI Modesty @ +2904 & embryos exported to Japan! +188 points above PA!

Lot 2 Sells in absentia. CARRIES EMBRYO CONTRACT! 5 @ $2,500/each ($12,500) for LIAJ thru Alta. Family flushes incredible and is making the huge ones up to +2964G!

Lot 3 Sells in absentia. Buyers choice of the #2 & #3 GTPI Pontiff daughters!

Lot 4 Sells in absentia. CARRIES EMBRYO CONTRACT! 5 @ $2,500/each ($12,500) for Germany thru GenElite. Incredible, rare opportunity to buy the #1 GTPI R&W and she has super high RZG of +161. Ready to IVF soon.

Lot 5 Sells in absentia. Early Resolve, +162CFP and huge GTPI of +2862GTPI

Lot 6 Sells in absentia. Early Hodedoe with high GTPI and RZG! *GenElite would like to talk to new owner after August proofs.

Lot 7 Sells in absentia. +2850G w/ +176CFP! Monterey’s direct maternal line.

Lot 8 Sells in absentia. Early Marquee & unique sire stack.

Lot 9 Sells in absentia. Great flush history w/ 10 aspirations yielding 208 oocytes & 120 transferrable embryos.

Lot 10 Sells in absentia. Major embryo interest. Contact consignor for details. Full brother +3.28T. Mat. Bother +2780GTPI. Both going to Select Sires. 4th Dam is Dam of the #1 & #2 proven GLPI sires. A breed first! Comestar Lautrust +3258GLPI & Comestar Lineman +3257GLPI. Lineman also #1 mammary sire!

Lot 11 Sells in absentia. Breeds #3 Marquee daughter & +995NM$! Dam flushes tremendous.

Lot 12 Sells in absentia.

Lots 13 IVF session with your chance to make the next genomic leader. Details in catalog.

Lot 14 IVF session. Last 6 aspirations totaled 193 eggs w/ 104 transferrable.

Lot 15 IVF session. Her 1st 5 IVF sessions have yielded 144 oocytes and 32- 1’s & 2’s

Lot 16 Sells in absentia. CARRIES EMBRYO CONTRACT! 5 @ $1,600/each ($8,000) for France. Flushes great. Now 2X IVF w/ 28 oocytes in pool of 35 total oocytes resulting in 14-#1 & 8-#2. She has professional photo.

Lot 17 Sells in absentia. Very unique Juicy daughter and A2A2.

Lot 18 Sells in absentia. Nice flush history w/ 6 aspirations yielding 54 oocytes & 34 transferrable embryos. Also 1 conventional flush on 6/26 w/ 10-#1’s

Lot 19 Sells in absentia. Made 17 #1 & #2 embryos already all by conventional flush. +1154DWP$

Lot 20 Sells in absentia. Dam is fresh and potential VG. +170CFP. 2-02 125 10680 3.6 383 3.3 336 RIP

Lot 21 Sells in absentia. Dam now GP-83 @ 2-03. #1 FE, #2 Fat, #8 milk & #9 protein Modesty! +193CFP

Lot 22 Sells in absentia. Early Resolve dau Dam is fresh and milking 90 lbs/day then a max. scored 2nd Dam.

Lot 23 Sells in absentia. Early Resolve dau Dam is fresh & milking 103 lbs/day & avg. 8 trans. Embryos per IVF

Lot 24 Sells in absentia. #8 Magictouch. Beautiful heifer from family w/ numerous proven AI sires!

Lot 25, 26 & 27 Sell in absentia. Early Pontiff daus. And sisters to Pine-Tree Heroic +2999GTPI & +1154NM$!

Lot 28 Sells in absentia. Early Medley with a unique sire stack. +965NM$ and +162CFP

Lot 29 Unique sire lineup and early Airjet daughter.

Lot 30 Sells in absentia. Frazzled sister sold for $100,000 at 2017 World Classic. #2 GTPI Hadley dau. & highest Slamdunk from Hadley. Dam is confirmed pregnant at Budjon & pot. EX this lactation!

Lot 31 Sells in absentia. Early First daughter with sisters that have sold for up to $180,000!

Lot 32 Very early First daughter and +173 CFP

Lot 33 Very early Thonmaker daughter. Fancy calf with +2.66T.

Lot 34 Sells in absentia. Family of the $350,000 Margarita! +159 CFP.

Lot 35 Sells in absentia. She is A2A2. 4 closest Dams still in herd! Dam is bred heifer, 2nd Dam 2-01 365 35902 4.0 1442 3.0 1063, 3rd Dam 3-11 338 37659 3.4 1286 3.0 1128, 4th Dam 5-02 365 45982 3.8 1662 3.0 1394

Lot 36 +157RZG. CARRIES EMBRYO CONTRACT! 5 @ $2,400/each ($12,000) for Germany thru GenElite.

Lot 37 choice. Sells in absentia. Both heifers flush great and sell ready to flush IVF or conventional.

Lot 38 Ready to flush now

Lot 39 Sells in absentia. Ready to flush now! Dam now VG-87 1st calf and looks awesome!

Lot 40 Sells in absentia. 1st IVF session w/ 30 oocytes & 9 good embryos. Ready to flush IVF or conventional.

Lot 41 Sells in absentia. Dam 2-06 191 19545 3.9 762 3.2 616 RIP. Last test- 108 lbs; Full brother to Dam is proven sire 14HO7823 Bo-Irish Crown +2618GTPI.

Lot 42 #8 GTPI true Red &White from the Roxy’s. Soon ready to IVF.

Lot 43 Incredible must-see cow. Flush history: 6 IVF reverse sorted semen cycles w/ 43-#1 & 9-#2

Lot 46 Sells in absentia. Very fancy heifer! Combines 8X Premier sire X res. All-American Leona EX-96!

Lot 48 1st test- 75 lbs 4.1%F 3.4%P SCC .2

Lot 50 Sells in absentia. Beautiful dau. of N. All-Am & A-C Summer, the sister to conf. king “Solomon’

Lot 53 Sells in absentia. Early Simplicity that is polled & red carrier. Balanced, well-grown beautiful calf! She will export major embryos. Dam is the hottest cow at Luck-E Holsteins and a sister to Awesome-RED!

Lot 54 Beautiful EX cow w/ big embryo export potential. Bred 7/1/18 to 250HO12961 King Doc

Lot 55 Donor Dam: 3 IVF cycles, 5/23 w/ 8 trans. 6/6 w/ 6 trans. 6/20 w/ 12 trans. Carries u/s male.

Lot 56 Opportunity to make Red & White Avalanche calves from Red & White Cow of the Year, Kandie EX-95!

Lot 57 OUT

Lot 59 Bred 6/22 to Addiction-P-RED

Lot 59A ADDED LOT: 5-#1 female Defiant embryos sell as Lot 59A. Embryos at Transova, MD

Lot 60 Big show potential Red & White Avalanche. Bred 6/19/18 to 551HO3309 Jordy-RED (sexed)

Lot 62 OUT

Lot 63 Must see Sr 2yr-old! 2-02 109 10599 3.6 381 3.1 329 RIP; 6/12 test- 106 lbs 3.7%F 3.2%P SCC 1.3. Bred 6/16/18 to 551HO3309 Jordy-RED (sexed)

Lot 65 Dam is now VG-88

Lot 67 Bred 5/31/18 to 151HO3309 Jordy-RED (sexed)

Lot 69 Correct breeding to Bred 2/20/18, Due 11/27/18 to 7Ho12587 Diamondback*RC. Awesome heifer! *Seller is offering to take her back home & care for her till Expo at the buyers expense.

Lot 70 Dam’s 2nd lactation: 2-11 323 35341 3.4 1190 2.9 1042. Fresh again w/ 3rd calf & has points.

Lot 74 Choice is of the 4 live calves born. 1 Solomon born 6/19/18 & 3 Diamondback born 6/5, 6/7, and 6/8

Lot 76 Full sister was 1st Winter Calf OH Spring Expo R&W Show 2018

Lot 78 Completed record 3-01 331 30287 2.7 815 2.8 892

Lot 79 Bred 6/22/18 to 250HO12961 King Doc

Lot 80 1st teat- 96 lbs 3.4%F 2.9%P SCC 13,000

Lot 82 OUT

Lot 85 Completed record 2-00 340 24119 3.5 855 3.0 719

Lot 88 Bred 6/24/18 to 507HO13730 Undenied +4.24T (female sexed semen). She is A2A2

Lot 89 & 90 ADDED LOTS. See fly sheets

Sale Photos