UK Dairy Day Ayrshire Show 2017

September 13th, 2016 at 9am (4am EST) @ Telford, Shropshire, UK

Edmund Els, South Africa

UK Dairy Day Ayrshire Show 2016

Edmund Els, South Africa has selected Swaites Bright Spark 5 as Grand Champion of the National Ayrshire show held at the UK Dairy Day. Full results and photos on Cowsmo!


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Show Information

The UK Dairy Day Ayrshire Show 2017 will be held at the International Centre, Telford, Shropshire, UK on September 13th from 8am-5pm. Serving as official judge of The National Ayrshire Show is Edmund Els, South Africa.  Cowsmo Coverage of the show will be provided thanks to the sponsorship of the UK Ayrshire Society – Website & Facebook

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Heifer Champion
Sandyford Marlow Clover 6 (Marlow) E T Tomlinson & Son
Reserve Heifer Champion
Sandyford Primed Clover (Prime) E T Tomlinson & Son
Hon Men Heifer Champion
Millford Vital Mayflower (Vitality), G Timbrell and Son


Grand Champion
Swaites Bright Spark 5 (Centurian), 1st Junior Cow in Milk, J Adamson & Son
Reserve Grand Champion
Swaites Dainty 11 (Dreamer), 1st Intermediate Cow in Milk, J Adamson & Son
HM Grand Champion
Sandyford Mayflower 14 (Remington), 1st Senior Cow, E T Tomlinson & Son

Heifer in Milk (9)

1.(BU)(BO)  Sandyford Marlow Clover 6 (Marlow) E T Tomlinson & Son
2. Sandyford Primed Clover (Prime) E T Tomlinson & Son
3. Willowfields Conciet 7 (Reality) L H Batty
4. Allstar Martini Joybell (Marlow) E Tomlinson
5. Cuthill Towers El Paso Rae (Elpaso) A & S Lawie
6. Heydale Winsome 166 (Modelmaker) D W Berresford & Son
7. Holmeswood Monica (Saracen) A Rimmer
8. Cherry Tree Oraneg Blossom (Above) R Moore
9. Newsham Hall Molly (Enterprise) R Moore

Senior heifer in Milk (14)

1. (BO) Millford Vital Mayflower (Vitality), G Timbrell and Son
2.(BU) Hunnington Sailor Girl 149 (Admiral), L C window
3. Bigginvale Buttermilk 100 (Madison), R T & J I Adams
4. Marleycote Sea Lily 23 (Prime), G G Baynes
5. East Church Prime Time Blissful (Prime), H M Sayer & Son
6. Sandyford Star Clover (Burdette), ET Tomlinson & Son
7. Wilhome Barney Honesty (Rubble), P G & S Williams
8. Halmyre Urr Joanna 3 (Perfect), L  Davidson & Son
9. Bigginvale Buttermilk 98 (Clavin), R T & J I Adams
10. Butterbesley Ultra Violet Violet (Violet), J Cornish & Sons

Ayrshire Junior Cow in milk (10

1. (BU) (BO) Swaites Bright Spark 5 (Centurian) J Adamson & Son
2. Hunnington Lilly 18 (Magnum) L & C Window
3. Sandyford Dark Hester 2 (Dark Knight) E T Tomlinson & Son
4. Willowfields Winnie 2 (Modern Reality) L H Batty & Firm of DM Lindsay
5. Longwood Woodrow Sandy Rose (Woodrow) B Crothers
6. Willhome Challenger Amanda (Challenger) P G & S Williams
7. Hunnington Easled 18 (Brazen) L & C Window
8. Biggingvale Cherryshine 133 (Major) RT & J I Adams
9. Heydale Ovoid (Potential) D W Berresford & Son
10. Harperfield Pan (Loch Lomond)  Firm of DM Lindsay

Ayshire Intermediate Cow in Milk (7)

1. Swaites Dainty 11 (Dreamer), J Adamson & Son (BU)
2. Sandyford Burdette Penelope (Burdette), Brent Crothers
3. Willholme Ristourn Fanny (Ristourn), P G & S Williams
4. Hunnington Fragy 17 (Magnum), L & C Window
5. Bigginvale Cherryshine 130 (Major), R T & J I Adams
6. Sascott Dream Dainty 32 (Dreamer), E R & R W Adams
7. Whitecroft Ruth 130 (Mandella), J D & B F Broadley & Sons

Senior Cow (7)

1. (BU)(BO) Sandyford Mayflower 14 (Remington), E T Tomlinson & Son
2. Millford Lark 32 (Nelson), G Timbrell & Son
3. Cuthill Towers Crown Ray (Napier), A & S Lawrie
4. Bruchag WLW Caroline (Winston), J Cornish & Sons
5. Millford Lark 38 (Burdette), G Timbrell & Son

Breeders Group of 3

  1. E T Tomlinson& Son
  2. G Timbrell & Son
  3. A & S Lawrie