Midwest Spring Brown Swiss Show 2019

May 4 & 5, 2019 @ Monroe, Wisc

The Midwest Spring Brown Swiss Show has concluded with Kruse’s GK Vengence Tippy winning Grand Champion for Gary & Karen Kruse, IA. Cowsmo was on-hand providing live photos and results from the shows thanks to our sponsors:

Henkenseen Milking Shorthorns
Eric Lang
Prairie Cream Farm
Knapp Guernseys & Swiss

Show Schedule 

Saturday, May 4th
3:00pm – Heifer show (breeds will alternate)

Sunday, May 5th
9:00am – Cow show (breeds will alternate)

Junior Champion, Junior Show

Junior Champion, Junior Show
Seths Bosephus Fanatic (Bosephus), 5th Fall Yearling, CassCreek Farms, WI

Reserve Junior Champion
Nor-Bert Candence Silver Lining (Cadence), 1st Spring Yearling, Nor-Bert Farms, IN

HM Junior Champion
VoGrin Fabulous Wicked (Fabulous), 7th Fall Calf, Peyton Voegeli, WI

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
VB HP Moonlight Bay (Moonlight), 1st Fall Yearling, Voegeli Farm, Inc, & Hillpoint Partners, WI

Reserve Junior Champion
Round Hill Carter Watson (Carter), 1st Fall Calf, VoGrin Board-Tammy Voegeli & Louis & Garen Oliveira, WI

HM Junior Champion
Brothers Three TV Willa (Total), 1st Summer Yearling, Brothers Three Brown Swiss, WI

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Triangle Acres Pandora (Richard), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Triangle Acres, IL

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Hartman Hills DuHam Charisma (Durham), 1st Senior 2yr Old, Hartman Hills, WI

HM Intermediate Champion
Jaden Ca Nitro-ET (Carter), 1st Junior 3yr Old, Hayden Hauschildt, WI

Grand Champion, Jr Show

Grand Champion
Sugar Brook B Delilah (Braiden), 2nd Senior 3yr Old, Kaleigh Krueger, Sugar Brook Dairy, WI

Reserve Grand Champion
Maiers Acres Dolly SnoDay (Dominic), 5th Senior 2yr Old, Lila Kilsdonk, Sweet Dream, WI

HM Grand Champion
Stef-N Tequila Miss Me (Tequila), 4th Junior 2yr Old, Becky Breunig, WI


Senior & Grand Champion, Open Show

Senior & Grand Champion
Kruse’s GK Vengence Tippy (Vengence), 1st Production Cow, Gary & Karen Kruse Family, IA

Reserve Grand Champion
Triangle Acres Pandora (Richard), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Triangle Acres, IL

Reserve Senior & HM Grand Champion
To-Bran B Sandy-ET (Bonanza), 1st 5yr Old, Hartman Hills, WI


Winter Calf

1. Seths Woody Fireball (Woody), CassCreek Farms, WI
2. Stef-N Payoff Karma (Payoff), Tessi Bruett, WI
3. Sweet Dream Tqul SnoFlake (Tequila), Sweet Dream, WI
4. Cass-Creek S Leinenkugel (Seaman), CassCreek Farms, WI
5. Mil-K Captain Princess (Captain), Mil-K Valley, IL


Fall Calf

1. Round Hill Carter Watson (Carter), VoGrin Board-Tammy Voegeli & Louis Oliveira & Garen, WI
2. Kruse’s GK Famous Jewell (Famous), Gary & Karen Kruse Family, IA
3. Brothers three HP Waukee (Legacy), Brothers Three Brown Swiss, WI
4. Dublin – Hills Shondie (Wisdom), Darcie Steffes & Austin Ertmer, IL
5. VoGrin Wizdom Scandalous (Wizdom), VoGrin Swiss & Tammy Voegeli, WI

Summer Yearling

1. Brothers Three TV Willa (Total), Brothers Three Brown Swiss, WI
2.  Knapps Seaman Aftershock (Seaman), Knapp’s, IA
3. Kruse’s GK Woody Dream (Woody), Gary & Karen Kruse Family, IA
4. Udder Confusion F Luckybreak (Finnegan), Udder Confusion, IL
5. She’s A Classy Dreamer (Bosephus) ,L&L Genetics, WI

Spring Yearling

1. Nor-Bert Candence Silver Lining (Cadence), Nor-Bert Farms, IN
2. Jaden To Die For (Total), Hayden Hauschildt, WI
3. Kruses GK All Star Fancy (All Star), Kruses GK, IA
4. Double W Daredevil Nightcap (Daredevil), Udder Confusion, IL
5. Random-Luck Fabulous Delicious (Fabulous), Jenna Acterhof, WI

Winter Yearling (11)

1. Kruse LJ Kendal Darlene (Kendal), Kruse LJ Swiss, IA
2. Kruse’s GK Bosephus Laura (Bosephus), Gary & Karen Kruse Family, IA
3. Hills Valley Cadenc Wicked (Cadence), Voegeli Farm, Inc., WI
4. Hartman Hills August Cheers (August), Hartman Hills, WI
5. Random Luck W Tipical (Wisdom), Random Luck, WI

Fall Yearling (8)

1. VB HP Moonlight Bay (Moonlight), Voegeli Farm, Inc, & Hillpoint Partners, WI
2. Triangle Acres Flsh Popstar (Flash), Triangle Acres, IL
3. Meado-Brook Sharpie Kasem (Shar), Meadow Brook Farm, WI
4. VoGrin Cali Wizdom Wine (Wizdom), VoGrin Boarding, WI
5. Seths Bosephus Fanatic (Bosephus), CassCreek Farms, WI

Junior Best 3 (2)

1. Gary & Karen Kruse Family, IA
2. Voegeli Farm, Inc., WI

Junior 2yr Old (4)

1. Kruses Carter Jillian (Carter), Rick Kruse, IA
2. VB HP R Wowzer (Richard), Voegeli Farm, Inc, & Hillpoint Partners, WI
3. Hartman Hills Tank Carmin (Tank), Hartman Hills, WI
4. Stef-N Tequila Miss Me (Tequila), Becky Breunig, WI

Senior 2yr Old (5)

1. Hartman Hills DuHam Charisma (Durham), Hartman Hills, WI
2. Kruse’s GK Bosephus Fire (Bosephus), Gary & Karen Kruse Family, IA
3. Double W Richard Sparta (Richard), Udder Confusion & Double W, IL
4. Kruses All Star Ninja (All Star), Kruse’s Swiss Farm, IA
5. Maiers Acres Dolly SnoDay (Dominic), Sweet Dream, WI

Junior 3yr Old (4)

1. Jaden Ca Nitro-ET (Carter), Hayden Hauschildt, WI
2. Triangle Acres NW Pollyanna (Norwin), Triangle Acre, IL
3. Double W Brady Incense (Brady), Udder Confusion & Double W, IL
4. Irishview August Carrot (August), Irish View Dairy, WI

Senior 3yr Old (5)

1. Triangle Acres Pandora (Richard), Triangle Acres, IL
2. Sugar Brook B Delilah (Braiden), Sugar Brook Dairy, WI
3. Power Line Emergency Nellie (Emergency), Udder Confusion & Double W, IL
4. Sun Made HP Bradn Jarina (Braiden), Voegeli Farm, WI
5. R&S Typewise Valor Jaja (Valor), Eric Lang, IA

4yr Old (4)

1. Kruses Zoolander Jennette (Zoolander), Kruse’s Swiss Farm, IA
2. Triangle Acres CAP Apple (Cayenne Pepper), Triangle Acre, IL
3. Shanks Durham Mambajamba (Durham), Shanks Dairy, IL
4. Sun-Mad SD Powerplay Lala-ET (Powerplay), Stef-N Farms, WI

5yr Old (5)

1. Medland Davenport Impale (Davenport), Eric Lang, IA
2. Kruses DR Jaguar Chloe (Jaguar), Kruse’s Swiss Farm, IA
3. Ourway Faust Jewel (Jewel), Bridget Achterberg, WI
4. Lucky Charms T Fancy (Teddy), Heidi Heller, WI
5. Double W Deputy Orchid (Deputy), Udder Confusion, IL

Aged Cow (2)

1. To-Bran B Sandy-ET (Bonanza), Hartman Hills, WI
2. Random Luck V Precious (Vision), Random Luck, WI

Production Class (1)

1. Kruse’s GK Vengence Tippy (Vengence), Gary & Karen Kruse Family, IA

Senior Best 3 (1)

1. Rick Kruse, IA