The Jersey Event Live Sale 2022 Averages $7,257

August 19, 2022 @ Lebanon, PA

The Jersey Event Live Sale 2022 is a wrap in Lebanon, PA! The sale average on 66 live lots and 7 genomic lots was $7257. South Mountain Jerseys consigned the high seller at $31,000 – Lot 29 – South Mountain Whistlin Dixie-ET, a 12/21 Nuance that was 1st winter calf & HM Junior Champion at the 2022 Northeast All-Breeds Jersey Show. Dixie is out of Crossbrook HG Dixie EX-94%, the All-Canadian Senior 2-Year-Old in 2015, then EX-95% Dasher and then the legendary EX-97% Veronica! She was purchased by David & Charity Packard, NY.

Chris Hill handled the auctioneer’s gavel while Norm Nabholz read pedigrees. The sale was managed by The Jersey Event – Jake & Megan Spatz and Michael Heath.


Sale Manager
The Jersey Event
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Sale Sponsors
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Michael Heath
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Spatz Cattle Co.
Jake & Megan Spatz
Jake … 717-269-6983
Megan … 717-917-3396
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Sale Staff
Kelly Barbee … 704-796-0952
Jamie Black … 518-353-2602
Michael Bosley … 717-968-8905
Justin Burdette … 717-860-3747
Peter Cipponeri … 209-678-4262
Adam Clark … 705-879-9726
Evan Creek … 301-514-4213
Anthony Crothers … 443-553-7606
Aaron Eaton … 315-857-8303
Adam Fraley … 570-772-6837
Matt Hawbaker … 717-360-7848
Chris Hill … 202-255-7907
David Jordan … 414-708-2289
Jack Lomeo … 315-778-7783
Norman Nabholz … 563-590-3204
Chad ‘Skippy’ Ryan … 920-960-1449
Dusty Schirm … 815-670-2111
Scott Stanford … 920-277-1501
Nathan Thomas … 937-537-0805
Andrew Vander Meulen … 613-968-1599

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High sellers

Live lots:
Lot 29 – $31,000 – South Mountain Whistlin Dixie-ET, a 12/21 Nuance out of Crossbrook HG Dixie EX-94% that was the 1st winter calf and HM Junior Champion at the 2022 Northeast All-Breeds Jersey Show. After Dixie, there is EX-95% Dasher and EX-97% Veronica!
Consignor: South Mountain Jerseys, MD
Buyer: David & Charity Packard, NY

Lot 31 – $27,250 – Avonlea VIP Champagne-ET, a 10/21 VIP that is the #18 Type heifer of the breed at +2.4T and a high-ranking GJUI heifer at +26.4! Out of a VG-87-2YR-CAN Victorious, her 2nd dam is Avonlea Premier Chocolate Chip EX-96-2E-CAN, the All-Canadian Mature Cow in 2019, then eight more EX dams!
Consignor: Avonlea Genetics, ON
Buyer: Glamourview, MD

Lot 35 – $21,750 – Roc-N-Roll Everly, a 9/21 Andreas that was 2nd Fall Calf at the 2022 NY Spring Jersey Show, out of six VG & EX dams from the Renaissance’s Evening cow family!
Consignor: Kristy Ellsworth, NY and Chip & Madelyn Decker, NJ
Buyer: Glamourview, MD

Lot 53 – $20,000 – Do-N-Joy Joel Mack, a Joel summer junior 2-year-old fresh in June from 12 VG & EX dams back through the Mamie cow family!
Consignor: David Zubikowski, NY
Buyer: Elmvue Farm, NY

Lot 44 – $16,250 – BK-Mor Joel Bicardi, a 3/21 Joel out of nine VG & EX dams from the same cow family as Harmony-Corners Fozzy EX-95%!
Consignor: Triple-T, Michael Heath & Colton Thomas, OH
Buyer: Glamourview, MD

Lot 68 – $16,000 – Perennial Joyride Glory EX-92%, nominated All-Canadian Junior 3-Year-Old in 2021 and out of a VG-85-CAN Impression back into the same deep Canadian cow family as Llolyn Jude Griffen EX-95!
Consignor: Ernest Kueffner & Terri Packard, MD
Buyer: Stadview Jerseys, MN

Lot 62 – $13,700 – Random Luck Premier Again, a Premier senior 2-year-old out of an EX-94% Verbatim dam, then three more EX dams!
Consignor: Tony Kohls & Nathan Goldenberg, MN
Buyer: Amy Hippen & Mason Ziemba, NY

Lot 65 – $12,500 – Avonlea Silver CF Verona-ET, a VG-86-2YR-CAN Andreas that is the 2021 Reserve All-Canadian Summer Junior 2-Year-Old! Fresh again in June, she is out of 11 VG & EX dam from the Veronica family.

Lot 52 – $11,700 – Kilgus Victorious Candy, a summer junior 2-year-old fresh in June out of four Excellent dams!

Lot 10 – $10,750 – MM-T Pockets Nuance Gloria-ET, a 4/22 Nuance out of a VG-85% Andreas dam, then three EX dams back to Vandenberg Amedeo Gorgeous EX-97-3E-CAN 15*!

Genomic lots:
Lot 2G – $25,000 – IVF Session from JX Vierra Marcy {4}-ET, a 1/22 Stoney daughter that is the #11 GJPI female of the breed at +177!
Consignor: Vierra Dairy, CA
Buyer: Select Sires, OH


Sale Order & Updates

Sale Highlights

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