The Best of Triple-T & Friends Sale 2024 averaged $7,354

June 8, 2024 11:00 AM EST @ Triple-T Holsteins, North Lewisburg, Ohio

The Best of Triple-T & Friends sale was held at Triple-T Holsteins Farm in North Lewisburg, Ohio. The sale was managed by Thomas Marketing & Consulting LLC, Nathan & Jenny Thomas. Cowbuyer was broadcasting the sale on

High seller at $90,000 was Lot 30H: Holbric Mvn Chrissy-Red-ET (VG-89 MAX), senior 2-year-old for 2024, fresh in March! Junior All-American and HM All-American R&W Winter Calf ‘22. Moovin x EX-94 2E Spa x EX-92 2E Advent x 11 more VG/EX dams. Consigned by Triple-T & Kendall Thomas, she was purchased by Elmvue Farm, Johnstown, NY.

Just ahead of the sale (approximately 10:45 a.m. Eastern) , the sale committee took a minute to toast a dear friend to many in the industry – Ken Elliott.  No tears, just smiles – that’s what he would have wanted. Following that toast, a couple books from the Norman Nabholz collection were sold to benefit the ALS foundation. 

View the photos and videos posted by sale managers and sales staff on The Best of Triple-T & Friends Sale Facebook Page

Updates, Added Lots, and Sale Order are posted in links below!

New Scores from 6/4/2024

Lot 1H- Duckett Doc Vanessa
(Sr 3 Doc x Black Velvet)
NOW EX-92-EX-92-MS – MAX

Lot 18H – T-Triple-T Puzzle-ET
(Jr 3 Unix granddaughter of Paige)
Lot 54H – Donacin Delta-Lambda Rain
(Sr 2 Delta-Lambda x VG87 Doorsopen then 13 gen EX)
Lot 46H – Arlene Alligator Earl
(Sr 2 x VG-86 Dempsey from the Elegance family)
Fresh January 25th
Lot 30H- Holbric Mvn Chrissy-Red-ET
(Sr 2 Moovin x EX-94 Spa then next 12 of 13 dams EX)
Fresh March 4th
Lot 41H – Dreamway-Gene Master Abby
(Jr 2 Master x VG-85 Sidekick back to Gold Annabel EX-94)
NOW VG-88-VG-89-MS fresh March 15th
Lot 23H – T-Triple-T Polarize-ET *RC
(Awesome x EX-92 Slater x EX-91 Goldwyn x Paige)
NOW VG-88-VG-88-MS fresh May 15th
Lot 49H – Ren-Bow Hancock Liquor
(Jr 2 Hancock next 12 of 13 dams VG or EX)
NOW VG-87-VG-88-MS
Lot 42H – Sweetswing Tatoo Amazing
(Sr 2 x VG-87 Windbrook back to Gold Missy EX-95)
NOW VG-87 fresh March
Lot 3H – Ms MD Decker Buschapple-Red
(Summer Jr 2 Unstoppabull x VG-87 Tatoo x EX-94 Bliss, same family as Black Velvet & Beth!)
NOW VG-86 fresh May 5th
Lot 22H – Ms Triple-T-TL Proxy
(Jr 2 Chief x VG-87 Avalanche back to Gold Prize EX-94 and then Paige!)
NOW VG-86 fresh April 15th
Lot 19H – Ms T-Triple-T RP Pecan
(Summer Jr 2 Unix x EX-92 Doorman that goes back to EX-95 Platinum then Paige)
NOW VG-86-VG-87-MS fresh April 22nd
Lot 20H – T-Triple-T DL Persephone-ET
(Jr 2 Delta-Lambda x EX-94 Fever x Paige)
NOW VG-86 fresh March 3rd


Schedule of Events
Friday, June 7th
Cattle Viewing- All day
6-8pm Shrimp Boil & Refreshments sponsored by Vierra Genetics & 5 Star Sires

Saturday, June 8th
8-10am – Breakfast sponsored by Walnut Hill Feed
11 am – The Best of Triple-T & Friends Sale – Lunch provided



***ALL MILK COWS were tested for H5N1 and are all NEGATIVE ***
Lot #
1H NOW EX-92-EX-92-MS, 5/20 test 126lbs. 5.7F 3.2P 20,000 SCC, Donor Dam
3H NOW VG-86-VG-86-MS, 5/20 test 63lbs. 3.5F 2,6P 33,000 SCC
7H SUB LOT – Now selling CHOICE of 1 Maximum-Red born 3/25/24, 2 Maximum-Red calves due June 6/14/24
Buyer pays 35% down
9H Last test 73lbs. 3.4F 2.8P .9 SCS, bred 5/20 to sexed Dropbox
9 1/2 H OUT
10H Dam is EX-91
13H Reg Number 840003283240630, HN 76
17H Bred 5/25 to sexed Dropbox
18H NOW EX-92-EX-92-MS, 5/20 test 124lbs. 4.1F 3.2P 29,000 SCC, Bred 5/22 to Jerry Lewis
19H NOW VG-86-VG-87-MS
20H NOW VG-86-VG-86-MS, 5/20 test 78lbs. 4.7F 3.8P 13,000 SCC, Bred 5/12 Avenger
22H NOW VG-86-VG-86-MS, 5/20 test 91 lbs 5.5F 3.0P 246,000 SCC, Bred 5/31 to Harris
23H NOW VG-88-VG-88-MS, 5/20 test 102 lbs. 3.8F 3.5P 115,000SCC
30H NOW VG-89-EX-90-MS, 5/20 test 87lbs 3.7F 3.0P 13,000SCC, Bred 5/21 to Rompen-Red
37H Bred 5/25 to sexed Hulu
41H NOW VG-88-VG-89-MS
42H NOW VG-87-VG-87-MS, 5/20 test 102lbs 4.7F 3.0P 174,000 SCC, bred 5/22 to Jerry Lewis,
4 hours light RR quarter
46H NOW VG-89-EX-91-MS, 5/20 test 83 lbs 4.1F 3.2P 13,000 SCC, Bred 5/29 to Major
48H Dam is now EX-94
49H NOW VG-87-VG-88-MS, 5/20 test 76lbs 5.4F 3.2P 19,000 SCC, confirmed pregnant to 5/5 service to Avenger
50H Dam is sired by Jacobs Backflip
51H Bred 5/30 to sexed Architect
54H NOW VG-89-EX-92-MS, 5/20 test 89lbs 4.3F 3.3P 167,000 SCC
C 4 Implants, guarantee 2 females to pick from, due March 2025. PA on calves: GJUI +21.05 PTAT +1.55 DPR
+0.35 +0.11%F +0.07P GLPI +1706 +84M +0.09%F +0.06%P Conf +13 MS +11
Consignor will pay 1st $500 in trucking!
2J 5/20 test 113lbs 4.7F 3.3P 66,000 SCC
2 1/2J ADDED LOT – see tear sheet. Fredinand x Finny, born 4/15/24

7J Correct Information: MM-T Pockes Andreas Stella-ET, Reg 840003254468471, AMID 7361
11J Bred 5/28 to Video
26J Bred 5/30 to sexed Victorious
36J Due 9/1 to Victorious or Boomerang
42J 5/20 test 65 lbs 4.8F 3.5P 41,000 SCC, Bred 6/4 to sexed Goldust
44J 5/20 test 61lbs 4.5F 3.2P 33,000 SCC
45J Confirmed Pregnant to 5/1 service to Goldust
53J 5/7 test 82lbs 2.9F 3.4P 22,000 SCC, 4 hours light RR quarter
55J 5/20 test 69lbs 9.3F 3.6P 41,000 SCC, Bred 5/12 to sexed Hildago
56J 5/20 test 43lbs 5.5F 3.6P 50,000 SCC, Bred 5/2 & confirmed pregnant to sexed Goldust
59J Last test 45lbs 5.4F 3.6P 214,000 SCC
64J Bred 10/8/24 to Oak-Ridge-K Machine Bullet
65J Due 7/17 to sexed VIP
71J ADDED LOT – see tear sheet. South Mountain Hildago Roxie 84000326766916, born 9/3/23
72J ADDED LOT – see tear sheet. Parkview Kid Rock Reality 174917926, born 12/14/22


Sale Prices

$90,000 … Lot 30H: Holbric Mvn Chrissy-Red-ET (VG-89 MAX), senior 2-year-old for 2024, fresh in March! Junior All-American and HM All-American R&W Winter Calf ‘22. Moovin x EX-94 2E Spa x EX-92 2E Advent x 11 more VG/EX dams

$51,500 … Lot 45J: TJ Classic Chocolate Darby-ET, summer junior 2-year-old fresh in March. Chocolatier x RRF Classic Tequila Dell (EX-95%), Grand Champion, OH Spring Jr Show ‘23, x EX-94% Minister x 6 more EX dams

$33,000 … Lot 1H: Duckett Doc Vanessa-ET (now EX-92 MAX), the senior 3-year-old for 2024! King Doc x Ms Beauty Black Velvet-ET (EX-96 2E), Una. All-American ‘21 & ‘22 x All-American Dundee Beauty (EX-95)

$30,000 … Lot 54H: Donacin Delta-Lambda Rain (VG-89 92MS), 1st senior 2-year-old & Reserve Grand Champion, Clemson Spring Show ‘24 x VG-87 Doorsopen x EX-91 Goldwyn x Pinehurst Royal Rosa (EX-91 2E) x 12 more EX dams

$28,000 … Lot 1A: Eye Candy/Alligator choice x Jacobs Destiny Balla (VG-89 EX-MS),  All-American & All-Canadian Summer Junior 2-Year-Old ‘23 x Jacobs High Octane Babe-ET (EX-96-2E), All-Canadian 5-Year-Old ‘22 x Goldwyn Britany (EX-96-2E 32*) x 6 more VG/EX dams

$27,500 … Lot 24H: Eatonholme Awesome Karma-Red, 3/24 Awesome x EX-92 Unstopabull x TC Sanchez Kristina (EX-96 3E), Res. All-American & Res. All-American Aged Cow ‘16 & 4X Nom. All-American

$24,000 … Lot 18H: T-Triple-T Puzzle-ET (now EX-92 MAX), Unix junior 3-year-old x EX-92 Poker Chip x EX-96 Dundee Paige, 2X Nom. All-American

$23,500 … Lot 2J: Mer-James VIP Finny-ET (EX-91% MAX), All-Canadian & Nom. ABA All-American Junior 2-Year-Old ‘23. Fresh in April, VIP x Mer-James Fizz Figgy Azalea (EX-94%) x EX-93% x 9 more VG/EX dams 

$21,500 … Lot 46H: Arolene Alligator Earl (VG-89 91MS), senior 2-year-old fresh in January. Alligator x VG-86-CAN Dempsey x EX-91-3E AltaDazzler from the EX-96 Elegance family

$20,000 … Lot 17J: Pacific Edge Getaway Damsel-ET, 12/23 Getaway x Pacific Edge Premier Diva-ET (EX-94%), Una. ABA All-American Senior 2-Year-Old ‘21 x EX-93% Colton x EX-95% Primetime x EX-97% Veronica

$15,000 … Lot 72J: Parkview Kid Rock Reality, winter yearling x River Valley Excitation Rwanda-ET (EX-95%), HM Grand Champion, Northeast All-Breeds Spring Show ‘23 x EX-93% x EX-92%

$12,250 … Lot 25J: Vierra Ferns Fantasy, 3/24 Victorious x Milk&Honey Vaden Fern-ET (EX-94%), AJCA Res. All-American & Nom. ABA All-American 4-Year-Old ‘22 x EX-94% Belmont x Vindication Faline (EX-95%) x 5 more VG/EX dams

$12,000 … Lot 1B: Chicora x Hirds Colton Dream (EX-97%), 2X National Champion. Choice is maternal sister to KCJF/Lucky Lady Dream Gone Viral-ET (EX-93%), 2nd National Jersey Jug Futurity ‘22

$11,750 … Lot 15J: Big Guns Kid Rock Variety-ET, 12/23 Kid Rock x VG-85% Applejack, maternal sister to Joyride Volvo (VG-89%), ABA All-American Summer Junior 2-Year-Old ‘23 x Jamaica Vanilla (EX-95%) x 8 more VG/EX dams

$10,900 … Lot 3J: Vierra Baileys Bombshell, April ‘24 Getaway x Stoney Point Joel Bailey (EX-95%), ABA All-American & All-Canadian Aged Cow ‘23, Grand Champion, WDE & RAWF x 5 more VG/EX dams

$10,400 … Lot 47J: Smokin Hot Ride The Lightning-ET, Chocolatier fall calf x Smokin Hot Lightning Strikes (EX-94%), AJCA All American Summer Yearling ‘16 x 9 more VG/EX dams

$10,250 … Lot 1C: 1st Choice Sting x Avonlea Chips Chiquita-ET (VG-88-CAN), HM All-Canadian Junior 2-Year-Old ‘22 x Avonlea Premier Chocolate Chip (EX-96-2E 3*) x EX-93 x Renaissance Kookie (SUP-EX-92-5E 9*) x 4 more EX dams

Added Lots