The Best of Jacobs Sale lives up to the hype

August 14, 2019 @ Cap-Sante, QC


One of the most anticipated sales of the year lived up to the expectations of the industry! The Ferme Jacobs sale was held on August 14th at the homestead. The sale drew a large crowd to watch and bid on the 150 animals that went through the ring. The success of the sale was defined by their final sale average which came in at $12,900. High seller of the day was Lot 1, which was no surprise to anyone that viewed this exceptional cow. Pierstein Cicero Time Out EX-95 sold for $250,000! Congratulation Randy Fraser on an exceptional purchase! The second high seller of the day was Lot 162, Junior 3-year-Old, Idee Doorman Lysa, who sold for $215,000 to Duckett Holsteins. Bringing in $200,000 as the third highest seller was Lot 7, Jacobs Doorman Victoire. This Senior 3-Year-Old was purchased by Milksource Genetics.

Selling as a donation heifer was Lot 37, Jacobs Unix Brilliant who sold for $40,000. The total sale of this heifer will be given as a donation to Charly Jacobs! Congratulations!

See more high seller results below or find the complete price list on Cowbuyer.

Best of Jacobs Sale 2019Sale Managers
Yan Jacobs…418-520-9858
Ysabel Jacobs…418-520-2674

Sale Staff
Pierre Boulet…418-234-3407 Auctioneer
Tim Abbott…802-238-1142 Pedigrees
Kevin Jacobs…819-817-4216 Pedigrees
Bruce Wood…902-393-1294 Pedigrees

Tommy Araki…81-90-3019-2404
Grant Armstrong…514-232-3909
Jamie Black…518-353-2602
Ricardo Boulet…418-234-0818
Guy Brouillard…819-678-3880
Mark Butz…319-350-1426
Yvon Chabot…819-352-2963
Jean-Philippe Charest…418-894-7934
Adam Clark…705-879-9726
Marc Comtois…819-357-6682
Pat Conroy…260-402-4494
Jean-François Dallaire…418-571-2366
Sébastien Dion…519-320-0656
Mike Duckett…715-459-6480
Aaron Eaton…315-857-8303
Ethan Heinzmann…847-224-7857
Adam Hodgins…226-930-0166
Nicolas Lalande…514-268-4614
Michael Leclerc…418-882-7894
Joël LePage…418-631-9426
Adam Liddle…518-361-9946
Abe Light…315-651-7410
Jack Lomeo Jr…315-778-7783
Pat Lundy…518-932-2236
Denis Martin…519-654-7833
Callum McKinven…819-437-7552
Ethan McMillan…705-653-7445
Maxime Petitclerc…418-809-6284
Joel Phoenix…905-852-8062
Christian Roberge…819-352-3084
Mark Rueth…902-988-3070
Carl Saucier…450-771-1739
Nathan Thomas…937-537-0805
Blair Weeks…902-432-4312


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High Sellers

Sale average: $12,900

High Sellers

Lot 1 Pierstein Cicero Time Out EX95 $250,000
Buyer: Randy Fraser

Lot 162 Idee Doorman Lysa $215,000
Buyer: Duckett Holsteins

Lot 7 Jacobs Doorman Victoire $200,000
Buyer: Milksource Genetics

More sale results:

Lot 18 Jacobs Gold Chip Attorny $60,000
Lot 32 Jacobs Control Brisk $60,000
Lot 61 Jacobs Solomon Biotiful $40,000
Lot 37 Jacobs Unix Brilliant $40,000
Lot 73 Sco-lo Door Acura 2218-ET $37,000
Lot 125 Vinbert Durbin Army $36,000
Lot 46 Jacobs Solomon Bridal $34,000
Lot 2 Jacobs Impression Timbery $30,000
Lot 10 Jacobs Unix Astral $30,000

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Sale Updates

View the Sale order HERE
View the Sale updates HERE

Sale Highlights

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LOT 1: Pierstein Cicero Time Out EX-95 – Grand Champion, Trois-Rivières ’17 & ’19 — SHE SELLS!!

LOT 18: Senior 3-Year-Old Jacobs Gold Chip Attorney VG-88 3yr sells FRESH Mar 1/19!
-1st Senior 3-Year-Old & Best Udder Trois Rivieres ’19, 7th Milking Yearling, Royal ’17

LOT 23: Jacobs Windbrook Daylight EX-92 is a 10th generation VG or EX.
– 3-00 305D 12152M 405 3.3% 351 2.9%

LOT 26: Jacobs Goldchip Lia VG-86 2yr sells bred (May 13/19) with Jacobs Doorman Beth x Sexed Sidekick.
– Dam: All-Canadian ’08 Crasdale Dundee Liza VG-89 3*

LOT 30:  Senior 3-Year-Old Ty-D Dempsey Rosa VG-87 3yr sells in calf to Lautrust, due Jan 30/20
– 2nd Senior 3-Year-Old, Portneuf ’19, 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Portneuf ’18

LOT 31: Jacobs Doorman Bomba VG-88 3yr hails from the same family as Jacobs Goldwyn Valana EX-95 2E.
– Valana: 3x Champion Bred & Owned WDE, HM All-Canadan & HM All-American Mature Cow ’17, Res. All-Canadian & Res. All-American 5-Year-Old ’14

LOT 34: Jacobs High Octane Babe VG-87 2yr (High Octane x EX-96 Britany)
– 2nd Senior 2-Year-Old Trois Rivieres ’19

LOT 35: 4-Year-Old Jacobs Doorman Baya sells FRESH!
– Dam: Jacobs Goldywn Britany EX-96 2E 13*- 2017 Holstein Canada Cow of the Year

LOT 40: Senior 2-Year-Old Jacobs Baltimore is following in her Dam’s footsteps in the ring! She was 2nd Senior 2-Year-Old at Portneuf ’19
– Dam Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96 2E 13*

LOT 73: Sco-Lo Door Acura 2218ET VG-87; Grand Champion Portneuf ’19; Unix daughters also selling!

Lot 96: Jacobs Solomon Darling VG-87 is backed by 7 generations of VG or EX.
– 305D 9858M 385 3.9% 317 3.2%
-2nd Dam: Budjon Redmarker Desire EX-96 4E GMD 4* (All-American ’05, Grand WDE ’05, HM All-American Mature Cow ’06)

LOT 113: Jacobs Beemer La Boucle hails from the Lasenza family!
– Fresh April 13/19, bred to sexed Rubicon July 8/19

LOT 125: Vinbert Durbin Army VG-86, Res. Intermediate Champion, Trois-Rivières ’19