TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic Showmanship 2022

November 7, 2022 @ Toronto, ON

Dominic Fortier, QC

TD ClassicThe TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic Showmanship 2022 competition has ended with judge Dominic Fortier choosing the class winning Senior showmanship winner, Tyler Canning of Dufferin, County as the 2022 Champion Showman! Cowsmo covered the event with photos and results below.


The Royal Agriculture committee has provided LIVE video coverage HERE! 

The show catalog can be found here!

Opening Ceremonies

Overall Champion

Tyler Canning, 1st Senior Showmanship, Dufferin

Reserve Champion
Ty Finley, 1st Intermediate Showmanship, Durham West

HM Champion
Keaton Phoenix, 2nd Intermediate Showmanship, Durham West

Senior Showmanship

1. Tyler Canning, Dufferin
2. Sarah Dean, Dufferin
3. Taylor Vandermeulen, Northumberland
4. Alexandra Labbe, Quebec East
5. Jordan Hawthorne, Perth
6. Isabella Poirier, Glengarry
7. Emi Lange, South Simcoe
8. Jasmine Uhr, Stormont
9. Alicia Veronneau, Quebec Center
10. Clarissa McCallum, Frontenac

Intermediate Showmanship

1. Ty Finley, Durham West
2. Keaton Phoenix, Durham West
3. Nadia Uhr, Stormont
4. Jaelynn Phoenix, Durham West
5. Rachel Tamlin, Kawartha Lakes Haliburton
6. Lily Beckett, South Simcoe
7. Porter Weeks, PEI
8. Megan Atkinson, Oxford
9. Clara Phoenix, Durham West
10. Tyler Gingrich, Dufferin

Junior Showmanship

1. Bren Zeldenrijk, Oxford
2. Carson Phoenix, Durham West
3. Alyson Doiron, Quebec Center
4. Ashley Cain, Brant
5. Devin Martin, Waterloo
6. Chelsey Stephens, Wentworth
7. Nellie Jacobs, Quebec Center
8. Nathan Wilker, Oxford
9. Brooke Sleegers, Middlesex
10. Elsie Jacobs, Quebec Center

Junior Showmanship Heat 1

The following participants have qualified for the Junior Showmanship Finals:

  • Emily Campbell, Frontenac
  • Justin McDonald, Carelton
  • Zachary Da Silva, Oxford
  • Larissa Walker, South Simcoe
  • Nathan Wilker, Oxford
  • Alyson Doiron, Quebec Center
  • Carson Phoenix, Durham West
  • Morgan Howard, Brant
  • Jackson Kaufman, Perth

Junior Showmanship Heat 2

  • Bren Zeldenrijk, Oxford
  • Chelsey Stephens, Wentworth
  • Carly Brooks, Dufferin
  • Ashley Cain, Brant
  • Connor Bryson, Quebec South West
  • Ashlyn Cooper, Carleton
  • Nicole Spichtig, Stormont
  • Elsie Jacobs, Quebec Center



Junior Showmanship Heat 3

  • Reid Eikelenboom, Nova Scotia
  • Nellie Jacobs, Quebec Center
  • Devin Martin, Waterloo
  • Brooke Sleegers, Middlesex
  • Matthew Bourque, Quebec South
  • Blake Zehr, Oxford
  • Shayla Beckett, Durham West

Intermediate Showmanship Heat 1

  • Caitlin Riordon, New Bruinswick
  • Koralie Naud, Quebec Center
  • Clara Phoenix, Durham West
  • Ty Finley, Durham West
  • Keianna Keenan, Quebec-South East
  • Alecsa Villeneuve, Stormont
  • Tina Spek, PEI
  • Cooper Puuterbough, Durham East
  • Ethan Bloomfield, Middlesex
  • Hunter Maisonneuve, Grey

Intermediate Showmanship Heat 2

  • Jaelynn Phoenix, Durham West
  • Leonie Michon, Quebec South
  • Desiree Dracup, Kawartha Lakes Haliburton
  • Porter Weeks, PEI
  • Sage Yuill, Nova Scotia
  • Joshua Uhr, Stormont
  • George Woods, Quebec South West

Intermediate Showmanship Heat 3

  • Hailey Smygwaty, Russell
  • Megan Atkinson, Oxford
  • Kolton Crack, Quebec South East
  • Rachel Tamlin, Kawartha Lakes Haliburton
  • Tyler Gingrich, Dufferin
  • Nadia Uhr, Stormont
  • Lily Beckett, South Simcoe
  • Keaton Phoenix, Durham West
  • Maryn Hunter, Leeds

Senior Showmanship Heat 1

  • Julia Deklein, Middlesex
  • Nolan Allardyce, Brant
  • Jacob Rouleau, Dundas
  • Sydney Cain, Brant
  • Janine Spichtig, Stormont
  • Joshua McQuat, Quebec North
  • Juliette Naud, Quebec Center


Senior Showmanship Heat 2

  • Louis-Philip Dionne, Quebec East
  • Jasmine Uhr, Stormont
  • Katie Babcook, Frontenac
  • Megan Ford, South Simcoe
  • Amanda Romagnoli, Niagara
  • Micaela Hill, Bruce
  • Jordan Hawthorne, Perth
  • Tyler Canning, Dufferin
  • Emily Moxsom, Nova Scotia
  • Cameron Barkey, Durham East
  • Xavier Labbe, Quebec East

Senior Showmanship Heat 3

  • Clarissa McCallum, Frontenac
  • Sarah Dean, Dufferin
  • Sophie Pike, Oxford
  • Joe Lepage, Quebec East
  • Alicia Veronneau, Quebec Center
  • Taylor Vandermeulen, Northumberland
  • Emma Finch, Dufferin

Senior Showmanship Heat 4

  • Vanessa Birt, Leeds
  • Denise Sayles, Brant
  • Emi Lange, South Simcoe
  • Alexandra Labbe, Quebec East
  • Isabella Poirier, Glengarry
  • Hannah McOuat, Quebec North
  • Emily Deklein, Middlesex
  • Savannah Crack, Quebec South East
  • Caden Finley, Durham West