TD 4-H Dairy Classic Showmanship 2018

Nov 5, 2018 @ 2pm @ Toronto, ON

Clare Swale, UK; Associate Steve Fraser, ON

The TD 4-H Dairy Classic Showmanship 2018, Junior & Intermediate Full photo galleries are now up! Seniors coming soon!  Grand Champion Showman the 1st Senior,  Madison Dyment, Brant, Reserve the Junior Winner, Dani Karn, Oxford HM was the Intermediate Winner Taylor Vander Meulen, Northumberland watch live video, photos and results during the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, ON.

Official Judge: Claire Swale
Claire Swale of the U.K. will judge the Showmanship division of the Classic with Steve Fraser from Fergus, Ontario, taking on the role of Associate Judge. Claire Swale returns to the Semex “Ring of Excellence” as the Lead Showmanship Judge for the 39th Anniversary Show of the TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic. “From Lancashire in England, Claire Swale has been judging Showmanship competitions for over 20 years, officiating in Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. In 2018 Claire will be judging showmanship at the New Zealand Dairy Event. Married to Dave, with two children, Jack (18) and Harvey (17), Claire owns 40 head of registered Holsteins under her own Heavenly prefix. These operate alongside the family run Joylan Farms, which farms over 800 acres, milks 500 cows, and retails all their own milk independently. Claire is a familiar sight in and around the show ring, whether it be showing or judging or as a valued part of the Cowsmopolitan team providing global show coverage. Last year she travelled to 13 countries, making over 90 flights, doing this. Involved in the pedigree business since an early age, Claire considers herself extremely fortunate to have a career in an industry she loves, working with great cows and great people. Passionate about the Youth of our industry, Claire is excited to be working with youth and is enthusiastically looking forward to judging Showmanship at this year’s TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic.

Associate Judge: Steve Fraser
Steve Fraser, along with his wife Jacqueline Florent-Fraser, lives in Fergus, ON. Along with his father Jack Fraser, they own and operate Fraeland Farms that presently milks approximately 90 Holsteins. Fraeland Farms is a 4-time Master Breeder herd over three generations with Steve being awarded his Shield in 2011. Steve has had many achievements over the years, including the honours of being Champion Showperson in 1997 and Champion Calf in 1996 at the Hays Classic, which is now known as the TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic Show at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Additionally, Steve has had a very successful judging career from officiating at numerous 4-H shows, multiple county shows, championship shows and Breeders’ Cups throughout Ontario. He judged showmanship at the Western Canadian Classic in 2017, Senior Showmanship class at World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI, in 2014. Furthermore, Steve also judged internationally at the Brown Swiss Show in Australia and showmanship at the Australian Dairy Youth Camp. As a former participant himself, Steve is excited to return to “inside the ring” at this year’s TD Classic, this time as the Associate Showmanship Judge for 2018.

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Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Madison Dyment, Brant (1st Senior)
Reserve Champion
Dani Karn, Oxford (1st Junior)
HM Grand Champion
Taylor VanderMeulen, Northumberland (1st Intermediate)

Junior Showmanship (98)

1. Dani Karn, Oxford
2. Keaton Phoenix, Durham West
3. Kolton Crack, Quebec South East
4. Will VanderMeulen, Northumberland
5. Ty Finley, Durham West
6. Nadia Uhr, Stormont
7. Denise Sayles, Brant
8. Taylor Henry, Russell
9. Keeton Jones, Oxford
10. Geordie Woods, Quebec South West
11. Emily Smith, Oxford
12. Emily Fuller, Middlesex
13. Mark Knill, Perth
14. Julia Barkey, Durham East
15. Rachel Sills, Hastings
16. Samantha Hildebrand, Russell
17. Kevin Meyers, Dufferin
18. Tyler Gingrich, Waterloo
19. Audree Brisson, Russell
20. Koralie Naud, Quebec East
21. McKenna Stephens, Wentworth
22. Hannah McOuat, Quebec North West
23. Alexander Swackhammer, Wellington

Intermediate Showmanshi (113)

1. Taylor VanderMeulen, Northumberland
2. Clarissa McCallum, Frontenac
3. Jack Lange, South Simcoe
4. Courtney Orser, Frontenac
5. Tyler Gunby, Wentworth
6. Caden Finley, Durham West
7. Molly Sayers, Chatham Kent
8. Lilly Bullock. Peterborough
9. Alicia Veronneau, Quebec Center
10. Jordan Hawthorne, Perth
11. Laurie Bourque, Quebec East
12. Katelyn Redner, Northumberland
13. Meaghan Herrington, Northumberland
14. Morgan Anderson, Chatham Kent
15. Julia DeKlein, Middlesex
16. Savannah Crack, Quebec South East
17. Megan Ford, Peterborough
18. Megan Morrison, Carleton
19. Emily Moxsom, Nova Scotia
20. Emily DeKlein, Middlesex
21. Caitlin Allen, Prescott
22. Felix Lemire, Quebec Center
23. Tyler Canning, Dufferin
24. Rachel Smith, Dufferin
25. Summer Clair, Frontenac

Senior Showmanship (123)

1. Madison Dyment, Brant
2. Ava Doner, Durham West
3. Trent Jones, Oxford
4. Kristen Portena, Perth
5. Carmen Portena, Perth
6. Cally Finley, Durham West
7. Tamara Hamilton, Russell
8. Hanna Dellaire, Dufferin
9. Alana McKinven, Quebec South East
10. Matt Lange, South Simcoe
11. Caleigh Van Kampen, Dufferin
12. Emily Franken, Huron
13. Fanny Lemoine, Quebec Center
14. David Leach, York
15. Ally Spielmacher, Grey
16. Connor French, Wellington
17. Emma Allen, Chatham Kent
18. Melyssa Sargent, Durham East
19. Logan Merrett, Carleton
20. Kayla Boot, Lennox Addington
21. Emily Reed, Hastings
22. Mikayla Ringelberg, Wentworth
23. Blaire French, Wellington
24. Callum Karn, Oxford
25. Emily Unger, Elgin
26. Rebecca Stockdale, Peterborough