Supreme Brown Swiss Show 2019

August 21, 2019 @ Saint-Hyacinthe, QC

Joel Lepage

Supreme Dairy ShowThe 2019 Supreme Brown Swiss Show has concluded with Eloc Biver Rennie named Grand Champion for Ferme Yvon Sicard & Pierre Boulet, QC. The show was held August 21 in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC. The official judge of the show was Joel LePage.


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Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Eloc Biver Rennie (Biver), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Ferme Yvon Sicard & Pierre Boulet, QC

Reserve Grand Champion
Iroquois Acres Jong Cali (Jongleur), 1st 4-Year-Old, Matthew Pacheco, QC

HM Grand Champion
Brown Heaven Carter Tutti (Carter), 1st Junior 2-Year-Old, Matthew Pacheco, QC

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Knapp Jetway Wiggle (Jetway), 1st Senior Calf, Matthew Pacheco, QC

Reserve Junior Champion
Jer-Lene Carrier Calypso (Carrier), 1st Summer Yearling, Matthew Pacheco, QC

HM Junior Champion
Brown Heaven F&F Sea Dally (Fast & Furious), 1st Junior Calf, Brown Heaven, QC

Junior Calf (5)

1. Brown Heaven F&F Sea Dally (Fast & Furious), Brown Heaven, QC
2. Brown Heaven Flash Light (Flash), Brown Heaven, QC
3. Brown Heaven V Jeaverissa (Victor), Brown Heaven, QC
4. Rencie Grischastar Terristar (B2F), Ferme Rencie, QC
5. Melicska Salomon Crystal (Salomon), Ferme Melicska, QC

Intermediate Calf (6)

1. Schweizer Seasidebloom Kim (Seasidebloom), La Ferm Han’s Enr., QC
2. Brown Heaven Carter Falby (Carter), Brown Heaven, QC
3. Brown Heaven Dy Felicia (Dynamite), Brown Heaven, QC
4. St Yvves Minuit Martin (Dixon), Ferme Melicska, QC
5. Rencie Norwin Terriwin (Norwin), Ferme Rencie, QC

Senior Calf (4)

1. Knapp Jetway Wiggle (Jetway), Matthew Pacheco, QC
2. St Yves Coca Cola (Nolimits), Ferme Godin, QC
3. Brown Heaven S Betty (Seaman), Brown Heaven, QC
4. Cutting Edge Woody Emma (Woody), Xavier Bergeron, QC

Summer Yearling (6)

1. Jer-Lene Carrier Calypso (Carrier), Matthew Pacheco, QC
2. Cutting Edge Woody Kelly (Woody0, Beauchemin, Pierre Boulet & Ferme Intense, QC
3. Fitz A (Dex), Chrstine Dulac & Sylvain Boulanger, QC
4. Cutting Edge Cadence Gloria (Cadence), Xavier Bergeron, QC
5. Spring Falls Galiat Poppy (Goliath), Ferme Renci, Ariane Maltais & Raphel Allison, QC

Spring Yearling (1)

1. Rencie Bigstar Jay Poppy (Big Star), Ferme Rencie, QC

Intermediate Yearling (2)

1. Schaerli Bebette Carrier (Carrier), Ferme Beauvair, S Boulanger & C Dulac, QC
2. Brown Heaven Fara Seaman (Seaman), Brown Heaven, QC

Junior Best 3 Females (2)

1. Brown Heaven, QC
2. Keven Dumas, QC

Junior Breeder & Exhibitor

Brown Heaven, QC

Senior Yearling in Milk (1)

1. Schweizer Dynamite Chanel (Dynamite), La Ferme Han’s Enr, QC

Junior 2-Year-Old (3)

1. Brown Heaven Carter Tutti (Carter), Matthew Pacheco, QC
2. Brown Heaven C Burberry (Carter), Brown Heaven, QC
3. Rencie Tokyo Suiskyo (Tokyo), Ferme Rencie, QC

Junior 3-Year-Old (1)

1. Brown Heaven Glenn Frosty (Glenn), Brown Heaven, QC

Senior 3-Year-Old (2)

1. Eloc Biver Rennie (Biver), Ferme Yvon Sicard & Pierre Boulet, QC
2. Brown Heaven Biver Snodally-ET (Biver), Brown Heaven, QC

4-Year-Old (2)

1. Iroquois Acres Jong Cali (Jongleur), Matthew Pacheco, QC
2. Brown Heaven Blooming Bunny-ET (Blooming), Brown Heaven, QC

Produce of Dam (1)

1.  Swiss Dream Agenda Faith-ET, Brown Heaven, QC

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

1. Brown Heaven, QC