Summer Selections II 2022 Hits the Record Books!

June 11, 2022 @ Rudolph, WI

The highly anticipated Summer Selections II 2022 sale is a wrap at Duckett Holsteins in Rudolph, WI and it’s already one for the history books! A big crowd didn’t let a little rain dampen the sizzling hot bidding and everyone felt the heat when ‘Lot Doc’ – S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784-ET EX-94 EX-96-MS and a package of her pregnancies sold for a historic $1,925,000! Doc 8784 already has three offspring over +3000 GTPI and she has the potential to contend at the toughest fall shows. Bids over $1,000,000 came from several interested parties and in the end an ownership group consisting of AOT Holsteins, Kings-Ransom Holsteins, Mike & Julie Duckett and Tim & Sharyn Abbott signed the slip. The contending bidder was a partnership of Vierra Dairy and Arizona Dairy.

When the gavel struck down for the last time, the sale gross was $3,603, 800 and the overall sale average was $29,783 on 121 live lots and choices. The Holsteins alone averaged $33,447.

More high seller info below!

Sale Host
Duckett Holsteins
Mike Duckett … 715-459-6480
Julie Duckett … 715-459-6481
[email protected]

Sale Manager
MD-Hillbrook/Borderview Dairy Sales Alliance

Tim & Sharyn Abbott
[email protected]

Chris & Jen Hill
[email protected]


Sale will be broadcasted live via Cowbuyer with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers!
Contact Aaron Ray Tomkins 336-363-4639.




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High Sellers

Lot Doc – $1,925,000 – S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784-ET EX-94 EX-96-MS – completes 11 VG or EX cows from the Dellia family and has thrown numerous high GTPI offspring.
Consignor: Michael & Julie Duckett, WI
Buyer: AOT Holsteins, Kings-Ransom Holsteins, Mike & Julie Duckett, and Tim & Sharyn Abbott, NY

Lot Nora – $385,000 – Kingsway Dempsey Nora EX-90 EX-MS – a 5-year-old Dempsey out of an EX Windbrook then EX-96-3E-CAN Nipponia R D Lizbeth, then back to Acme Star Lily EX-2E-CAN, the Grand Champion at WDE and RAWF in 1998. A truly last minute decision to sell Nora brought fabulous returns for the Ducketts as they only decided to sell the cow after her first choice Delta-Lambda brough $10,000. Nora was paraded around as the dam of the choice and when the Ducketts decided to sell her, the bidding was fast and furious!
Consignor: Michael & Julie Duckett, WI
Buyer: Elmvue Farm, NY

Lot 47 – $108,000 – Greenpine Rejoice Bedazzled VG-88 VG-89-MS, an America junior 2-year-old out of a VG-89-CAN Diamondback, then Craigcrest Rubies Gold Rejoice-ET EX-94, the many-time All-American and All-Canadian.
Consignor: Ferme Blondin & Brian Carscadden, QC
Buyer: Milksouce Genetics, WI

Lot 30 – $59,000 – Rose Vega Emilio Joan EX-92 EX-93-MS – the HM All-American Milking Yearling in 2021, sold fresh 10 days. Joan completes 10 generations of VG & EX cows from the Fradon Rudolph Jodie family.

Lot 53 – $45,000 – Kress-Hill Sunbliss-Red-ET, 1st summer yearling at the 2022 Midwest Spring National Red & White Show and carries a +4.15T number from Ms Kreshill Saphire-Red-ET EX-92, the Supreme Champion Heifer at World Dairy Expo in 2019, then six more VG & EX dams.
Consignor: Blackjack Holsteins and T & L Cattle Ltd, MN
Buyer: Elmvue Farm, NY

Lot 1 – $42,000 – Duckett Tstruck Holly-ET, the 9/21 Thunder Struck daughter of S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784-ET EX-94. An attractive fall calf at +2632 GTPI & +3.38T, Holly led off the sale and sold right before her record-setting dam.

Lot 4 – $41,000 – Duckett Unix Vixen-ET VG-88 – a senior 2-year-old just scored VG-88 VG-88-MS out of Ms Beautys Black Velvet EX-95, the Unanimous All-American 5-Year-Old in 2021. Her next dam is EX-95 3E Ms Exels Dundee Beauty, the All-American Aged Cow in 2011.
Consignor: Michael & Julie Duckett, WI
Buyer: Frank & Diane Borba, CA

Lot 19 – $38,500 – Vogue Loyola Macy-Red-PP, EX-94-CAN EX-95-CAN – the homozygous polled Loyola-P daughter out of Calbrett Kingboy Miranda-P EX-93-CAN. Macy is the dam of the #1 LPI Red and Polled heifer and is a sister to Coomboona Zipit Mirand-PP.

Lot 29 – $35,000 – Micheret Tallfy Barbican-Red EX-93, the All-American R&W Senior 3-Year-Old in 2021!

Lot 95 – $31,000 – Lone Pine Nighttrain Lula VG-88-CAN, a 4-year-old Nighttrain

Lot 17 – $30,500 – Ms Eatonholme Unix Luna-ET, a 3/22 Unix out of Rach-Len Dundee Lilly EX-96 2E, the HHM All-American Aged Cow in 2021 and the Grand Champion of the Northeast Spring National Show in 2022.
Consignor: Eaton Holsteins, Morrill, Zeh & Glamourview, NY
Buyer: Ferme Jacobs, QC

Lot 15 – $30,000 – Blexys Chief Bloody Mary-ET, a 9/21 Chief daughter of 2017 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-97 3E.
Consignor: Clark Woodmansee III, Preston, CT
Buyer: Joey Airoso, CA

Lot 28 – $26,500 – Pottsdale Alti Tana-Red-ET, a Altitude senior 2-year-old out of the SD Tobi/ Inspiration Tina family backed by eight VG & EX dams.
Consignor: Hill & Abbott, MD
Buyer: Elmvue, NY

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