Oakfield’s Spring Sensation Sale 2019

May 18, 2019 @ Oakfield, NY

The 8th Edition of the Spring Sensation Sale 2019 has concluded with an average of $4046 on 81 fulls lots! The sale was held at Lamb Farms #2 in Oakfield, NY. The sale was hosted by Jonathan & Alicia Lamb with Cattle Exchange managing. Topping the sale was Lot 1, OCD Av Lioness-Red, a big-time fall calf for 2019! She was purchased for $26,5000 by Olivia Schulter, IL, with Mandy & Graisson Schmidt, Arizona Dairy LLC & Ekys Holsteins, CA, contending. See more sale highlights and photos below!

The Sale was broadcasted live via Cowbuyer, with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers!

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Sale Highlights

Lot 1 … $26,500 … OCD Av Lionesse-Red … Big-Time Fall Calf for this year!!! (Avalanche x All-American Lucky Rose EX-94 x 2E-91 x EX-96 Redrose)
Buyer: Olivia Schluter, IL

Lot 53 … $16,000 … OCD Doorm Electra-ET – the fall calf for 2019! (Doorman x EX-93 Gold Chip x EX x 2E-95 Electra x EX-96 Elegance)
Buyer: The Electric Syndicate, NY

Lot 38 … $13,000 … OCD Defiant Lustrous-Red-ET – milking yearling prospect for 2019!! Winning fall calf, Big E R&W Show ’18 (Defiant x EX-94 Limited x 9 more VG/EX dams)
Buyer: Golden Oaks Farm, IL

Lot 9 … $8200 … 1st Choice Jordy x Underground Bccas Blair-Red EX-90, Grand Champion, Northeast Spring National Holstein and R&W Shows 2019
Buyer: Matt Hawbacher, Frank & Diane Borba and Chris & Jennifer Hill, MD

Lot 61 … $8200 … OCD Byway Minka-ET (Byway x EX-94 Durham Margaux x 2E-92 x 8 VG/EX dams)
Buyer: Ben & Sara Knonberg, WI

Lot 16 … $8200 … Miss OCD Undeny Georgia-ET – sister to Royal Supreme Junior Champion Georgette! (12/18 Undenied x EX-94 Geography)
Buyer: Dylan Branter, Jay Robertson & Keaton Phoenix, ON

Lot 47 … $7700 … Oakfield Undenied Envy-ET … +3.7T Summer Yearling (Undenied x 2E-95 Edair from Elegance family)
Buyer: Nathan P. Daniels & Julia D. Searls, WI

Lot 5 … $7050 … OCD Jordy Radiant-Red (3/16/19 Jordy x Lucky Rose)
Buyer: Crazy Chaos Syndicate, CA

Lot 2 … $7000 … OCD Ava Rhianna-Red-ET (12/18 Avalanche x Lucky Rose)
Buyer: Lane & Grady Wendorf, WI

Lot 45 … $7000 … Oakfield Avalanche Elsa *RC … +3.5T Winter Yearling! (Avalanche x 2E-95 Edair from Elegance family)
Buyer: Ray Vail & Michael Miller, NY

Lot 29 … $6700 … OCD Avalanche Sassy-ET … +4.27T Fall Calf! (Avalanche x Atwood Salsa Dancer EX-92 x 4 more EX)
Buyer: Merry Rama & Alicia Lamb, NY

Sale order and updates

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Sale Highlights

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