Spring Selections at the Northern

Apr 6, 2018 @ 10:30am @ Fond du Lac, WI

115 Lots

The Spring Selections at the Northern was held Friday, April 6, 2018, at 10:30 am. About 100 outstanding lots sold with the assistance of the Great Northern Land & Cattle Co. and Cowbuyer live bidding. Topping the sale was Colganados D Avianca-Red-ET (EX-92), a 5-year-old Destry daughter of KH WRegmnt Apple A1-Red-ETN (VG-87). She was purchased for $18,200.


Spring Selections at the Northern

Sale Results

When one hears the date April 6th, thoughts of spring and warmer temperatures usually come to mind.  However, April 6, 2018 certainly did not live up to expectations in the weather department, with frigid temperatures and blowing snow causing white-out conditions in some areas.  But the enthusiasm for a tremendous line-up of cattle at the Spring Selections at the Northern was evident as a large crowd made their way to the Great Northern Sales Arena, Fond du Lac, WI to participate in the sale.

Touted as an offering of value-added Holsteins and Jerseys, the offering certainly did not disappoint and offered something for everyone. At day’s end the 108 whole lots averaged $3,566.

An added lot from Colganados Genetics LLC and Carlos Felipe, Chicago, IL garnered many admirers and provided the sale’s high seller at $18,200.  Colganados D Avianca-Red-ET EX-92 sold just fresh and looking the part to be a major contender in the 5 year old class.  Sired by Destry from the Apple clone, Apple A1 “VG-87”, Avianca was purchased by Jonathan and Alicia Lamb, Oakfield, NY with Martin Kinyon, Lone Rock, WI contending.

Selling for $10,000 was the Jersey consignment of Zach, Blake and Mitch Schulte, Blairstown, Iowa. Schulte Bros Teq Dora-ET is a Tequila summer yearling from the EX-93 Iatola, Dare to Dream, who is a show winning granddaughter of World Champion Veronica EX-97 5E.  When the gavel fell, Jared Dickman, Lanark, IL had placed the final bid and is certain to have an exciting time in the show ring this year!

Another exceptional show ring prospect was consigned by Quietcove Hoslteins and Austin Trbovich, Wapakoneta, OH.  Lot 5, Miss Lexys Lucky Lady-ET is a pretty Doorman winter calf that is certain to get much attention and show ring exposure from her new owners, Brianne, Brooklyn & Reid Vandoske, Cleveland, WI.  The Vandoskes paid $9,300 for this granddaughter of the EX-95 All-American Rosedale Lexington-ET who is also making her mark as a tremendous brood cow.

Several daughters of KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96 4E 19* DOM were offered in the sale by Apple Partners LLC, Lanark, IL.  Claiming the top price of $8,500 was a silky black Solomon summer yearling who will join a couple of her older sisters that have been very influential at Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, IL.

Another extremely stylish, well balanced summer yearling, Lot 48, sold for $8,100 to Kaylie Zapalac and Hayden Haedge, Hico, TX.  From the eighth generation Excellent, RJR Sid 3273-ET EX-92 who was Junior All-American Milking Yearling in 2014, this Diamondback daughter was consigned by Norman Nabholz, West Union, IA.

Cattle sold coast to coast with buyers coming from Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, Texas, Oklahoma and California as well as Ontario and British Colombia.

Norman Nabholz, John Erbsen, Rick Bovre and Kevin Jorgensen were responsible for selecting the outsanding group of cattle offered in the sale.   The sale staff included Chris Hill and Kevin Jorgensen in the box with Lynn Harbaugh, Tom DeGroot, Brandon Ferry, Bob Sabo, Ron Roskopf, Perry Phend and Michael Heath working the ring and handling phone bids.  Online bidding was available via Cowbuyer.com represented by Kaleb & Cole Kruse. Presenting the cattle in the ring were Eric Reisinger, Rachel McCullough and Mary & Naomi Scott.   The crew responsible for having the cattle in show ring ready condition were Garrett Schmidt, Aaron Lien, Tyler Endres, Shawon Vande Zande, Dawson Nickels, Brock Kasten, Jared Buske, David Petersheim, Mikayla Endres, Kylie Nickels, Theresa Bock and Alexa Albrecht.   Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., Inc. managed the sale.

Sale Catalog

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Sale Information

Friday, April 6th
9:00 – 10:30 am
Pre-Sale Complimentary Continental Breakfast
10:30 AM
Spring Selections Sale Time

Saturday, April 7th
Milk Source Select Sale
Kaukauna, WI

Sale Contacts:
Rick Bovre……………….920.960.0487
Norman Nabholz ……563.590.3204
Chris Hill…………………202.255.7907
Kevin Jorgensen………920.210.3992
John Erbsen…………….815.275.4990
Lynn Harbaugh……….920.420.1524
Pierre Boulet…………..418.234.3407
Tom DeGroot………….604.819.2879
Brandon Ferry…………608.335.8861
Michael Heath…………443.375.8048
Perry Phend……………715.533.0608
Ron Roskopf……………414.587.4402
Bob Sabo………………..920.366.7145
Paula Bovre…………….920.960.0655


Sale Updates

NOTE: You may enter for Midwest Spring National or the Midwest Spring Red & White show at the regular entry fee but this must be completed with Paula at the conclusion of the sale. Otherwise late fees will apply.

34-05 16d 1,374 6.3 86 3,0 41 RIP March 16 test 106 lbs. 5.7% 2.6% SCC 29; responds to oxytocin
DHI Herd No. 42-330201-203
3A & 4Both are 99%RHA-I
12negative BT, L
13Fresh March 26th; milking 90 lbs. SCC 41
14Fresh January 29th; 1-10 2x 63d 3,550 4.1 144 3.1 109 RIP; 77 lbs. 3.6% 3.0% SCC 23
negative BVD; DHI Herd No. 33-470326-7298 Used to freestalls/headlocks
16OUT - see replacement in added lots No. 119
19negative BT
21Reg. No. 313238048; Dam: 4-03 279d 19,739 5.3 1050 3.7 736 RIP and she's due back in June
23negative BVD & Johnes; Full sisters: Tequila Dari - HM All-American & Res. All-Canadian Summer Yrlg
2017 & now at Avonlea; Tequila Dreamer VG-88 2y - All-Canadian 4-H Yrlg 2015 & now at Rivendale
24Granddam just pictured:
252-01 3x 352d 30,160 4.2 1162 3.6 1038 Last SCC 186; Dam: 4-04 348d 2x 32,470 4.1 1334 3.3 1067
Used to freestalls/parlor/headlocks
271-10 3x 97d 9,227 4.3 394 3.0 281 RIP March 26 test 104 lbs. 3.6% 2.8% SCC 127; classified GP-82
Bred 3-24 to S-S-I Modesty Pinnacle (sexed); negative BVD & L; herd negative Staph, Strep & Myco;
Used to freestalls/parlor/headlocks;DHI Herd No. 35-200293-2829
28Milking 100 lbs. SCC 40 Used to freestalls/headlocks
29March 3 test 95 lbs. 4.0% 3.1% SCC 30; Bred 3-22 to View-Home Monterey
Used to freestalls/headlocks; DHI Her No. 35-130127-2302
31Dam contracted for embryos to Japan
32Dam now EX-94 3-09 210d 21,709 4.1 890 3.0 649 RIP
34negative BVD
35Full sister sold in 2017 Triple T Sale for $7,000
36Correction: Born September , 2017 Reg No. 3134445051; negative BVD
42Correction: service sire is River Valley Venus V I P-ET
43Fresh April 1st Milking 60 lbs. SCC 69; negative BVD & BT
43AMiss Easter Sunrise-Red Born 4-1-18 Sire: Destry
44negative BVD & BT; in heat 3-30-18
45Dry Last SCC 20
46Bred 3-14-18 to Walnutlawn Sandstorm 94HO18609
50negative BVD
51Last test 92 lbs. SCC 14 DHI Herd No. 61-340103-834
52Aerthusa Sid Aero-ET
55Reg. No. 3142754400; Entered in Spring Show;
Dam calved 3-4-18 and scored VG-86 3 wks fresh! Milking 79 lbs. 4.2%
57PTA +2.60T +1.43UDC +1.47FLC HH5C; mat. sister to 2nd dam EX-94 38,241 4.4 1700 3.5 1323
61negative BVD & Johnes; Full sister Tequila Shot was Res. ABA All-American 4 Yr Old 2017
63Correction: Birthdate should read 9-13-18
64Carly-O Tequila Alley was All-Amerian 4 Yr Old 2016; Unanimous AA Sr. 3 2015 & HM All-Can Sr. 2 2014
65negative BVD
66Choice of 4 Heifers of which 1 is R&W and 3 are B&W
67Reg. No. 144436202
682-03 2x 34d 2,924 5.3 155 3.1 92 RIP March 6 test: 100 lbs. 4.8% 2.9% SCC 38;
Dam: 4-02 101d 12,080 4.1 498 2.9 354 RIP Dam & Gr'dam will be scored again in May
Dam has 2 EX mat. sisters both over 1100F; DHI Herd No. 35-140357-1944
71Sells open
72Correction: birthdate should read 12-1-16; was in heat 4-2-18
73Feb. 20 test: 85 lbs. 5.4% 3.6% SCC 27; proj. 21,038M 1115F 775P; Bred 1-20-18 to River-Valley Venus V I P
and checked pregnant; DHI Herd No. 42-860011-5206
74Dam is fresh with 6th calf at 6-11 avg. 6.0% fat
752-02 305d 17,009 5.1 876 3.6 609 SCC avg. 80 Bred 6-26-17 to Colton 7JE1088
One of Lyon Jersey's best cow families! DHI Herd No. 42-860011-5516
76Fresh 3-9-18 Milking 60 lbs. SCC 156
76ALyon Plus Elgin 173289136 Born 3-9-18 Sire: Lyon T Bone P328 (Tbone x VG-87 23,690 5.0%F dam still in herd)
772nd Dam: 6-08 365 26,480 3.7 980 3.2 840
81negative BVD
82negative BVD, checked pregnant to 11-14-17 service to Diamondback
83carrying ultrasound female; dam contracted to Japan for embryos
84Fresh 2-17-18 First test: 73 lbs. SCC 40
85Fresh 3-1-18; 2-02 14d 1,035 4.7 49 2.9 30 RIP March 15 test 96 lbs. 4.7% 2.9% SCC 22; classified GP-83
DHI Herd No. 35-080023 used to freestalls/headlocks; herd negative Staph, Strep & Myco
863-01 322d 23,379 3.5 818 3.1 734; Current lact: 5-01 2x 118d 10,165 4.1 420 2.7 279 RIP
Last test 87 lbs. SCC 100; DHI Herd No. 61-340103-10057
88Fresh 3-1-18 First test 71 lbs. SCC 50
913-00 2x 75d 8,077 3.8 305 2.7 217 RIP March 22 test 107 lbs. SCC 13 DHI Herd No. 42-060131-9288
92Correction: Opsal Blake Colleen-Tw 3136010271
95negative BVD & L; GTPI +2421+1254M +46F +46P +520NM +4.1PL +2.74T +2.10UDC 3/18
Dam: 4-02 3x 343d 32,530 3.9 1254 3.3 1071
97Fresh 3-11-18; 1-09 2x 11d 429 6.3 27 4.0 17 RIP March 16 test: 52 lbs. 6.0% 3.6% SCC 33 Now at 65 lbs.
DHI Herd No. 42-330201-110
99Maternal sister is now max score EX-91, 1-11 313 16,747 4.5 751 3.6 609 Sold to California & will be
shown there in upcoming state show.
100Fresh 2-1-18 3-01 2x 42d 5,226 4.0 210 3.0 156 RIP; March 15 test 140 lbs. 5.2% 2.9% SCC 17
Classified VG-86; Used to freestalls/headlocks; Herd negative Staph, Strep & Myco
DHI Herd No. 35-080023-1231
101Bred 9-28-17 to Doorman and confirmed pregnant
1023-08 2x 86d 8,368 4.0 332 2.9 244 RIP March test: 96 lbs. 3.9% 2.9% SCC 38, proj. 22,756M 913F 676P
105Classified VG-87; Last test 70 lbs. 4.0% 3.1% SCC 244; Bred 3-14-18 to Diamondback
106March 3 test 125 lbs. 4.0% 2.9% SCC 5; Bred 3-29-18 to Mr Triplecrown Coronado-ET 94HO18540
DHI Herd No. 35-130127-2232
108is *RC Fresh 3-12-18 Milking 80 lbs. SCC 32
108ANabholz Mia-Red 3145695948 Born 3-12-18 Sire: Defiant
1092-03 365 20,310 4.3 864 3.4 686 Dry Last SCC 71
114Ms GS A2 Dback Astute-ET *RC Born 3-2-18
See added lots 116 - 120 attached

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