Southern Spring National Jersey Open Show 2021

April 10, 2021 @ Stillwater, OK

Ryan Krohlow, WI

The Southern Spring National Jersey Open Show 2021 has concluded in Stillwater, OK. Judge Ryan Krohlow found his Grand Champion in the Lifetime Production class as Random Luck T Heather claimed the crown for her owners, Red Dirt Genetics.

Cowsmo was on hand covering the show with results, photos and LIVE video thanks to our Premier sponsor TransOva. 

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Random Luck T Heather (Tequila), 1st Lifetime Production Cow, Red Dirt Genetics

Reserve Grand Champion
Lost Elm Hired Gun Nora (Hired Gun), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Ratliff Jerseys

HM Grand Champion
Random Luck Surprise Me (Valentino), 1st Aged Cow, Red Dirt Genetics

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Random Luck T Heather (Tequila), 1st Lifetime Production Cow, Red Dirt Genetics

Reserve Senior Champion
Random Luck Surprise Me (Valentino), 1st Aged Cow, Red Dirt Genetics

HM Senior Champion
River Valley Excitation Radiant (Excitation), 1st 4-Year-Old, Ratliff Jerseys

Champion Bred & Owned

Ratliff Money Vixen (Money), 1st senior 2-year-old, Ratliff Jerseys

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Lost Elm Hired Gun Nora (Hired Gun), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Ratliff Jerseys

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Ratliff Money Vixen (Money), 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Ratliff Jerseys

HM Intermediate Champion
Rivendale Spunky Little (Spunky), 2nd Senior 2-Year-Old, Sweet Dreams Farms

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Red Dirt Lollalala Frosty (Lolalala), 1st SpringYearling, Red Dirt Genetics

Reserve Junior Champion
Red Dirt Sugar T-ET (Viral), 2nd Spring Yearling, Red Dirt Genetics

HM Junior Champion
Woodruffs Mr Swagger Sway (Mr Swagger), 1st fall calf, Lila, Harper & Hadley Wantland

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Premier Breeder
Ratliff Jerseys

Premier Exhibitor (tie)
Ratliff Jerseys and Red Dirt Genetics

Premier Breeder – Heifer Show
Ratliff Jerseys

Premier Exhibitor – Heifer Show
Red Dirt Genetics


Winter Calf (7)

1. River Valley Gentry Jemima-ET (Gentry), Red Dirt Genetics
2. Pareo Chrome Critter (Chrome), Pareo Farm
3. Goff Gentry 45181-ET (Gentry), Goff Diary
4. 5-Star Chrome Genesis (Chrome), Five Star Farm
5. Burrus Chrome Cadillac (Chrome), Burrus Farms
6. Cimarrons Victorious Dasher Red (Victorious), Cimarron Jersey Farm
7. Sandy C Victorious Corona (Victorious), Sandy-C Farm

Fall Calf (25)

1. Woodruffs Mr Swagger Sway (Mr Swagger), Lila, Harper & Hadley Wantland
2. LC Kid Rock Schnitzel (Kid Rock),Lincrest Dairy
3. LC Kid Rock Pistachio (Pistachio), Sadie Wright & Mia Forman
4. Red Dirt Chrome Jaycee (Chrome), Red Dirt Genetics
5. Cimarrons Colton Val (Colton), Brooklyn Ahlem
6. Esperanza Vihanna (Jade), State Line Jerseys
7. Cimarrons Colton Dream (Colton), Cimarron Jersey Farm
8. Kilgus Dirk Misty (Dirk), Raber Farms
9. Ratliff Rockstar Violet (Rockstar), Raylee & Ellery Couch
10. Purepride Pretty Legit-ET (Fizz), Burrus Farms

Summer Yearling (8)

1. RBR-FRM Fizz-I Fancy (Fizz), Raber Farms
2. Ratliff Lolalala Aphachie (Lolalala), Ratliff Jerseys
3. VZ Tequila Honey Boo Boo 1156 (Tequila), Harper Vanzyverden
4. Black Label Matt Vision-ET (Matt), Boer Jerseys
5. BJ Venetian Penelope (Venetian), Five-Star Farm
6. Sandy C Magician Sky (Magician), Sandy-C Farm
7. Sweet Dreams Kingston Serena (Kingston), Sweet Dreams Farm
8. Esperanza Money Talks (Destination), Bre-Bay Jerseys

Spring Yearling (9)

1. Red Dirt Lollalala Frosty (Lolalala), Red Dirt Genetics
2. Red Dirt Sugar T-ET (Viral), Red Dirt Genetics
3. Ratliff Rockstar Dasher-ET (Rockstar), Ratliff Jerseys
4. Goff Premier 41558-ET (Premier), Goff Dairy
5. PD Roman Corvette (Roman), Peterson Dairy
6. Valley Gem Hardy Rock Candy (Hardy), Brayden Carpio
7. Ratliff Matt Princess-ET (Matt), Raber Farms
8. Red Carpet Choice Sassafras-ET (Choice), J-York Genetics
9. Goff Premier 41565-ET (Premier), Sweet Dreams Farm

Winter Yearling (11)

1. Red Dirt Andreas Butters (Andreas), Red Dirt Genetics
2. Stoney Point Andreas Trinity (Andreas), Voskamp Farms
3. SLJ Andreas Kass (Andreas), State Line Jerseys
4. Underground First Prize Medallion (First Prize), Overside Dairy
5. MM-T Pockets Game On-ET (Vaden), Pareo Farms
6. Black Label Colton Nadia 290-ET (Colton), Boer Jerseys
7. Ratliff Joel Vanilla-ET (Joel), Star Struck Cattle
8. Ratliff Joel Vista-ET (Joel), Bre-Bay Jerseys
9. Ratliff Irwin Charisma-ET (Irwin), Bre-Bay Jerseys
10. Underground Haddix Hendrix (Lolalala), Five Star Farm

Fall Yearling (9)

1. PD Hammer Mesmerize (Hammer), Peterson Dairy
2. Lylestanley Andreas Fresca-ET (Andreas), Five Star Farm
3. Roth Tequila Nala Sarabi (Tequila), Corbin Roth
4. Black Label VIP Vicky-ET (VIP), Boer Jerseys
5. Black Label Colton Vidalia-ET (Colton), Boer Jerseys
6. Ratliff Boo Vintage (Boo), Bre-Bay Jerseys
7. Whitehead Chrome 1554 (Chrome), Burrus Farm
8. Trump Peanut Polly of Starstruck (Trump), Star Struck Cattle
9. Bre-Bay Casino Stardust (Casino), Bre-Bay Jerseys

Junior Best Three (1)

1. Red Dirt Genetics

Unfresh Junior 2-Year-Old (2)

1. Cimarrons Victorious Dasher (Victorious), Cimarron Jersey Farm
2. Kilgus Fireman Aria (Fireman), State Line Jerseys

Junior 2-Year-Old (5)

1. LC Barnabas Annie (Barnabas), Lin-Crest Dairy
2. Red Dirt Premier Frosted Flakes-ET (Premier), Red Dirt Genetics
3. Hixon Andreas Abby (Andreas), Goff Dairy
4. LC Barnabas Gidget (Barnabas), Four Streams Dairy
5. Prairie Sky Oliver Lydia (Oliver), Prairie Sky Farms

Senior 2-Year-Old (9)

1. Ratliff Money Vixen (Money), Ratliff Jerseys
2. Rivendale Spunky Little (Spunky), Sweet Dreams Farms
3. Ratliff Showdown Jasmine (Showdown), Lin-Crest Dairy
4. Rivendale VIP Cadi-ET (VIP) Burrus Farms
5. Country Path Nock Your Socks Off (Colton), Country Path Holsteins
6. Goff Moonbeam 37296 (Moonbeam), Goff Dairy
7. Bre-Bay Victorious Mamie (Victorious), Bre-Bay Jerseys
8. Skandia Rockstar C Anthem 1568 (Rockstar), Rick Bobby Genetics
9. Underground Nebraska-ET (Vaden), Five Star Farm

Junior 3-Year-Old (5)

1. Lost Elm Hired Gun Nora (Hired Gun), Ratliff Jerseys, KS
2. Coppenbarger Viral Abbie-ET (Viral), Dustin Coppenbarger & Bailey Robinson
3. South Mountain Champagne Fizz-ET (Fizz), Goff Dairy
4. Miss Triple-T Swagger Confidence (Mr Swagger), Sandy-C Farm
5. LC Barnabas India (Barnabas), Lin-Crest Dairy

Senior 3-Year-Old (8)

1. Red Dirt Colton Butterfly (Colton), Red Dirt Genetics
2. Ratliff Seagrams Arie (Seagrams), Ratliff Jerseys
3. Bre-Bay Aintcha Mamie (Hardware), Bre-Bay Jerseys
4. Bar MB Rockstar Karmel 221-ET (Rockstar), Boer Jerseys
5. Big Guns Andreas Valania-ET (Andreas), Goldfawn Farm
6. Stormview Colton Cara (Colton), Maple Lawn Jersey Farm
7. Lucy Rockstar Of Prairie Sky (Rockstar), Prairie Sky Farm
8. Ratliff Money Andia (Money), Bre-Bay Jerseys

4-Year-Old (4)

1. River Valley Excitation Radiant (Excitation), Ratliff Jerseys
2. Ratliff Irwin Vita-ET (Irwin), Ratliff Jerseys
3. Zenubi Raspberries Pie Showdown (Showdown), Red Dirt Genetics
4. Bama Treasures TT Of Starstruck (Topeka Target), Star Struck Show Cattle

5-Year-Old (4)

1. Ratliff Tequila Radiance (Tequila), Red Dirt Genetics
2. Ratliff Dually Atlee-ET (Dually), Ratliff Jerseys
3. Lylestanley Primero Dulce 2210-ET (Primero), Boer Jerseys
4. Goff Primero 28713 (Primero), Goff Dairy

Aged Cow (4)

1. Random Luck Surprise Me (Valentino), Red Dirt Genetics
2. Ratliff Verbatim Mindy (Verbatim), Ratliff Jerseys
3. Royalty Ridge Fire Fiancee (Fire), Grant Dohle & Addison Goldenberg
4. Lylestanley Deacnp Francine 1975-P (Deacon), Red Dirt Genetics

Production Cow (2)

1. Random Luck T Heather (Tequila), Red Dirt Genetics
2. Cobblestone Tequila Fantasy (Tequila), Red Dirt Genetics

Senior Best Three (1)

1. Ratliff Jerseys