Sale of Stars 2017

Nov 9th, 2017 @ Toronto, ON

Top seller at the Sale of Stars 2017 went for $80,000, Pine-Tree 6809 Fraz 7605-ET. Consigned by Pine-Tree Holsteins, OH. See lot prices and the complete image gallery where you can view, share & purchase photo’s.




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Sale Results

The Sale of Stars Averaged $10,456.33 on 80 lots.

TOP 10 Sellers

Lot#, Cow Name, Price, Buyer, Address

Lot 7, Pine-Tree 6809 Fraz 7605, $80,000, Thurler and Comfort
July 2017 Frazzled dtr x Pine-Tree Ramos Alexia-ET EX-91 2E family with a +2882 GTPI. Consigned by Pine-Tree Holsteins, OH

Lot 9, Parkhurst Modesty Samarie, $57,000, Pine Tree Holsteins
March 2017 “Modesty” the #2 Red Carrier GTPI heifer in the world at +2831 GTPI from VG 85 Kingboy completing 12 gen VG or EX from Splendor family. Consigned by Ferme Parkhurst Inc., QC

Lot 13, Gillette Modesty Clayfischer, $40,000, T-Wave and Gillette
Modesty Nov 2016 +2818 GTPI +2.4GPTAT from Lottomax then VG-85 McCutchen. Consigned by Ferme Gillette Inc., ON.

Lot 10, Bryhill Duke Supergirl, $27,000, Thurler and Comfort
2/17 Duke x GP-83 Monterey x GP-83 x OConnors Planet Lucia (VG-86). +2826GTPI +2056M +76P

Lot 21, Blondin 1stgrade Claws, $21,000, Blondin Sires

Lot 1, MS Sid Beth, $23,500, Ferme Jacobs
3/17 Sid x Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn (EX-95)

Lot 16, Pierstein Goldwyn Jolene, $21,000, London Dairy
1st C. 9/17 Doorman x Loyalyn Goldwyn June (EX-97)

Lot 8, Mercedes Bndares Jelly 1, $19,000, Blondin Sires
6/17 Bandares x 3427GLPI Delta. +2831GTPI.

Lot 2, Dinas Solomon Dotty, $18,000, Crackholm Holsteins
6/17 Solomon x Co-Vale Dempsy Dina 4270-ET (EX-92)












Sale Catalog

The Sale of Stars 2017 is underway in Toronto, ON, as apart of the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair. This is the 65th edition of the sale and will feature an outstanding lineup. The sale is managed by Blondin Int’l Inc., and Brian Craswell Auctions Ltd., and live bidding will be available through Cowbuyer. Download the PDF of the catalog HERE or click the image below to view in fullscreen.

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Lot Information

Sale Managers

Blondin Int’l Inc.
Simon Lalande… 514 239-5435
Kim Côté… 514 730-6362 [email protected]

Brian Craswell Auctions Ltd.
Brian Craswell… 902 628-7537 [email protected]
Amber Craswell… 902 393-0888 [email protected]

Sale Contacts

Sale Contacts
Roger Turner… 608 770-0012 [email protected]
Tim Abbott… 802 238-1142 [email protected]
Dann Brady… 519 830-9721 [email protected]
Brian Carscadden… 519 546-1194 [email protected]
Yvon Chabot… 819 352-2963 [email protected]
Tyler Doiron… 418 285-9850 [email protected]
David Eastman… 905 866-7800 [email protected]
Adam Hodgins… 226 930-0166 [email protected]
Ethan McMillan… 705 653-7445 [email protected]
Joel Phoenix… 905 852-8062 [email protected]
Bill Rauen… 563 607-0694 [email protected]
Lloyd Simons… 715 803-5696 [email protected]

Pierre Boulet… 418 234-3407 [email protected]
David Crack Jr… 819 352-1670 [email protected]
Scott Culbertson… 507 923-1881 [email protected]
Tom DeGroot… 604 819-2879 [email protected]
Chris Hill… 202 255-7907 [email protected]
Ray LeBlanc… 802 249-2155 [email protected]
Garry Vanderpost… 639 471-1021 [email protected]
Brent Walker… 519 994-3252 [email protected]