Revolution Jersey Tag Sale 2020

March 27-28, 2020 @ St-Basile, QC

The Revolution Jersey Tag Sale continues today with the NEW sale format below! The Catalog is now available on Cowsmo! A unique and modern selection of about 40 Jerseys from incredible, deep-pedigreed families will be available. Exciting classification results are now updated on their sale consignments!

NEW Sale Format

  • Bidding will start on Thursday, March 26th at 8:00am.
  • Friday, March 27th, if only one person reserves one specific animal at listed price at 2:00pm, he or she will become the successful buyer. (max time to reserve a lot before auction)
  • For every lot with more than one person interested in bidding at 2:00pm, we will proceed to an auction between the interested parties to determine the successful buyer. Our sale staff will make sure to reach all interested parties by phone.
  • The sale will continue until Saturday, March 28th for the animals not sold the prior two days.
  • Ladies and gentlemen interested in bidding or reserving a lot, need to contact our sale staff and provide us their name, address and phone number.
  • All animals must be paid before transport. Payment in due within the 15 days after the sale.

Managed by:
Ferme Du Sillon
Olivier Marquis … 418-714-4083

Ferme New Jersey 
Mathieu Jalbert … 418-356-7866

Sale Contacts
Andrew Vander Meulen … 613 968-1599
Callum Mckinven … 819 437-7552
Cédric Cliche … 418 563-0043
David Morey … 780 349-1893
Guillaume Lemieux … 418 563-4903
Jean-Marc Pellerin … 819 621-7875
Jean-Phillippe Charest … 418 894-7934
Jean-François Dallaire … 418 571-2366
Keaven Payeur … 581 984-5509
Kevin Jacobs … 819 817-4216
Luc Deschênes … 418 750-9088
Mathieu Chartrand  … 819 923-0361
Russell Gammon … 226 751-3618
Maxime Ouellet … 418 551-8297 Clipping/Fitting

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High Sellers

29 lots sold to 36 different areas of North America including BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, California, Oregon, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas & Wisconsin!

High Sellers
Lot 39 Ducret Joel Belle VG-8 2yr $10,000
Buyer: Keightley & Core Jerseys, Kentucky, USA

Lot 25 Lone Pine Victorious Looker $9100
Buyer: Morningmist Jerseys, ON

Lot 40 Josclaud Vivaldi Final Bloom VG-85 2yr $6000
Buyer: Ferme New Jersey, Chabot & Boulet, QC

Lot 26 Rivendale Premier Sarafine-ET $5900
Buyer: Ferme Kakouna & Ferme Garondale, QC

Lot 1 Dul Sillon AB Fearless $5600
Buyer: Misty Meadows, Oregon, USA

Sale Highlights

Visit Ferme Du Sillon and Ferme New Jersey for more Sale highlights and updates!

Lot 4: Late Jamie Dec’ calf from the Dutch Hollow Charlemagne Jenni EX-93 4Y family

Lot 34: Res. All-Canadian Jr Yrlg ’19 sells! Wildwood Andreas Mantis sells fresh Feb 8th! Recently classified VG-87!

Lot 35: Marronniers Barcelona Toya GP-83 is backed by 10 generations of VG or EX!

Lot 40: Senior 2-year-old Vivaldix x Josclaud FT First Time EX-90 2E (2x Silver Award)

Lot 25

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Classification Highlights

Exciting classification round before the sale! The herd now consists of 17 EX, 21 VG and 2 GP, with an average of 88 points!


  • Wildweed Andreas Mantis VG 87 1y
    30 days fresh, Sells as Lot 34
    Consigned by: DuSillon/Charest/Ramirez
  • Dutch Hollow Ruthless Jane-P VG 86 1y
    Dam of Lot 4
  • Du Sillon DPV Texas Venise VG86 (87MS) 1y – 3 family members sell!
    Consigned by: Despresverts
  • Marlau Velocity Fabila VG 85 2y
    Sister of Fabienne and Farren.
    Sells as lot 42
    Consigned by: DuSillon/Morastar
  • Du Sillon Wildcat Temporelle GP 84 1y
    10 days Fresh @ 19 months old
    Her sister sells in the sale!
  • Summum Axel Bernadette VG88 (89 MS) 2y
  • Bridon Premier Toast VG 87 3y
  • Margot Caracass VG 87 3y
    Owned by: A. Bilodeau
  • Guimo Premier Jade EX 90
    Her Daugher sells as lot 30
    Consigned by: DuSillon & Audibel
  • Dutch Hollow Vintage Jubilee EX 90
  • Élégance Perfect Polly EX 90 (92 MS)
    Owned by: A. Bilodeau
  • SSF Mordale Irwin Kashmir now EX 91 2E Dam of lot 5
  • Dutch Hollow Chili Michelle Ex 90 2E