$13,000 Top Seller at Quietcove Golden Anniversary Sale

May 16, 2020 @ Wapakoneta, OH

The action is complete in Wapakoneta, Ohio at the Quietcove Golden Anniversary Sale! The crowd enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and the welcome camaraderie of a great sale as they watched 87 lots go through the ring. 

High sellers on the day: 
Lot 11 – $13,000 – Geno Doorman Tesla, the 2018 Reserve All-Canadian Intermediate Calf, now recently fresh and just scored VG-86. Tesla is backed by four EX dams back to Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi-ET EX-96 3E and C Alanvale Inspiration Tina EX-95 2E.

Lot 30 – $10,500 – Drentex Velocity Sweet – Nominated ABA All-American Spring Yearling in 2019, Sweet sold as a recently fresh junior 2-year-old prospect out of a VG-88 Gentry dam with records to 22,000M & 1561F.

Lot 3 – $10,200 – Quietcove Raspberry-ET *RC, a 9/19 Awesome-Red daughter out of Quietcove Foxys Lollipop-ET, an EX-91 Archrival that was Nominated Junior All-American Junior 3-Year-Old in 2019. Following Lollipop are seven more EX dams including Quietcove Valiant Fawn EX-95 2E.

Lot 1 – $10,000 – Quietcove Foxys Arrival-ET, a 3/19 King Doc out of Quietcove Foxy Avocado-ET EX-92, Reserve Intermediate Champion at the 2019 Midwest Spring National Show. Next dam is EX-91 Foxy Lady (by Alexander), then back to Valiant Fawn EX-95 2E. Lots of All-American nominations in the last five years from the Fawn family!

Lot 7 – $10,000 – Quietcove Foxys Baffle Me, a fresh senior 2-year-old prospect by Diamondback out of Quietcove Foxys Brownie VG-86, a Gold Chip daughter of Foxy Lady.

Lot 21 – $5,600 – Quietcove-Edge Pop Quiz-ET *RC, a 9/18 fall yearling due in November to Warrior-Red, out of a VG-86 Gold Chip dam. Next dam is T-Triple-T-I Durham Poppi EX-95 2E, then Gold Prize EX-94 2E, and Dundee Paige EX-96 3E

Lot 80 – $5,500 – Q-Cove JMK Curran Doodle, a 3/19 spring yearling ready for the ring out of Sid dam that traces back to Blue-Gene Durham Dooley EX-93 2E, Reserve All-American Senior 3-Year-Old in 2006.

Lot 24 – $5,000 – Ms Armani Denyell-ET, a 4-year-old Armani just moved up in score to EX-92 94-MS this week, due in January to Denver. Out of Ronelee Mr Sam Delft-ET EX-94 2E, Denyell completes seven generations of VG & EX cows. 

Lot 90 – $5,000 – Quietcove JMK Curran Del-ET, another 4-year-old Armani that was scored EX-91 93-MS earlier this week out of an EX-93 show-winning dam, then 2006 Reserve All-American Senior 3-Year-Old, Blue-Gene Durham Dooley-ET EX-93 2E.


Sale Host
Quietcove Holsteins
Jeremy Elsass … 419-552-0355
Loren Elsass … 419-235-9198
Jonathon Elsass … 773-331-1914

Sale Manager
Adam Fraley … 570-772-6837
Fraley Auction website 

Sale broadcasted live via Cowbuyer with real-time bidding.

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Sale order

Classification Highlights

Lot 7: Baffle Me is now VG-86 and her dam Brownie is also VG-86

Lot 10: Dam went VG-89

Lot 11: Tesla VG-86

Lot 15: VG-86

Lot 17 & 18: Dam, Winning Ways is now VG-85

Lot 24: Denyell EX-92 with a 94 pt Mammary

Lot 57: Quesa raised to EX-90 with an EX MS

Lot 58: Dam went VG-85

Lot 67: Ravioli went EX with a 91pt udder

Lot 72: VG-85

Lot 73: was raised to VG-88

Lot 77: Sam raised to VG-85

Lot 84: Dam raised to VG-85

Lot 85: Dam raised to VG-85

Lot 86: Dam went VG-85

Lot 87 went 85 with a Vg mammary

Lot 90 raised to 91 with a 93 pt Mammary

Sale Updates

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Lot 4: Doorman winter calf from the Foxy-Lady family EX-91!

Lot 51: Avalanche March calf back by 6 generations of EX!

Lot 63: Aristocrat-Red March calf from All-American R&W 5yr nominee ’17, MS Tri-Koebel Glamour-Red-ET EX-92
Consigned by: Kelly Epperly, OH