Quest For Success III

March 31, 2016 at 10:30AM @ Marion, WI

100 Lots

Quest For SuccessThe Quest for Success III Sale was a huge success! High Seller was Lot 44 Kiko Mogul Mara 1095 for $47,000. Congrats to her consigners Garrett Schmidt & Jessica Peter, Melrose, WI. The unofficial Sale average is $8039.

The catalog is available HERE or by clicking the image below. The PDF is available to download.

Sold Lots

Lot 44 Kiko Mogul Mara 1095 $47,000 purchased by Norman Nabholz & Garrett Schmidt, IA
Lot 2G Lars-Acres Jedi Ferrari $31,000
Lot 4 Frohland Galaxy Contrast $30,500
Lot 1GA Rickland Exactly 6295-ET $25,000
Lot 1GB Rickland Modesty 6210-ET $25,000
Lot 25 Duckett Solomon Faye $25,000
Lot 3G Siemers Jedi Jipseeny-ET $24,000
Lot 9 Ludwigs DG Evie-ET $22,000
Lot 13 Budjon-Abbott Dr. Addidas-ET $15,000
Lot 2 Gold Barbara Sid Bonjour-ET $15,000
Lot 7R Hilrose DB Allie-Red-ET $14,500
Lot 6 Duckett Goldchip Tiffany $14,200
Lot 35R Bella-On-Q LotsofLuv-Red-ET $13,500
Lot 10 Budjon-Vail Doorman Elainia $12,000
Lot 29R MS RV QM GV DBak Nan-Red-ET $11,700
Lot 14 Budjon-Abbott Wide Awake-ET $11.700
Lot 7G Speek-NJ Bourban Anna-ET $11,500
Lot 10G Webb-Vue Modesty 8216-ET $11,500
Lot 20R Sunnyside Candy Heztry-Red $10,900
Lot 18 Ryan-Crest Sid Estelle-ET $10,750
Lot 21 DJLPurepride MC Finelady-ET $10,700
Lot 14G Cranehill B Babylove-ET $10,500
Lot 13G S-S-I Frazzled 673 7943-ET $10,500
Lot 8G Genosaurce Jedi Shaylee-ET$10,100
Lot 21R Stranshorne Barbwire Emmy *RC $10,000
Lot 6G Rugg-Doc Jedi Chantez-ET $10,000
Lot 14R Wilstar Avalnc Tasha-RED-ET $9750
Lot 43 Oldhemlock GC Ivy Irene $9700
Lot 1 Sheeknoll Doorman Aspire-ET $9500
Lot 5G Shiloh-USA Flagship Callan-ET $9200
Lot 9G Ri-Val-re Jedi Mighty-ET $9000
Lot 12R Pamprd-Acres Allie-Red-ET $8750
Lot 34R Ryan-Vu Alanche Rihanna-ET *RC $8700
Lot 1R Pheasant-Echos Twvet-Red-ET $8400
Lot 6R Lyn-Vale Avalanche Rubi-ET *RC $8400
Lot 31R At-Line Awesome Waya-Red=ET $8250
Lot 22 Macland Hammer N Chiseld-ET $8150
Lot 34 WKV-Parfaits Password-ET $8000
Lot 26R Fevers Diamond Frenzy-Red $7900
Lot 11G Endco Pat Orange-Red=ET $7400
Lot 9R Apple-PTS AJA-ET *RC $7200
Lot 1E First Choice Female $7200
Lot 36R Milksource Alwy Loca-Red-ET $7200
Lot 4G MS Jedi Subaru 78002-ET *RC $7100
Lot 3 Budjon-Vail Drm Zucchini-ET $7000
Lot 3R Luck-E-Red-ET $7000
Lot 24 MS Kress-Hill EJ Allyson-ET $6800
Lot 33 Forest Ridge ABSL March-Red $6600
Lot 16 Opsal Doorman Catalina-ET $6500
Lot 12 Harvue Duckett Drmn Geni-ET $6400
Lot 2R Milksource AL TLC Red-ET $6200
Lot 33R Forest-Ridge ABSL March-Red $6,000


Updated Genomics Report

Sale Highlights

View the Quest For Success VIDEO

Lot 1…Sheeknoll Doorman Aspire-ET, a June 2016 Doorman out of the 2016 Unanimous All-American Aged Cow Sheeknoll Durham Arrow EX96-2E, the WDE Grand Champion for 2016

Lot G1…Choice of two females out of Rickland Montross 5321, a +2636GTPI Montross from a VG86-DOM McCutchen from the Oman Biffy family: a +2773GTPI +2.9DPR Exactly or +2822GTPI +924NM +2.7DPR Modesty

Lot 2…Gold-Barbara Sid Bonjour-ET, a September 2016 Sid daughter of Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX95-2E-GMD 3x Unanimous All-American

Lot G2…Lars-Acres Jedi Ferrari, a +2839GTPI +933NM +8.1PL +3.9DPR Jedi from Lars-Acres Rac Ferocious GP83, a Racer from a VG85-DOM Shamrock, followed by 9 generations of EX & VG dams from the Markwell Bstar E Raven family

Lot R2…Milksource AT TLC-Red-ET, an October 2016 Advent daughter of the 2x Unanimous All-American R&W Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red EX95, followed by the 9x R&W All-American nominee Jen-D Devil Tiffany-Red EX95-3E

Lot 3…Budjon-Vail DRM Zucchini-ET, a June 2016 Doorman out of Beaverbrock Goldwyn Zoey EX92, 2016 All-Canadian & Res All-American Sr 3 Year Old, followed by two EX dams

Lot 4…Frohland Galaxy Contrast, the 2016 All-American Fall Calf, a Larcrest Contrast x VG85 Goldwyn

Lot R4…Heatherstone Reveal-Red-ET, a June 2016 Always sister to Heatherstone Redhot-Red VG87, Res Grand at WDE & RAWF R&W Shows, out of an EX91-2E Advent, followed by 5 generations of VG & EX dams

Lot 5…Golden Oaks Atwd Chance-ET, a June 2016 Atwood out of Golden Oaks Dur Champ EX94-2E, followed by 9 more generations of EX dams from the Champ Rae branch of the Roxys

Lot G6…Rugg-Doc Jedi Chantez-ET, a +2773GTPI +874NM +3.8DPR Jedi from a +2619GTPI Kingboy x VG86 Numero Uno x Rugg-Doc Freddie Chick VG85 (pictured), followed by 5 generations of EX & VG dams from the Juror Faith family

Lot R6…Lyn-Vale Avalanche Rubi-ET, a September Avalanche from Castleholm Regina-Red EX92-GMD, followed by 13 generations of EX dams from the Pinehurst Rapture family. Rubi’s maternal sister sold in the QFS II and was the Reserve Junior Champion at the 2015 RAWF R&W Show

Lot 9…Ludwigs-DG Evie-ET, a December 2015 Doorman from Ludwigs-DG Goldwyn Ember-ET EX94-2E

Lot G9…Ri-Val-Re Jedi Mighty-ET, a +2781GTPI +74P +2.3DPR Jedi x 2502GTPI Kingpin x VG85-DOM Supersire x GP80-DOM Snowman x Roylane Shot Mindy VG86-DOM (pictured) x 8 more generations VG & EX dams

Lot 10…Budjon-Vail Doorman Elania, a September 2016 Doorman from a VG89 Gold Chip daughter of Budjon-JK Emilys Edair EX95-2E 2010 Res All-American & Res All-Canadian Junior 3 Year Old, followed by 7 more generations of EX Elegance dams

Lot R20…Sunnyside Candy Heztry VG86, a Heztry from an EX90 Destin, the 2016 Unanimous All-American Red & White Milking Yearling, due back for the fall shows!

Lot R22…Brook-Corner Deft Tango-Red, the 2016 Res All-American R&W Fall Calf, a Defiant from an EX90 Gold Chris

Lot 26…Bert-Mar Byway Atlantis, a June Byway daughter of Luck-E Advent Atlanta EX94-2E (pictured)

Lot R36…Milksource Alwy Loca-Red VG87, an Always daughter of Wilstar-RS Tlt Limited-Red EX94 2011 WDE R&W Reserve Grand Champion, Loca completes 11 generations of VG & EX cows from the Tora Triple Threat Lulu family

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