Quebec Spring Jersey Show 2017

April 12th, 2017 @ Victoriaville, QC

Thierry Jaton, QC

Quebec Spring Jersey Show 2017JL Vincent Sapphira exhibited by Pierre Boulet & Yvon Sicard takes home Grand Champion at the Quebec Spring Jersey Show 2017 in Victoriaville, QC. See full results and stay posted for pictures highlighting this fantastic show!

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Junior Jersey Gallery
Senior Jersey Gallery


Junior Champion
Rich Valley Incentive Octane (Incentive), 1st Junior Yearling, Clarkvalley & Peter Leach
Reserve Junior Champion
L’ormiere Joel Moon (Joel), 1st Summer Yearling, Christine Desrosiers, Julien Et C A Sicard
Hm Junior Champion
L’ormiere Tequila Leah (Tequila), 1st Intermediate Calf, Campflat/Leachfield/Clarkvalley



Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Genesis Excitation Hannah(Excitation), 1st Sr 3yr Old, C. Desrosiers J& C Sicard & P. Boulet

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Josclaud Success Monday(Success), 1st Jr 2yr Old, Ferme Josclaud

HM Intermediate Champion
Bergicel Firepower Chrismas(Firepower), 1st Sr 2yr Old,  Karine Savard

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
JL Vincent Sapphira (Vincent), 1st 5yr Old,  Pierre Boulet & Yvon Sicard

Reserve Grand Champion
Elegance Belgen Fever ET (Belgen), 1st Mature Cow, Guillaume Lemieux & Ferme Elegance

HM Grand Champion
Genesis Excitation Hannah (Excitation), 1st Sr 3yr Old, C. Desrosiers J& C Sicard & P. Boulet

Premier Sire Of Junior Show
Tower Vue Prime Tequila-Et

Junior Breeder

Herd Breeder

Breeder Banner
1. Elegance
2. Karine Savard
3. Ferme J.P.L SENC./Ferme J.P (J.P.L.)

Premier Sire
1. Tower Vue Prime Tequila-ET
2. Bridon Excitation
3. Royalty Ridge Firepower

Intermediate Calf (2)

1.L’ormiere Tequila Leah (Tequila), Campflat/Leachfield/Clarkvalley
2. Msm Jerseys David Bounty (David), Danny & Heidi Morin

Senior Calf (3)

1. Cadrijo FP Ramona (Firepower) , Richard Cadieux & Johanne Mallette
2.Elegance Fraber Santana (Fraber), Ferme Fab-Ber Ruel Et Ferme Elegance Inc.
3. Bergicel Irwin Grenade (Irwin), Karine Savard

Summer Yearling (3)

1. L’ormiere Joel Moon (Joel), Christine Desrosiers, Julien Et C A Sicard
2. Meadow Lawn Limerick Chanceuse (Limerick), Mauranne Hebert
3. Aleah Kitten Of Solsburyhill , Aleah Farms Ltd.

Junior Yearling (5)

1.Rich Valley Incentive Octane (Incentive), Clarkvalley & Peter Leach
2. Des4chemins Tequila Candy (Tequila), Maxime Turcotte
3. Rejebel Tequila Biscuit (Tequila), Rejebel,Jean-Philippe Charest,Katie Kearns
4. Stee-La Premier Arielle (Premier), Laurent Lambert/S. Lambert/John Weaver
5. Msm Jerseys Mckenzie Veronica (Mckenzie), Danny & Heidi Morin

Intermediate Yearling (4)

1. Stee-La Tequila Florida (Tequila), Laurent Lambert/S. Lambert/John Weaver
2. Marlau Premier Jacquette (Premier), Laurent Lambert, John Weaver, Y.M.S. Fortin
3. Guimondale Velocity Sexybaby (Velocity), Ferme Guimondale Inc.
4. Msm Jerseys Madrid Holiday (Madrid), Matthew & Steven Morin

Senior Yearling (4)

1. Porpo Tequila Candy ET (Tequila), Alicia & Justin Veronneau Et Ferme Porpo
2. Marlau Tequila River Blanche (Tequila), Laurent Lambert & John Weaver
3. Intense Gentry Priceless (Gentry), Clarkvalley, Crestbrook, Peter Leach
4. Marlau Beautiful Fancy (Beautiful), Laurent Lambert & John Weaver

Junior 2yr Old (3)

1.  Josclaud Success Monday(Success), Ferme Josclaud
2. Jone’s V Drop It like it’s Hot (Virtuoso), Desrosiers J & C Sicard, ET P. Boulet
3. J.P.L. Vivaldi Anna(Vivaldi), Ferme J.P.L. SENC

Senior 2yr Old (2)

1. Bergicel Firepower Chrismas(Firepower), Karine Savard
2. Bergicel Minister Bella(Minister), Karine Savard

Junior 3yr Old (2)

1.Missika Bruce Ventitia(Bruce), Ferme Du Sillion II & Ferme Pres Verts Inc.
2. Danbe Ontime Halo(Ontime), Ferme Pres Verts Inc.

Senior 3yr Old (2)

1. Genesis Excitation Hannah(Excitation), C. Desrosiers J& C Sicard & P. Boulet
2. Scotchill Arrow Jewel(Arrow), Ferme Ralston S.E.

4yr Old (3)

1. Elegance Irwin Patch(Irwin), D.Fossaert/Marie-Claire Girod/Ferme Elegance
2. Spring View Verb Starlett (Verb), Ferme Dulet Inc
3. Fleche D’Or Velocity Hariel(Velocity), Ferme Fleche D’Or

5yr Old (3)

1. JL Vincent Sapphira(Vincent), Pierre Boulet & Yvon Sicard
2. Yovanovic Kyros Roxine(Kyros), Christine Desrosiers, Julien and C A Sicard
3. J.P.L. Adam Genny(Adam) ,Ferme J.P.L. SENC

Mature Cow (2)

1. Elegance Belgen Fever ET(Belgen), Guillaume Lemieux & Ferme Elegance
2. Hidden Dream Glasgow Ruby(Glasgow), Ferme Pres Verts Inc.