Premier National Junior Red and White Show 2023

September 18, 2023 @ Harrisburg, PA

Judge John Erbsen, IL

Premier National Junior Shows 2023

Coming away with the win at the Premier National Junior Red and White Show 2023 was Ms Avalanche Avon-Red-ET (Avalanche), 1st 5-year-old, owned by Jaycey Miller, MD. The sho was held Monday, September 18, 2023 in Harrisburg, PA with Judge John Erbsen, IL placing the classes. Cowsmo was ringside capturing all the action thank to the generous sponsorship of the All American Dairy Show. Live video was provided by 127 Creative.

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Red & White Dairy Cattle Association
RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION First Citizens Community Bank
SENIOR CHAMPION Lancaster County Junior Holstein Club
RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION First Citizens Community Bank
INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION Red & White Dairy Cattle Association
Red & White Dairy Cattle Association
JUNIOR CHAMPION Red & White Dairy Cattle Association
RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION Stox Dairy, The Daubert Family
BEST BRED & OWNED Bob & Janice Landis
FIRST PLACE Premier National Junior Show

C.J. & Tanya Miller
Coredale Farm
Jo-San Farm
Kimball-Way Holsteins & Jerseys
Kitch-Vue Farm (Randy & Pat Kitchen)
South Creek Acres
Tom & Joy Crothers

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Ms Avalanche Avon-Red-ET (Avalanche), 1st 5-year-old, Jaycey Miller, MD

Reserve Grand Champion
Garay Red Diamond-Red-ET (Diamondback), 2nd 5-year-old, Landree & Dakota Fraley, PA

HM Grand Champion
Cherry-Lor Warrior Lime-Red (Warrior), 1st junior 3-year-old, Phillip McCormick, PA

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Ms Avalanche Avon-Red-ET (Avalanche), 1st 5-year-old, Jaycey Miller, MD

Reserve Senior Champion
Garay Red Diamond-Red-ET (Diamondback), 2nd 5-year-old, Landree & Dakota Fraley, PA

HM Senior Champion
Ranway Russ Disco 215-Red (Russ), 1st 4-year-old, Chloe & Claire Lamb, NY

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Cherry-Lor Warrior Lime-Red (Warrior), 1st junior 3-year-old, Phillip McCormick

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Red Carpet W Finisher-Red-ET (Warrior), 1st junior 2-year-old, Rylee Stultz

HM Intermediate Champion
Ms Beatyview Jrdy Raven-Red (Jordy), 1st senior 2-year-old, Michael Bushey

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
MS King-Street Riot-Red (Warrior), 1st summer yearling, Cassandra Gebert

Reserve Junior Champion
M-Divine W Lady Jane-Red-ET (War Chant), 1st spring calf, Cooper Merrill

HM Junior Champion
Cherry-Lor Robin P-Red (Journey), 1st fall calf, Bethany Eberlin

Spring Calf (17)

1. (B&O) M-Divine W Lady Jane-Red-ET (War Chant), Cooper Merrill
Rivercross War Eliza-Red (Warrior), Kaylee Byma
3. Siemers Altitud Twix-Red-ET (Altitude), Chloe & Claire Lamb
4. Reeds-Creek Warr Jazzy-Red (Warrior), Levi Bingaman
5. Tigerlea An Raelene-Red-ET (Analyst), Lily Marshman and Evelyn Merrill
6. Cherry Lor Ricotta P-Red-ET (Altitude), Bethany Eberlin
7. Custead Valley P Brazil-Red (Pedro), Erin Brenot
8. Tiger Lily Burg Candy-Red (Burgundy), Lily Marshman
9. Pheasant Echos J Avalon-Red (Journey), Raelyn Stambaugh
10. Cashells A Carnation-Red (Altitude), Brady Shores

Winter Calf (18)

1. Cherry H&S A Rio Red-ET (Avalanche), Luke Tanis
2. King-Street Ready2Rumbl-Red (Unstopabull), Cassandra Gebert
3. Hoosier-Star A Ladyluck-Red (Altitude), Jordan Kuhn
4. Castlemont Mor Shots-Red-ET (Warrior), Katelyn Farley
5. Redcarpet War Cathy-Red-ET (Warrior), Weston Taylor
6. Forge-Holow Pixie-Red (Latenite), Ben Zeller
7. Jakks Analyst Comet-Red-ET (Analyst), John Brown II
8. Cherry-Lor Rowdy-Red (Warrior), Bethany Eberlin
9. (B&O) Dubeco Unstopbl Riddle-Red (Unstopabull), Landen Copenhaver
10. Tiger Lily Lt Speaknow-Red (Latenite), Abigail Stone

Fall Calf (20)

1. Cherry-Lor Robin P-Red (Journey), Bethany Eberlin
2. Hilrose Anlst Alivia-Red-ET (Analyst), Chloe & Claire Lamb
3. Siemers LNite Tampa-Red-ET (Latenite), Blake Hill
4. Alright Dback Emily-Red (Diamondback), Tyler Wright
5. Tigerlea Rag Reflection-Red (Riptide), Lily Marshman
6. Ovaltop Unst Hawaii-Red (Unstopabull), Deanna Wolfe
7. (B&O) Deckertown Luxor Prize-Red (Luxor), Molly Swarts
8. Oakfield Elusive-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Rachel Van Buren
9. Cherry-Lor W Ripples-Red-ET (Warrior), Jenna Eberlin
10. Ms-AOL Redesign-Red-ET (Showtime), John Brown II

Summer Yearling (15)

1. (B&O) MS King-Street Riot-Red (Warrior), Cassandra Gebert
2. Cherry-Lor W Ravish-Red-ET (Warrior), Phillip McCormick
3. Pheasant Echos Favorite-Red (Analyst), Jaycey Miller
4. Silo-View Dback Jitter-Red (Diamondback), Emma Heagy
5. Bervalon Astd Buckwheat-Red (Asteroid), Megan Smiley
6. Windsor Manor Rory-Red (Analyst), Kelsey Zepp
7. Cherry-Lor War Rips-Red-ET (Warrior), Bethany Eberlin
8. Cherry-Lily Alt Silk-Red-ET (Altitude), Lily Marshman
9. Silo-View Altit Classic-Red (Altitude), Natalie Heagy
10. Lake-Effect Justmytype-Red (Journey), Hannah Gingerich

Spring Yearlings (5)

1.Oakland-View Affection-Red (Analyst), Emma Hutchison

2. Dayspring Ana Jubilee (Analyst), Abigail Stoltzfus

3. MS Cherry Lightning-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Amelia Russell

4. (B&O) Hollo-Home Warrior Jacey-Red (Warrior), Morgan Smoker

5. Ovaltop Warrior Nala-Red (Warrior), Alexis Wolfe

Winter Yearling (6)

1. Klinedell War Comet-Red-ET (Warrior), Jillian Snider
2. PWW Warrior Cora-Red (Warrior), Madeline Branch
3. Pamprd Acres W Mary-Red-ET (Warrior), Hayley & Trey Daubert
4. Klinedell Warr Cupid-Red-ET (Warrior), Ava Snider
5. Castlemont Cantina-Red, Katelyn Farley
6. Empet Analyst Smidgen-Red (Analyst), Aiden Empet

Fall Yearling (3)

1. Crystal-Star Ason 1637-Red-ET (Addison), Hunter Comstock
Jo-Ry Uns Hot Topic-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Caden Hudson
3. Cherry-Lor WR Rappy-Red-ET (Warrior), Levi Cooley

Milking Yearling (3)

1. Ms E-Skin Ava Finale-Red-ET (Avalanche), Lily Marshman
2. Oakfield Analyst Rayna-Red (Analyst), Aubree Topp
3. ZBW-BNA Purplebanner-Red-ET (Analyst), Hailey Blatt

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old (6)

1. Dream-On Altitude Flame-Red (Altitude), Landree Fraley
2. (B&O) Ko-Klassic DB Joleen-Red (Diamondback), Emmalin Pringle
3. Siemers W Redhot 696-Red-ET (Warrior), Gavin Bewley
4. Cherry-Lily Swt Lori-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Phillip McCormick
5. Crownlind Warr Hotamale-Red (Warrior), Landon Yoder
6. Bramm Rager Carmel-Red (Rager), Lily Bramm

Junior 2-Year-Old (4)

1. Red Carpet W Finisher-Red-ET (Warrior), Rylee Stultz
Ovaltop Unst Roseana-Red (Unstopabull), Justin Wolfe
3. MS Libation-Red (Warrior), Hayden Weaver
4. Lin-Ro Altitude Dina-ET (Altitude), Mikayla Buccieri

Senior 2-Year-Old (7)

1. Ms Beatyview Jrdy Raven-Red (Jordy), Michael Bushey
Centuryvale DB Aurora-Red (Diamondback), Hunter Comstock
3. Cherry-Lor US Robust-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Luke Tanis
4. San-Haven Altitude Lacy-Red (Altitude), Julie Brauning
5. Ayr-Back Warrior Rebel-Red (Warrior), Ava Kirk
6. Tiger-Lily Ripit Rivley-Red (Rip It), Lily Marshman
7. Rossdale D Cottoncandy-Red (Diamondback), Garrett Peters

Junior 3-Year-Old (4)

1. Cherry-Lor Warrior Lime-Red (Warrior), Phillip McCormick
2. Cashells Jrdy Selena-Red-ET (Jordy), Julia Briechle
3. Cherry-Run Amer Classic-Red (America-685), Alexander Burleigh
4. Three-Miles Addic E-Moo-Red (Addiction), Case Miles

Senior 3-Year-Old (1)

1. Rynd-Home Jord Mercedes-Red (Jordy), Jack Rynd

4-Year-Old (5)

1. Ranway Russ Disco 215-Red (Russ), Chloe & Claire Lamb
(B&O) WSC Jordy Miss Me-Red-ET (Jordy), Hayden Weavee
3. Reeds-Creek Jordy Jwow-Red (Jordy), Chase Hostetter
4. E-Lap Ammo Dizzy-Red (Ammo), Alexander Burleigh
5. Lyn-She Rager Reba-Red (Rager), Justin Schwenk

5-Year-Old (3)

1. Ms Avalanche Avon-Red-ET (Avalanche), Jaycey Miller
Garay Red Diamond-Red-ET (Diamondback), Landree & Dakota Fraley
3. Jo-Costa Jordy 68355-Red (Jordy), Quinn Dum

Aged Cow (1)

1. Luck-E Awesome Jacuzzi-Red (Awesome), Ian Briechle