Premier National Junior Jersey Show 2023

September 18, 2023 @ Harrisburg, PA

Judge Dean Doyle, MO

Premier National Junior Shows 2023

The Premier National Junior Jersey Show 2023 has ended with Judge Dean Dohle, MO, selecting his winning 5-year-old, Big Guns Andreas Victory-ET, as Grand Champion for Lillian Fink, OH.

Cowsmo was ringside capturing all the action thank to the generous sponsorship of the All American Dairy Show. Live video was provided by 127 Creative and streamed on our show pages as well as YouTube!


GRAND CHAMPION Pennsylvania Jersey Cattle Association
JUNIOR CHAMPION Maryland Jersey Association
RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION Way-Har Farms, William & Lolly Lesher & Family

American Jersey Cattle Association
Emerald City Jerseys
Jo-San Farm
Kimball-Way Holsteins & Jerseys

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Big Guns Andreas Victory-ET (Andreas), 1st 5-year-old, Lillian Finke, OH

Reserve Grand Champion & Best Bred & Owned
Windy Knoll View Checkers (VIP), 1st senior 2-year-old, Brinkley Burdette, PA

HM Grand Champion
Stoney Point VIP Faith (VIP), 2nd 5-year-old, Madison Soden, PA

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Big Guns Andreas Victory-ET (Andreas), 1st 5-year-old, Lillian Finke, OH

Reserve Senior Champion
Stoney Point VIP Faith (VIP), 2nd 5-year-old, Madison Soden, PA

HM Senior Champion
Labels Out Glamour Girl {5} (Premier), 1st aged cow, Brooke Calkins, PA

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Windy Knoll View Checkers (VIP), 1st senior 2-year-old, Brinkley Burdette, PA

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Miss Colton Fantasia (Colton), 1st junior 2-year-old, Alexa Albrecht, Duane Cole Matthew Boop, PA

HM Intermediate Champion
Underground Lollipop Laralei-ET (Chrome), 1st senior 3-year-old, Maci Crothers, NY

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Sheratons Andreas Shay-ET (Andreas), 1st Spring Yearling, Emory Bewley, PA

Reserve Junior Champion
Brew-Line Choc-T Devious-ET (Chocolatier), 1st Winter Calf, Madeline Decker, NY

HM Junior Champion
Big Guns Reviresco Ve-ET (Reviresco), 2nd Spring Yearling, Lillian Finke, OH

Bred & Owned Junior Champion
Dryhouse Kidrock Gabby-ET (Kid Rock), 1st Fall Yearling, Grant Yoder, PA

Spring calf (23)

1. MM Nuance Sangria-ET (Nuance), Claire Hlavaty
2. Trinity Valley Virus Jane (Virus), Hailey Drescher, NY
3. WF Cashells Frank Aster (Frank), Brooke Calkins, PA
4. WF Cashells VIP Ranunculus-ET (VIP), Margaret Hanehan, NY
5. Younkers-Pride E Partyon (Ferdinand), Allison Younker, PA
6. Roc-N-Roll Love-Shack (Victorious), Lauren Reed & Kristy Ellsworth, PA
7. JX Faigle Victorious Jax {6} (Victorious), Adrienne Hodge, NY
8. Glistens Stripper Glitter (Savage), Reese Burdette, PA
9. Roc-N-Roll Billie Lu (Kid Rock), Madeline Decker, NY
10. Underground Kidrock Sangria (Kid Rock), Maci Crothers, NY

Winter Calf

1. Brew-Line Choc-T Devious-ET (Chocolatier), Madeline Decker, PA
2. Brew-Line Choc-T Daisee-ET (Chocolatier), Reid Tanis, PA
3. Hillacres Victorious Poppy (Victorious), Nicole Arrowsmith, PA
4. Roggua Kidrock Jenara (Kid Rock), Hallie Lloyd
5. Big Guns DTB Valentine (Downtown Brown), Kaiden Nicodemus, PA
6. Mish-Ro WD-40 Caper (WD-40), Kaitlyn Bedient
7. TJ Classic Applejack Dizzle (Applejack), Caitlin O’Farrell, PA
8. Roc-N-Roll shockwave (Kid Rock), Kiah Sprout, PA
9. San-Haven CC Fallon (Canadian Club), Emmalee Sanders
10. Kevetta Kidrock Vintage (Kid Rock), Lucy Kimball, NY



Fall calf (24)

1. Underground Lollipops Lainey-ET (Kid Rock), Madeline Decker,NJ
2. Silo-View Colton Galaxy-ET (Colton), Hayden Weaver, PA
3. Brew-Line Andreas Domino-ET (Andreas), Joshua Brewer, PA
4. Reich-Dale Joel Shuffle-ET (Joel), Hayden Reichard, PA
5. SVHeaths Grand Judea (Grandious), Rebekah Aldrich, PA
6. Reich-Dale Chocolate Shake-ET (Chocolatier), Hayden Reichard,PA
7. Bar-None Ferdinand Vindication (Ferdinand), Morgan Osborn-Wotthlie, MD
8. Bambi-KCCK Kid Rock Fawn-ET (Kid Rock), Olivia Finke, OH
9. Miss Bomber Jolly-ET (Bomber), Abigail Place, NY
10. Way-Har Reckless Blossom (Reckless), Olivia Lesher, PA

Summer yearling (16)

1. Schulte Bros Kid Rock Concert-ET (Kid Rock), Avery Fogal, PA
2. Reich-Dale Victory Shabang-ET (Victory), Hayden Reichard, PA
3. Arethusa Colton Vandalia-ET (Colton), Gavin Bewley, PA
4. HRC Nuance Rolo (Nuance), Hunter Comstock, PA
5. Do-N-Joy Kid Rock Macklemore (Kid Rock), Maci Crothers, NY
6. Saybrook Kid Rock Silly (Kid Rock), Emma Hutchison, MD
7. Topline Americas Sweetheart (Chocolatier), Sara and Lauren Reed, PA
8. Schulte Bros Victorious Feature (Victorious), Hannah Balthaser, PA
9. Bee-Tee VIP Caramel-ET (VIP), Caitlin O’Farrell, PA
10. Te Faw Kid Rock One Lucky Lady (Kid Rock), Noah Utterback, MD

Spring yearling (13)

1. Sheratons Andreas Shay-ET (Andreas), Emory Bewley, PA
2. Big Guns Reviresco Ve-ET (Reviresco), Lillian Finke, OH
3. Underground Lollipop Luka-ET (Kid Rock), Blaine Warburton, PA
4. Firstglance Rockin Dj Dance (Kid Rock), Hunter Comstock, PA
5. Hillacres Chocochip Peanut (Chocochip), Caroline Arrowsmith,PA
6. Underground Lollipops Lexi-ET (Kid Rock), Ella Hlavaty, PA
7. Yortons Maestro Danica (Maestro), Daniel Yorton, MD
8. Freedom Lane Kid Rock Glitter-ET (Kid Rock), Natalie & Emma Heagy, PA
9. TPM Colton Sky-ET (Colton), Lydia Gingerich, PA
10. Highlife Metallica Glorious (Metallica), Hailey Drescher, NY

Winter yearling (9)

1. Dunns Pride Victorious Hawaii (Victorious), Faith Dunn, PA
2. Locust-Ayr Chocolatier Feliz (Chocolatier), Kelsey Zepp, MD
3. Big Guns A Victory Lap-ET (Andreas), Emory Bewley, PA
4. SV Maverick Heaven (Maverick), Hailey Dresher, MD
5. Conn-Quest Luka LucyLoo (Luka), Paige Campbell, PA
6. Reich-Dale Victory Shake (Victory), Marcus Kajer, PA
7. Bar-None Nuance Vancouver (Nuance), Morgan Osborn-Wotthlie, MD
8. Hillacres Hondo Rosebud (Hondo), Jacob Pinciotti, PA
9. Simplicity Farm Matt Jewel (Matt), Jacob Bramm, PA

Fall yearling (5)

1. Dryhouse Kidrock Gabby-ET (Kid Rock), Grant Yoder, PA
2. Lakeview Mr Swagger Fortune (Mr Swagger), Hope Avedisian, NY
3. HC-Rader Bontina Gia (Bontino), Morgan Stover, PA
4. Maker Manilow Gingerale (Manilow), Camryn Crothers, NY
5. Bar-None Vip Odyssey (VIP), Morgan Osborn-Wotthlie, MD

Milking Yearling (9)

1. South Mountain RCD Ricochet-ET (Bontino), Tyler Cerciello, PA
2. Walk-Le Reckless Twizzler (Reckless), Brianna Walker, PA
3. Make A Star VIP Reed Mamie (VIP), Maci Crothers, NY
4. Cowbell Velocity Meridian-ET (Velocity), Daniel Yorton, MD
5. Dryhouse Kidrock Gabby-ET (Kid Rock), Grant Yoder, PA
6. MD Tim-Ber Shakin Grace (Shakin), Esden Osbaugh, PA
7. M-Signature Joel Tyra Marie (Joel), Caitlin O’Farrell, PA
8. Jer-Sweet Chrome Avery (Chrome), Emily Koester, PA
9. San-Haven Kid Rock Faline (Kid Rock), Emmalee Sanders, PA

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old (7)

1. Krock Vee Velvet (Kid Rock), Sara Reed, PA
2. Reich-Dale Shakin Shifter (Shakin), Hayden Reichard, PA
3.  SVHeaths Colton Jazlyn-ET (Colton), Camryn Crothers, NY
4. Diamonds Edge VIP Shimmer (VIP), Brandon Deeter, PA
5. WF Barnabas Louis Vuitton (Barnabas), Regan Jackson, VA
6. Three Miles Victorious Reigns (Victorious), Adrienne Miles
7. Way-Har Socrates Texas (Socrates), Olivia Lesher, PA

Junior 2-year-old (3)

1. Miss Colton Fantasia (Colton), Alexa Albrecht, Duane Cole & Matthew Boop, PA
2. Day-Dream Chrome Roulette (Chrome), Cole Nickerson, PA
3. Davis Pride Victorious Bubbles (Victorious), Maddox Davis, PA

Senior 2-year-old (4)

1. Windy Knoll View Checkers (VIP), Brinkley Burdette, PA
2. Hillacres Oliver Starstruck (Oliver-P), Nicole Arrowsmith, PA
3. Ehrhardt Lol Show Up (Lolalala), Bristol Ehrhardt, MD
4. Bar-None Cobra Rhythm (Cobra), Morgan Osborn-Wotthlie, MD

Junior 3-year-old (11)

1. FirstGlance Victory Dance (Victorious), Cody Walker, PA
2. Perennial Velocity Veil-ET (Velocity), Emory Bewley, PA
3. Kevetta Nuance Vortega (Nuance), Maci Crothers, NY
4. Hillacres Lala Shleeping Beauty (Lolalala), Nicole Arrowsmith, PA
5. Ty-Ly-View Andreas Panama (Andreas), Camryn Moyer, PA
6. Dunns Pride Fizz Heidi (Fizz), Ava Dunn, PA
7. WF Oliver Linguini-P (Oliver-P), Regan Jackson, VA
8. Emerald City Gentry Dash (Gentry), Lane Riggleman, MD
9. Rose-Marie Casino Darby (Casino), Ava Burridge, NY
10. An-Na Impression Truffle (Impression), Owen Kimball, NY

Senior 3-year-old (9)

1. Underground Lollipop Laralei-ET (Chrome), Maci Crothers, NY
2. Hard Core Engineer Fiona (Engineer), Allie Champluvier, PA
3. Saybrook Denver Dana (Denver), Emma Hutchison, MD
4. WF Terpster Blessing (Terpster), Brinkley Burdette, PA
5. Hillacres Chrome Hibiscus (Chrome), Nicole Arrowsmith, PA
6. WF Fizz Clove (Fizz), Colton Hartman, PA
7. DKG Victorious Surprise (Victorious), Ayla Janney, VA
8. Bar-None Mav 2 Poinsetta (Maverick), Morgan Osborn-Wotthlie, MD
9. Bar-None Lucky Casino (Casino), Morgan Osborn-Wotthlie, MD

4-year-old (6)

1. DGM Oliver Phoebe-ET (Oliver-P), Camryn Moyer, PA
2. Way-Har Fizz Tipsy-ET (Fizz), Olivia Lesher, PA
3. South Mountain Viral Rhapsody-ET (Viral), Cody Walker, PA
4. Archibald Acres Victorius Pine (Victorious), Darbey Mondore, NY
5. Rivendale Fizz Delta-ET (Fizz), Abbie Cerciello, PA
6. Waylynn Della Gloria (Matt), Mindee Anderson, PA

5-year-old (6)

1. Big Guns Andreas Victory-ET (Andreas), Lillian Finke, OH
2. Stoney Point VIP Faith (VIP), Madison Soden, PA
3. Reich-Dale Tequila Show Off-ET (Tequila), Shaylin Reichard, PA
4. Reich-Spring Billings Blizzard (Billings), Sarah Aldrich, PA
5. Cotton Spring Ginny (Tbone), Brooke Vance, PA
6. Top-Quality Northerspy (Hector-P), Rhett Nagel, NY

Aged Cow (6)

1. Labels Out Glamour Girl {5} (Premier), Brooke Calkins, PA
2. Willow Creek Joel Cherry (Joel), Brooke Vance, PA
3. Ravineside Premier Jada (Premier), Sara Reed, PA
4. Kellogg-Bay Premier Sadie (Premier), Bryan Nagel, NY
5. Xanadu Titan Zenobia (Titan), Alexis Friedl, PA
6. Dar-View Irwin Keesha (Irwin), Laney Mondore, NY

Production Cow (1)

1. Hillacres Vitality Jasmine (Vitality), Caroline Arrowsmith, PA