Premier National Junior Jersey Show 2019

September 16, 2019 @ Harrisburg, PA

Jason Lloyd, NY

The Premier National Junior Jersey Show is underway in Harrisburg, PA. Jason Lloyd, NY will be the shows official judge. Cowsmo will be on-hand providing results and photos thanks to the generous sponsorship from Step Ahead Genetics.

Show Sponsor

Thank you to Step Ahead Genetics for your generous show sponsorship!

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Sugar Brook Joel Jeopardy (Joel), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Kirsten Feusner, PA

Reserve Grand Champion
Faigle Farm Tequila Tic (Tequila), 1st 5-Year-Old, Kennedy Crothers, NY

HM Grand Champion
Seacord Premier Patsy-P (Premier), Camryn Moyer, PA

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Faigle Farm Tequila Tic (Tequila), 1st 5-Year-Old, Kennedy Crothers

Reserve Senior Champion
Seacord Premier Patsy-P (Premier), 1st 4-Year-Old, Camryn Moyer, PA

HM Senior Champion
Meadow Winds Sienna (Addiction), 1st 100,000lb Cow, Blake Crothers, NY

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Sugar Brook Joel Jeopardy (Joel), 1st Junior 3-Yer-Old, Kirsten Feusner, PA

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Underground Tootsie Twizzl (Thorn), 1st Milking Yearling, Blake Crothers, NY

HM Intermediate Champion
SVHeaths Tequila Java (Tequila), 2nd Junior 3-Year-old, Sam Pitterle, WI

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Big Guns Andreas Vienna (Andreas), 1st Winter Calf, Lillion Finke, OH

Reserve Junior Champion
Impression Stormy (Impression), 1st Spring Yearling, Landree Fraley, PA

HM Junior Champion
KCJF Andreas Cancun (Andreas),1st Fall Yearling, Landree Fraley, PA

Spring Calf (23)

1. Rivendale Colton Dahlia (Colton), Daniel Yorton, MD
2. Highlife Andreas Violet (Andreas), Hailey Drescher, NY
3. Heart & Soul Fizz Fantasy-ET (Fizz), Matthew Boop, PA
4. Klinedell Vaden Jenny-ET (Vaden), Jacob Kline, PA
5. HC-Rader Hired Gun Getaway (Hired Gun), Shelby Rader, PA

Winter Calf (17)

1. Big Guns Andreas Vienna (Andreas), Lillian Finke, OH
2. Heart & Soul VIP Fan Club-ET (VIP), Mathew Boop, PA
3. Gypsy Hill Black Apple Came (Apple), Claire Hlavaty, PA
4. Drentex Resurrection Velve (Resurrection), Leah Ward, MD
5. Julie-Ann Casino Athens (Casino), Colter Brickner, PA

Fall Calf (19)

1. M-Signature Savannah (Tequila), Landree Fraley, PA
2. Top-Quality Freaky Mudd (WD-40), Robert Nagel, NY
3. S-Creekacres Blakesly Brad (Fizz), Camryn Crothers, NY
4. Way-Har Fizz Trouble-ET (Fizz), Olivia Lesher, PA
5. Underground VIP Manhattan (VIP), Maci Crothers, NY

Summer Yearling (5)

1. Terra Rose Gen Ginger-ET (Gentry), Hannah Heagy, PA
2. Nobledale Shut Out Bayou (Shut out), Katelyn Nolt, PA
3. C-Cup Fizz Margarita (Fizz), Landree Fraley, PA
4. SVHeaths Tequila Cassie (Tequila), Kaitlyn Bedient, NY
5. LA-Foster Hilton Abbey-ET (Hilton), Ryan Lawton, NY

Spring Yearling (15)

1. Impression Stormy (Impression), Landree Fraley, PA
2. Savage-Leigh Tris Makayla-P (Premier), Chase Savage, MD
3.Twin County Showdown-ET (Showdown), Willow Voegtlen, PA
4. Ty-Ly-View JD Thumbelina (Ty-Ly-View), Molly Pifer, PA
5. Underground Nat Mamie Nikk (Vaden), Shelby Rader, PA


Winter Yearling (10)

1. Wingerts Roman Daphne (Roman), Haley Foster, NC
2. Bar-None Gentry R U Kidding (Gentry), Moran Osborn-Wotthlie, MD
3. DKG Velocity Valerie (Velocity), Hunter Comstock, PA
4. Cabaret AF Hired Gun Fallon (Hired Gun), Jordan Anderson, PA
5. HC-Radar Fizz Scoop (Fizz), Shelby Rader, PA

Fall Yearling (3)

1. KCJF Andreas Cancun (Andreas), Landree Fraley, PA
2. Reich-Dale Fireman Vitae (Fireman), Skyler Reichard, PA
3. Bar-None Regal Reverence (Regal), Morgan Osborn-Wotthlie, MD

Milking Yearling (7)

1. Underground Tootsie Twizzl (Thorn), Blake Crothers, NY
2. Big Guns Andreas Victory-ET (Andreas), Lillian Finke, OH
3. Terra Rose Colt Gucci-ET (Colton), Grant Yoder, PA
4. Reich-Dale Tequila Show Me (Tequila), Hayden Reichard, PA
5. Reich-Dale Tequila Show Off (Tequila), Shaylin Reichard, PA
6. WF Tequila Black Blueberry (Tequila), Olivia Lesher, PA
7. Kimball-Way Fizz Vanilla (Fizz), Corey Vanderfeltz, PA

Junior 2-Year-Old (16)

1. Hail Haven Bluesuedeshoes (Blue Suede Shoes), Kristen Feusner, PA
2. Reich-Spring Stampede Idaba (Stampede), Rebekah Aldrich, PA
3. Pennwood Gentry Harper-ET (Gentry), Claire Stoltzfus, PA
4. Loucust-Ayr Andreas HoneyB (Andreas), Kaitlyn Dowling, MD
5. Grand Slam Colton Apple (Colton), McKenna Vest, DE

Senior 2-Year-Old (12)

1. Joeleebeth Impression Sydney (Impression), Blake Crothers, NY
2. Entourage Premier Sprint-ET (Premier), Dakota Fraley, PA
3. Tumbleweed Verdict Claire (Verdict), Madison Weaver, PA
4. Sugar Brook Andreas Amaze (Andreas), Kirsten Feusner, PA
5. Klinedell Excitation Classy (Excitation), Jacob Kline, PA

Junior 3-Year-Old (9)

1. Sugar Brook Joel Jeopardy (Joel), Kirsten Feusner, PA
2. SVHeaths Tequila Java (Tequila), Sam Pitterle, WI
3. Big Guns Tequila Viper (Tequila), Blake Crothers, NY
4. Woodmohr-Gentry Gin-ET (Gentry), Robert Nagel, NY
5. Sunnybend Calypso Roo (Calypso), Brooke Bortner, PA

Senior 3-Year-Old (2)

1. Paullyn Colton Dayton (Colton), Tyler Cerciello, PA
2. Vanfel Colton Bea 1332 (Colton), Corey Vanderfeltz, PA

4-Year-Olds (6)

1. Seacord Premier Patsy-P (Premier), Camryn Moyer, PA
2.Hillacres Vitality Jasmine (Vitality), Jonathan Arrowsmith, PA
3. Hillacres Velocity Ivy (Velocity), Jonathan Arrowsmith, PA
4. Bar-None Opulent Bruce (Bruce), Morgan Ocborn-Wotthlie, MD
5. Milo Classic Premier Sophie (Premier), Ryan Latwon, NY

5-Year-Olds (2)

1. Faigle Farm Tequila Tic (Tequila), Kennedy Crothers
2. Reich-Dale Simba Salm (Simba), Skyler Reichard, PA

Aged Cow (3)

1. MT Hempfield Luci (Blackstone), Jocelyn Snyder, PA
2. Pleasant Valley Spark Beul (Sparky), Jill Martin, PA
3. Ro-Ann Haven Amelia (Governor), Kylie Burke, PA

100,000lb Cow (1)

1. Meadow Winds Sienna (Addiction), Blake Crothers, NY