Post Time at the Ratliff’s II Sale 2019

May 3, 2019 @ Garnett, KS

The Post Time at the Ratliff’s II 2019 Sale was a great success! The sale averaged $2784.22 on 122 head. Cattle went to 18 states and Canada, with thirteen lots selling for over $5000! High seller information can be found below!

Sale Managers
Ron Ratliff…785-448-8200
Christy Ratliff…785-448-8201
Andrew Vander Meulen…613-968-1599
Jen Vander Meulen…613-922-3534

Sale Contacts
Chris Hill…202-255-7907 Auctioneer
Norman Nabholz… 563-590-3204 Pedigrees
Ron Mosser, JMS…614-264-0142
Louie Cozzitorto…209-535-1319
Robert Yeoman… 405-880-2209
Nathan Jenson… 503-812-2958
Chris Lundgren…920-517-8947
Dean Dohle…417-838-8036
Sydney Endres, JMS… 614-313-5818

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High Sellers

Sale average was $2784.22 on 122 head.

High Sellers

Lot A 1st Choice Female from Avonlea Premier Chocolate Chip x VIP $18000
Consigned by Avonlea, Sold to Lorne Ella.

Woodmohr-Townside Sherrif Vision (Fall Calf)
Consigned by Ratliff, Sold to Chris & Jen Hill, Tim & Sharyn Abbott and Frank & Diane Borba, MD.

Lot 95 Kilgus Valentino Mya (Sr. Three) $11000
Consigned by Kilgus, Sold to Patty Jones, Cybil FIsher and Tom Breakell,

Lot 80 Campbell TB Verb Ryhanna-ET (Sr. Two) $9500
Consigned by Fraley & Keith Fisher. Sold to Diley Farms & Williams Jerseys, OH.

Lot 101 Cold Run Ladd Iggy (4 Yr. Old) $8300
Consigned by Ratlff, Sold to Elise Carpenter, KY.

Schulte Bros Colton Fame-ET (Winter Calf) $7400
Consigned by Schulte Bros, Sold to Gene Henderson & Kaleb, Cole & Carter Kruse, IA.

Lot 19 Lost Elm Tequila Lucy (Fall Calf) $7100 Consigned by Lost Elm, Sold to the Bjelland Family, WI.

1st Choice, Chrome x Sunset Canyon Valen L Maid 42481. $7000
Consigned by Ratliff & Sunset Canyon. Sold to Beatrice Valley Jerseys, CA.

Lot 130 Ratliff Colton Diza-ET (Jr. Two) $6000
Consigned by Ratliff, Purchased by Bobby Rosa and Grant Ahlem, CA.

Lot 9 Schulte Bros Colton Lilac (Fall Calf) $5800
Consigned by Schulte Bros, Sold to Patrick Gourley, OR.

Lot 5 South Mountain Casino Respect-ET (Winter Calf) $5400
Consigned by Kueffner & Hillpoint, Sold to Lorne Ella, ON.

Lot 6 RollingRiver Paparazzi (Winter Calf) $5300
Consigned by RollingRiver, sold to Landree Fraley.

Lot 128 Rolling River Present (Sr. Two) $5100 Consigned by Ratliff, sold to Way Back When Dairy, TX.

Sale Updates & Fly Sheets

Download the Sale order HERE
Download the Sale Updates HERE
Download the Fly sheets HERE

Sale Highlights

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Lot 7: RBR-FRM Colton Ivanka winter calf sells!
– 1st Winter calf, Southern Spring Junior National 2019
Consigned by: Addison Raber & Jacob Gridley, IL

Lot 9: Fall calf, Schulte Bros Colton Lilac sells from the Partee AT Budjon Furor Layla Family!
Consigned by: Mitch Schulte, IA

Lot 61: Victorious Jr. 2yr Old sells bred to Chrome! Backed by 8 generations of Excellent after Next Dam (Dam passed while calving).
Consigned by: Lauryn Young, WA

Lot 76: Senior 2yr Old Entourage EM Snow-ET sells Fresh March ’19.!
– Full sister to Res. All-American Winter Yearling Entourage Fireman Stacey
Consigned by: Matt Senecal & Ethan Coutu, CT

Lot 79: Senior 2yr Old Breezy Knoll Tequila Tosha selling after a successful 2018 show season! She is backed by 6 generations of VG or EX.
– 1st Winter Yearling, Wisconsin Spring Jr. Show
– 3rd Winter Yearling, Wisconsin Spring Show
– 6th Winter Yearling, All-American Jr. Show
– Nom. ABA Jr. All-American Winter Yearling
Consigned by: Alek Krueger & Brooke Hazel, WI

Lot 90: Big time Junior 3yr old sells in calf, due early July! She is entered in the Jersey Jug for the fall!
Consigned by: Lisa Demmer, WI

-14 direct descendants of Arethusa Primetime DEJA VU – EX95 selling!!  DEJA VU is the daughter of the one and only EX97 VERONICA!

-Offerings from Ratliff Minister Porscha EX95 include:

  • Sept. 2018 Citation A (Choice of 4)
  • Sept. 2018 Joel (Choice of 7)
  • March 2018 Applejack (choice of 3)
  • Sept. 2017 Colton – Due in September
  • Colton Jr. Two – Sells Fresh!
  • EX90 Excitation Four Yr. Old
  • along with a Showdown grand daughter and Fizz great grand daughter.


Lot 9: