Pennsylvania Spring Holstein Show 2019

March 21, 2019 @ 9:00am @ Harrisburg, PA

Tyler Reynolds, NY

Pennsylvania Spring Holstein Show 2019Judge Tyler Reynolds of New York sorted through 175 animals and selected the winning 4yr Old, Savage-Leigh Absl Leona-ET (Absolute) as Grand Champion of the Pennsylvania Spring Holstein Show 2019 for Ken & Rhoda Reist, PA. Reserve Grand Champion honors went to Intermediate Champion Windy-Know-View Caffeine (Sid), the 1st Senior 3yr Old owned by James & Nina Burdette, PA.

Junior Champion of both the Open & Junior Shows went to Keystone Solomon Allstar (Solomon), the 1st Winter Yearling owned by Ella Hlavaty & Luke Seipt, PA.

Grand Champion of the Junior Show was Ms Andis GW Astra-ET (Goldwyn), the 1st Aged Cow owned by Matthew Boop, PA. Matthew Boop also exhibited the Intermediate Champion and Best Bred & Owned of the Junior Show, Heart&Soul Gchip Rosanne-TW (Gold Chip), who was 4th Senior 3yr Old.

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Thank you to our generous sponsors.

Debbie Cornman Studio
Heart and Soul Holsteins
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Windy Knoll View

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Junior Champion - Jr Show

Junior Champion – Jr Show
Keystone Solomon Allstar (Solomon), 1st Winter Yearling, Ella Hlavaty & Luke Seipt, PA

Reserve Junior Champion – Jr Show
J&K-Vue Dback Guiness-ET (Diamondback), 1st Spring Yearling, Matthew Boop, PA

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Keystone Solomon Allstar (Solomon), 1st Winter Yearling, Ella Hlavaty & Luke Seipt, PA

Reserve Junior Champion
C Cove Airlift Comet (Airlift), 2nd Winter Yearling, Cessna Brothers, PA

Intermediate Champion - Jr Show

Intermediate Champion & Best Bred & Owned – Jr Show
Heart&Soul Gchip Rosanne-TW (Gold Chip), 4th Senior 3yr Old, Mathew Boop, PA

Reserve Intermediate Champion – Jr Show
Ms Bittersweets Bearcat-ET (Solomon), 5th Senior 3yr Old, Emory & Gavin Bewley, Ella & Claire Hlavaty, PA

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Windy-Know-View Caffeine (Sid), 1st Senior 3yr Old, James & Nina Burdette, PA

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Brook-Corner Door Welsh-ET (Doormen), 2nd Senior 3yr Old, Brook-Corner Holsteins, PA

Senior & Grand Champion - Jr Show

Senior & Grand Champion – Jr Show
Ms Andis GW Astra-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Aged Cow, Mathew Boop, PA

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion – Jr Show
Rader Astroid Sugarfree (Asteroid), 2nd Aged Cow, Shelby Rader, PA

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Savage-Leigh Absl Leona-ET (Absolute), 1st 4yr Old, Ken & Rhoda Reist, PA

Reserve Senior Champion
Windy-Knoll-View Peep-ET (Windbrook), 2nd 4yr Old, James & Nina Burdette, PA

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Savage-Leigh Absl Leona-ET (Absolute), 1st 4yr Old, Ken & Rhoda Reist, PA

Reserve Grand Champion & Best Bred & Owned
Windy-Know-View Caffeine (Sid), 1st Senior 3yr Old, James & Nina Burdette, PA

Winter Heifer Calf (11)

1. Show Mar Undenied Royal-ET (Undenied), Dylan Branter, PA
2. Heart&Soul Vogue Highroller (Vogue), Matthew Boop, PA
3. Cal-Denier-I Awe Bristol-ET (Awesome), Brinkley Burdette, PA
4. KW BHL J Strawberry-Red-ET (Jordy), Madison Soden, PA
5. Mr Burntwood Tatoo Demi (Tatoo), Edward Facer, PA

Fall Heifer Calf (28)

1. Haert&Soul Getouthe Way-ET (Solomon), Doug Boop, PA
2. Ms Campbell Run He Kora (Hezekiah), Sarah Campbell & Evan Creek, PA
3. Ms Campbell Run Regld Tammy (Reginald), Campbell Run Farms & Olivia Clay, PA
4. Sweet-Peas Def All About-ET (Defiant), Madison Soden, PA
5. J&K-Vue Diamondback Gina (Diamondback), Matthew Boop, PA

Summer Yearling Heifer (24)

1. Windy-Knoll-View Perkey (Diamondback), James & Nina Burdette, PA
2. Heart&Soul Dback Racey (Diamondback), Matthew Boop, PA
3. Heart&Soul Diamond Ring (Diamondback), Matthew Boop, PA
4. AG-LV Corvette Mystic (Corvette), Kaufman & Couch, PA
5. Keystone Doorman Erotic (Doorman), Luke Seipt, PA

Spring Yearling Heifer (25)

1. J&K-Vue Dback Guiness-ET (Diamondback), Matthew Boop, PA
2. Show Mar D Back Uppercut (Diamondback), Dylan Brantner, PA
3. Sweet-Peas Solomon Kelsey (Solomon), Madison Soden, PA
4. Keystone Solomon Addison (Solomon), Keystone Farm & Tim Seipt, PA
5. Star Rock Ammo P 2416 (Ammo P), Colt Barley, PA

Winter Yearling Heifer (20)

1. Keystone Solomon Allstar (Solomon), Ella Hlavaty & Luke Seipt, PA
2. C Cove Airlift Comet (Airlift), Cessna Brothers, PA
3. Coredale D Back Icelyn-ET (Diamondback), Cory Thompson, PA
4. Sweet-Peas Df Angle-ET (Defiant), Denise Pease, PA
5. Show Mar Sirwood Rowdy 1438 (Sirwood), Dylan Brantner, PA

Fall Yearling Heifer (10)

1. Windy-Knoll-View Potatochip (Sid), Reese Burdette, PA
2. Windy-Knoll-View Creamchese (Solomon), Hawbaker, Burdette & Conroy, PA
3. Sweet-Peas Defiant Aja (Defiant), Madison Soden, PA
4. This Is It Sid Annie-ET (Sid), Clyde & Charlene McWilliams, PA
5. Lenearth Solo Allstar (Solomon), Jordan London, PA

Junior Best Three Females (5)

1. Heart & Soul Holsteins, PA
2. Windy Knoll View, PA
3. Show Mar Holsteins, PA
4. Sweet Peas Holsteins, PA
5. Keystone Farm, PA

Unfresh 2yr Old (5)

1. Ricecrest Chrome Chevette (Chrome), Daniel Benedict, PA
2. Ms Elletras Solomon Esh-ET (Solomon), Reid & Diane Hoover & Bryant & Holly Hlavaty, PA
3. HC Rader G Chip Tanya (Gold Chip), Shelby Rader, PA
4. Ken Joda Diamondback Layla (Diamondback), Kenneth & Rhoda Reist, PA
5. Donamyy Monterey Genna (Monterey), AJ Wanner, PA

Junior 2yr Old (4)

1. Windy-Knoll-View Poser (Brady), Reese Burdette, PA
2. C Cove NV Byway Luxury-ET (Byway), Molly Cessna, PA
3. Riser-4 M Myrtle-ET (Mogul), Jocelyn Riser, PA
4. Show Mar Corvette Ivy 1423 (Corvette), Dylan Brantner, PA

Senior 2yr Old (10)

1. Midas-Touch DM Chinks-ET (Doorman), Jaylene Lesher & Jeffrey King, PA
2. Luck-E Crush Oakley (Crush), Lauren Eslary, PA
3. Windy-Knoll-View Pabby (Absolute), Nolan Kummer, PA
4. Kul Wave Addiction Farrah-Red (Addiction), Analise Stover, PA
5. Way-Har Sid Aubrey (Sid), Jaylene Lesher & Laura Lesher, PA

Junior 3yr Old (5)

1. Ms Andreas Doorman Adele (Doorman), Matthew Pease, PA
2. McWilliams Defiant Josiet (Defiant), Sam McWilliams, PA
3. McWilliams Door Chloe-ET (Doorman), Sam McWilliams, PA
4. Show Mar Krackle 1400-Red (Topgun), Dylan Brantner, PA
5. Duckett-Harvue Solo Gina (Solomon), Smith-Oak Farm, PA

Senior 3yr Old (11)

1. Windy-Know-View Caffeine (Sid), James & Nina Burdette, PA
2. Brook-Corner Door Welsh-ET (Doormen), Brook-Corner Holsteins, PA
3. Laurel Brook Aftershock Kate (Aftershock) Bendarski & McWilliams, PA
4. Heart&Soul Gchip Rosanne Tw (Gold Chip), Mathew Boop, PA
5. Ms Bittersweets Bearcat-ET (Solomon), Emory & Gavin Bewley, Ella & Claire Hlavaty, PA

4yr Old (3)

1. Savage-Leigh Absl Leona-ET (Absolute), Ken & Rhoda Reist, PA
2. Windy-Knoll-View Peep-ET (Windbrook), James & Nina Burdette, PA
3. McWilliams Daydream Red (Picolo), Clyde & Charlene McWilliams, PA

5yr Old (8)

1. Rokeyroad Brokaw Dottie (Brokaw), Justin Smith, PA
2. Heart&Soul Armani Rachel (Armani), F. Hayden Weaver, PA
3. Show Mar Wodden Penny 1356 (Atwood), Dylan Brantner, PA
4. Heart&Soul Alqne Roxanna-ET (Allegiance), Matthew Boop, PA
5. McWilliams Bradnick Samoa (Bradnick), Clyde & Charlene McWilliams, PA

Aged Cow (6)

1. Ms Andis GW Astra-ET (Goldwyn), Mathew Boop, PA
2. Rader Astroid Sugarfree (Asteroid), Shelby Rader, PA
3. Walk Le Brokaw Jasmine (Jasmine), Walk Le Farm LLC,PA
4. Dream On Goldsun Haya-ET (Goldsun), Larry Grumnine, PA
5. Pennwood Aarron Dandelion (Aaron), Elizabeth Stolzfus, PA

125,000 Lb Cow (5)

1. Windy-Knoll-View Pantene (Pley), Reese Burdette, PA
2. C Cove Phoenix Lulu (Phoenix), Cessna Brothers, PA
3. Walk Le Alexander Elise (Alexander), Walk Le Farm LLC, PA
4. Show Mar Lilac 1319 (Pack), Mark Brantner, PA
5. Show Mar Gingersnap Boy-ET (Aspen), Dylan Brantner, PA

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Windy Knoll View, PA

Best-Three Females (4)

1.Windy Knoll View
2.Heart and Soul
3.Walk Le Farm LLC
4.Show Mar Holsteins

Dam & Daughter (2)

1.Show Mar Holsteins
2.Walk Le Farm LLC