Ontario Summer Show

July 26-27, 2018 @ Lindsay, ON

The Complete Image Gallery from the Ontario Summer Show 2018 are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.



The Ontario Summer Show 2018 will be held in Lindsay, ON, July 26-27, 2018. LIVE VIDEO, photos and results will be available thanks to our generous sponsors:

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Show Schedule

July 25… 7:00pm Clipping Competition
July 26… 9:30 am Jersey Show judge Jack Lomeo, Jr., NY
July 26… 7:00 pm Showmanship* (4 classes) judge Steve Fraser, ON (limited to East-Central Dairy Club 4-H members)
July 27… 9:00 am Holstein Show, judge Adam Liddle, NY
July 28… 9:00 Barn clean up volunteers welcome

Barn candids

Complete Image Gallery

The Complete Image Gallery from the Ontario Summer show is now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

Jersey heifers HERE
Jersey Cows HERE
Holstein heifers HERE
Holstein Intermediate Cows HERE
Holstein Senior Cows HERE
Showmanship classes HERE


2018 East-Central Ontario 4-H Showmanship Competition

Champion Showman
Melyssa Sargent (1st Sr)
Reserve Showman
Mariah Beckett (2nd (Sr)
HM Showman
Cody Armstrong (1st Int)

Novice Showmanship (19)

1. Liam Bullock
2. Jaelyn Phoenix
3. Payton Brown
4. Carson Phoenix
5. Heidi McFadden
6. Ben Hoogers
7. Ashlynn Crowley
8. Cassidy Desjardins
9. Shayla Beckett
10. Peyton Phoenix

Junior Showmanship (21)

1. Mitchell Crowley
2. Ty Finley
3. Hailey Towers
4. Kyle Campsall
5. Keaton Phoenix
6. Lily Beckett
7. Riley Desjardins
8. Brooklyn Lloyd
9. Clara Phoenix
10. Grant Barkey

Intermediate Showmanship (11)

1. Cody Armstrong
2. Megan Ford
3. Benjamin Sargent
4. Caden Finley
5. Leslie Brownson
6. Lily Bullock
7. Jaime Wilson
8. Meghan Burnett
9. Cameron Barkey
10. Madison Heard

Senior Showmanship (12)

1. Melyssa Sargent
2. Mariah Beckett
3. Brent Sikma
4. Matt Lange
5. Cally Finley
6. Connor Sikma
7. Dawson Turcotte
8. Ashley Harvey
9. Rebecca Doble
10. Lauren Brownson