Ontario Spring Discovery Jersey Show 2022

April 20, 2022 @ Ancaster, ON

Kyle Rivington, ON

The Ontario Spring Discovery Jersey Show 2022 is underway today at the new facility at the Ancaster Fairgrounds in Ontario! Judge Kyle Rivington found two outstanding cows in his senior 3-year-old class and took them all the way to Intermediate and Grand Champion! Winning the Grand crown today was Golden Joyride Lousia owned by Glen & Shelia Burgess and Reserve Grand honors went to Glenholme Giller Tribute for Curtis Ruta & Adrian Franken. 

Cowsmo was on hand covering the show with photos and results thanks to the Ontario Spring Discovery Show committee!

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Golden Joyride Lousia (Joyride), 1st senior 3-year-old, Glen & Shelia Burgess

Reserve Grand Champion
Glenholme Giller Tribute ET (Giller), 2nd senior 3-year-old, Curtis Ruta & Adrian Franken

HM Grand Champion
Avonlea Fizz’s Krackle ET (Fizz), 1st 4-year-old, Avonlea Genetics

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion 
Golden Joyride Louisa (Joyride), 1st senior 3-year-old, Glen & Shelia Burgess 

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Glenholme Giller Tribute ET (Giller), 2nd senior 3-year-old, Curtis Ruta & Andrian Franken

HM Intermediate Champion
Kentville Imp Chocolate Chip (Impression), 1st junior 2-year-old, Kentville Farms

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Galaxy Tequila Exuberance (Tequila), 1st winter yearling, Velthuis Farm & Dan Hovden

Reserve Junior Champion
Charlyn Certified VIP Velvet (VIP), 1st fall calf, Clarkvalley Farm

HM Junior Champion
Glenholme River Ecstasy (Reviresco), 1st spring yearling, Glenholme Jerseys

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor – Overall
Golden Jerseys, Glen & Sheila Burgess Family

Premier Breeder – Heifer Show
1. Willow Creek Jerseys
2. Charlyn Farms

Premier Exhibitor – Heifer Show
1. Willow Creek Jerseys
2. Paul & Lorraine Franken

Winter Calf (6)

1. (B&O) Willow Creek Gentry Yeezy (Gentry), Willow Creek Jerseys
2. Paullor VIP Annabel (VIP), Paul & Lorraine Franken
3. Willow Creek RVV Rush (Victorious) Howes Holsteins & John Weaver
4. Charlyn Perennial Joel Noodle (Joel) Charlyn Jerseys & Bryan Weldrick
5. Maker Video Crackle S (Video) Maker Jersey & Lorne Ella
6. Du Sillion Channing Gracias (Channing) Sparkview Genetics & Jack Melia

Fall Calf (15)

1. Charlyn Certified VIP Velvet (VIP) Clarkvalley Farm
(B&O) Charlyn VIP Snapchat (VIP) Charlyn Jerseys
3. Willow Creek Gentry Arrow (Gentry) Willow Creek Jerseys
4. Willow Creek Webcam Simcoe (Webcam) Willow Creek Jerseys
5. Willow Creek Joel Vee (Joel) Willow Creek Jerseys
6. Bridon VIP Elayna-ET (VIP), Brent Sayles
7. Walkerbrae Joyride Lasagna (Joyride), Walkerbrae
8. Mixin Moos Viral Alice (Viral), Ralph & Bette Elliott
9. Hickory Acres Bv Astro (Viral) Hickory Acres
10. Hird’s Ba Viola (Black Apple), Kadie Pettit & Misty Glen

Summer Yearling (9)

1. Rapid Bay Tequila In The Dark (Tequila) Rapid Bay Jerseys
(B&O) Willow Creek Joyride Crisp TW (Joyride) Willow Creek
3. Charlyn Joel Penny (Joel), Charlyn Jerseys
4. Charlyn VIP Bitcoin (Venus) Charlyn Jerseys
5. Paullor Joyride Light Show (Joyride) Paul & Lorraine Franken
6. Willow Creek Joyride Sunset (Joyride) Willow Creek Jerseys
7. Payneside Gabbin With Gammon (Chrome) Matt Lange/Quality Holsteins/Harvest Jerseys
8. Charlyn Certified Vic Vandal (Victorious) Sandy MacGillivary
9. Charlyn VIP Flop TW (Venus) Nate & Jessica Kember & Family

Spring Yearling (10)

1. (B&O) Glenholme River Ectasy (Reviresco) Glenholme Jerseys
Brenbe Andreas Abba (Andreas), Avonlea Genetics & Prospect Holsteins
3. Robella Zimmer Victorious Nevada ET (Victorious) Rapid Bay, Sundborg & Parallel
4. Paullor Joyride Aldina (Joyride), Paul & Lorraine Franken
5. Spring View Jordan Gadget (Jordan), Paul & Kimberly Hyatt
6. Willow Creek Webcam Rolex (Webcam), Willow Creek
7. Charlyn VIP Status (VIP), Charlyn
8. Avonlea Swirl at Milo (VIP), Avonlea & Breakell
9. Mixin Moos Gentry Remi (Gentry), Jenna Elliot
10. Drentex Joel Claire (Joel), Sparks View

Winter Yearling (8)

1. Galaxy Tequila Exuberance (Tequila), Velthuis Farm & Dan Hovden
(B&O) Bridon Excitation Trio ET (Excitation), Bridon Farms
3. Avonlea CF Banshee (Excitation), Avonlea & Cybil Fisher
4. Weeksdale Three Wishes (Engineer), Forestell/Select/3Ridge
5. Franlea Jordan Violet (Jordan), Ed & Bonnie Franken
6. Charlyn Riding Shotgun (Joyride), Charlyn Jerseys
7. Paullor Re-Action Lockette (Tequila), Paul & Lorraine Franken
8. Willow Creek Chip Yappy (Joel), Wiillow Creek Jerseys

Fall Yearling (1)

1. AllyKat Blaze Kite (Blaze) Alan Cunnington, Joel Bagg & Mike Bols

Junior Breeder Herd (2)

1. Charlyn Farms
2. Willow Creek Jerseys

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old (2)

1. Morningmist Joel Maranda (Joel) James & Cathay Mason
Duthcholm Jude Lacie (Jude) Walkerbrae Farms

Junior 2-Year-Old (2)

1. (BO) Kentville Imp Chocolate Chip (Impression), Kentville
Drentex Applejack Keira (Applejack), Michael & Monique Bols
3. Avonlea Ajack Curly Fry (Applejack), Avonlea
4. Willow Creek Oliver Vida (Oliver), Willow Creek & Jeff West
5. Spruce Briar Validation Hart (Validation),  Andrew & Anne Bromley and Tanner & Johanna Bromley

Senior 2-Year-Old (11)

1. (BU) Galaxy Joyride Coral (Joyride) Jack Melia & Dymentholm Genetics
(B&O) Golden Andreas Forget Me Not (Andreas) Glen & Sheila Burgess
3. Spruce Avenue Video Montage (Video) Spruce Avenue Farms
4. Golden Black Apple Dumpling (Black Apple) Glen & Sheila Burgess
5. Views Tequila Variety ET (Tequila) Avonlea Genetics & Cybil Fisher
6. Willow Creek Rv Nelly (Victorious) Willow Creek Jerseys
7. Morningmist Impressions Missy (Impression) James and Cathy Mason
8. Paullor Black Apply Poppy (Black Apple) Paul & Lorraine Franken
9. Rexlea victorious Lorelie  (Victorious) Walkerbrae Farms
10. Charlyn Vitality Endure (Vitality) Charlyn Jerseys

Junior 3-Year-Old (5)

1. (BU) Starrcrest OT Brooklyns Twerk (On Time), Francrest Farms
(BO) Leachland Cadbury Creme Egg K (Chrome), Colin & Karen Leach
3. Bridon Chrome Aces (Chrome), Bridon Farms
4. Charlyn Joel Exact (Joel), Charlyn Jerseys
5. Tanbark Victorious Maybelline (Victorious), Walkerbrae

Senior 3-Year-Old (12)

1. (B&O) Golden Joyride Louisa (JoyRide) Glen & Sheila Burgess
(BU) Glenholme Giller Tribute ET  (Giller) Curtis Ruta & Adrian Franken
3. Morningmist Joel Jellybean (Joel) James and Cathy Mason
4. Bridon PNV Enhance ET( Viral) Bridon Farms
5. Willow Creek Joel Cedric (Joel) Willow Freek Jerseys
6. Avonlea V Keep Your Distance (vitality) Edward & Jenna Facer & Avonlea Genetics
7. Morningmist Joel Gracie (Joel) James and Cathy Mason
8. Paullor Re-Action Neverland ( Tequila) Paul & Lorraine Franken
9. Morningmist Comerica Ivory (Commerica) James and Cathy Mason
10. Halfway Dominate Oops-A-Daisy (Dominate) Glen & Shelia Burgess

4-Year-Old (8)

1. Avonlea Fizz Krackle Et (Tequila) Avonlea Genetics
Frankstyle Karobert Joel Allie (Joel) Quality, Beckridge & Agriber
3. GlenHolme Clear Appeal (Comerica) Glenholme Jerseys
4. Leachland Matilda K (Victorious) Colin & Karen Leach
5. Golden Apple Samosa (Black Apple) Glen & Shelia Burgess
6. Perennial Casino Gala (Casino) Bryan Weldrick
7. Willow Creek Joel Benji ( Joel) Willow Creek Jerseys
8. Golden Beautiful Linette (Beautifull) Glen and Shelia Burgess

5-Year-Old (5)

1. (BU, B&O) Bridon Tequila Evening ET (Tequila), Bridon Farms
Hobby H G Buttermilk (Hired Gun), Kaymanor Holsteins
3. Spruce Briar Barracuda Duffy (Barracuda), Andrew & Anne and Tanner & Johanna Bromley
4. Bri-Lin Variety Sloane (Variety), Brian & Linda Raymer
5. Allykay Fizz Tabia (Fizz), Cheesmond Family Farms

Mature Cow (1)

1. Golden Dragon Kaliko (Dragon) Glen & Sheila Burgess

Lifetime Component Cow (2)

1. Bridon Spinster Energy (Headline) Bridon Farms
Golden Irwin Dazzle (Irwin) Glen & Shelia Burgess

Breeder's Herd (3)

1. Avonlea Genetics, Andrew & Jen Vander Muelen
2. Golden Jerseys, Glen & Sheila Burgess
3. Morningmist Jerseys, James and Cathy Mason