Ontario Spring Discovery Holstein Show 2022

April 21, 2022 @ Ancaster, ON

Kevin McGriskin, ON

The Ontario Spring Discovery Holstein Show 2022 has concluded in Ancaster Ontario! Judge Kevin McGriskin selected his winning junior 3-year-old as Intermediate and Grand Champion – Hodglynn Victor Lola – for her owner, Hodglynn Holsteins. Reserve Grand Champion honors went to the 1st place senior 3-year-old, Maplekeys Doorman Charity exhbited by Maplekeys Farms, who also won the Premier Breeder & Exhibitor banners at the show.

Cowsmo was on hand covering the show with photos and results thanks to our generous sponsors!

Show Sponsors

Thank you to the generous sponsorship from the Ontario Discovery Show Committee and AG3! 

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Hodglynn Victor Lola (Victor), 1st junior 3-year-old, Hodglynn Holsteins
Reserve Grand Champion
Maplekeys Doorman Charity (Doorman), 1st senior 3-year-old, Maplekeys Farms
HM Grand Champion
Aija Beemer Lala (Beemer), 1st 5-year-old, Brian Joseph Enright, Dandyland Farm, Frank  & Diane Borba and Luke McLellan

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Hodglynn Victor Lola (Victor), 1st junior 3-year-old, Hodglynn Holsteins
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Maplekeys Doorman Charity (Doorman), 1st senior 3-year-old, Maplekeys Farms
HM Intermediate Champion
Fraeland Doorman Bourbon (Doorman), 2nd junior 3-year-old, Fraeland Farms

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Karnviww Genie Rozella (Genie), 1st summer yearling Ronald Grandy

Reserve Junior Champion
Kingsway Crushabull Lola (Crushabull), 1st fall calf, 3 Amigos Holsteins

HM Junior Champion
Sweet-Peas Unstop Aleign (Unstopabull), 1st fall yearling, Bill Gibson, Patience Holsetins & Weswin Holsteins

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder
1. Maplekeys Holsteins
2. Karnview Holsteins

Premier Exhibitor – Overall
Granron Holsteins

Premier Breeder of Heifer Show
1. Karnview Holsteins
2. Howardview Holsteins

Premier Exhibitor of Heifer Show
Granron Holsteins

Premier Sire
Walnutlawn Sidekick

Winter Calf (15)

1. Karnview Haniko Juliet (Haniko) Winright & Aija Holsteins
Quality SideKick Lilypad (Sidekick) Agriber Societa Agricola, Beckridge Holsteins, Florbil Farms,, Oscar & Eric Dupasquier & Quality Holsteins
3. Winright Sunnylodge Sk Erica (Sidekick) Brain Enright & Jaquemet Holsteins
4. Echo Glen Master Muffin (Master) Echo Glen Farms
5. Petitclerc Lambda Alibaba (Lambda) Misty Glen Farms
6. Hanalee King Doc Cardamon (King Doc), Mapel Wood Farms
7. Ms Tang Doorman A Pleaser (Doorman), Tyler Reynolds
8. Quality Alligator Locket (Alligator), Abriber Societa Agricole, Beckridge Holsteins & Quality Holsteins
9. Mapel Wood Denver Titleist (Denver), Mapel Wood Farms
10. Mark-A-Valley Lambda Diadem (Lambda), Mark-A-Valley Farm

Fall Calf (32)

1. Kingsway Crushable Lola (Crushabull) 3 Amigos Holsteins
Blondin Stars Alice (Stars) Hodglynn Holsteins & Mathew Forestell
3. Howardview Lamda London (Delta-Lambda) Howardview Holsteins
4. Knonaudale One Night Stand (Destiny) Ronald Grandy
5. Canhope Master Brianna (Master) Canhope Holsteins
6. Karnview Mirand Fatality P (Mirand) Karnview Farms
7. Harthaven Unstopabull Deborah (Unstopabull) Harthaven Farms
8. Jaylin Holme Victor Molly (Victor) Donovan Martin & Jason Martin
9. Tomlynn Summerfest Pixie (Summerfest) Karnview Farms & Rocky Allen
10. Quality Sidekick Floretta (Sidekick) Quality Holsteins

Summer Yearling (21)

1. Karnview Genie Rozella (Genie) Ronald Grandy
Savagedale AC Willie (Apple-Crisp) Echo Glen Farm
3. Howardview Crushabull Belle (Crushabull) Howard-Haven Holsteins & Howardview Holsteins
4. Quality DB Lady In Red (Diamondback) Ronald Grandy
5. Echo Glen Doorman Ellie (Doorman) Echo Glen Farms
6. SR Thunderstorm Thora (Thunder Storm) Jay Robertson
7. Certified Apple Crisp Loco (Apple-Crisp) Certified Holsteins
8. Trentward Unstopable Rose (Unstopabull) Mathew Forestell, Petdale Farm, Select Farm & Export Services & Trentward Farms.
9. Kaymanor Jacksonville Jaguar (Master) Beckridge Holsteins
10. Jacobs Denver Dany (Denver) Scott Brethet

Spring Yearling (19)

1. Karnview Gunshow Chief Beyonce (Chief) Karnview Farms & Tyler Gunby
Howardview Sidekick Lavender (Sidekick) Howard-Haven Holsteins Howardview Holsteins
3. Belmoral Kamasutra Master (Master) Agriber Societa Agricola, Beckridge Holsteins, Ladina Ercole Marcello & Quality Holsteins
4. Benrise Master Tracy (Master) Mapel Wood Farms
5. Kirklea Master Buttercup (Master ET) Canhope Holsteins
6. Sunview Select Sunrise ( Select) Legend Maker Holsteins & Sebastien Dion
7. Wendon Unix Dixie (Unix) Emi Lange
8. Maplekeys Master Marigold (Master) Maplekeys Farms
9. Legend-Maker Holloway (Storm) Legend Maker Holsteins
10. Delcreek Pleasure Centre (Legend) Holywell Holsteins

Winter Yearling (8)

1. Riverdown King Doc Ashley (King Doc) 3Amigos
Karnview Denver Apricot (Denver) Karnview Farms
3. Blondin Thunder Storm Lavande (Thunder Storm) Fraeland Farms & Jeff Stephens
4. Beckridge Lasvegas Mirage (Lasvegas) Beckridge Quaility Holsteins
5. Winright Doorman Explosive (Doorman), Brian Joseph Enright
6. Ashburn Denver Chickadee (Denver) Ashburn Holsteins
7. Petitclerc Sidekick Ruby (Sidekick) Scott Brethet
8. Aspiration Thunder Storm Abel (Thunder Storm) Lyndon Stewart & Associates

Fall Yearling (7)

1. Sweet-Peas Unstop Aleign (Unstopabull) Bill Gibson, Patience Holsteins & Weswin Holsteins
Gleann Avalanche Gael (Avalanche) Ronald Grandy
3. Fraeland Crushabull Banff (Crushabull) Brain Enright, Dandyland Farm & Fraeland Farms
4. Kingsway Jordy Argula P (Jordy-Red) Brownsonlea Farm & Prospect Holsteins
5. Faraway Bellissma Red (Jordy-Red) David Faragher
6. Howardview Sidekick Diva (Sidekick) Howard-Haven Holsteins & Howardview Holsteins
7. Norwind Lynch MnM (Lynch) Angela Marchione Faragher & David Faragher

Junior Breeders Herd (5)

1. Dean Karn – Karnview Holsteins
2. Jamie & Angela Howard – Howardview Holsteins
3. Ari Ekstein –  Quality Holsteins
4. Jason & Kevin Vis – Maplekeys Holsteins
5. Lyndon Stewart – Aspiration Holsteins

Summer 2-Year-Old (5)

1. (BU) Hodglynn Chief Dixie (Chief), Ransom Rail, Kevin Ziemba, Mitch Hockett, Jack Hippen
2. (BO) Maplekeys Sidekick JuJube (Sidekick), Maplekeys Farms
3. Willowland Sidekick Keanu (Sidekick), Brian Slaughter
4. Fantasy-Found DRK Dozer-Red, London Dairy Farm
5. Hodglynn Unstopabull Rebecca (Unstopabull), Hodglynn Holsteins & Stanhow Holsteins

Winter 2-Year-Old (3)

1. (BU, B&O) Cavanaleck Doorman Olympia (Doorman), Cavanaleck Farms Ltd
2. Lilyking Mirand Appalachian-P (Mirand), Bonnechere Holsteins, Lilyking Farm & Ripplebrook Farm
3. Fennema Unix Asher (Unix), Jake and Janet Ringelberg

Fall 2-Year-Old (5)

1. (BU, B&O) Bridgeview Sidekick Diana (Sidekick), Bridgeview Farms
2. Glen Islay Sidekick Merlot (Sidekick), Andrew Den Haan
3. Vogue M Lovestrucks Legacy-P (Mirand), Bill Gibson & Patience Holsteins
4. Petitclerc Unix Salsa (Unix), Ronald Grandy
5. Mount Kolb Tatoo River (Tatoo), Mount Kolb Farm

Junior 3-Year-Old (7)

1. (BU, B&O) Hodglynn Victor Lola (Victor), Hodglynn Holsteins
2. Fraeland Doorman Bourbon (Doorman), Fraeland Farms
3. Bridgeview Sidekick Island (Sidekick), Bridgeview Farms
4. Bridgeview Tonka Summer (Tonka), Bridgeview Farms
5. Up-Ridge Chief Lucky Charms (Chief), Up-Ridge Holsteins
6. Patience ACrisp Dare Me (Apple Crisp), Patience Holsteins
7. Eastside Sidekick Anna (Sidekick), Alex Dolson & Angela Pfaeffli

Senior 3-Year-Old (9)

1. (BU, B&O) Maplekeys Doorman Charity (Doorman), Maplekeys Farms
2. Chrisleacres Undenied Poise (Undenied), Fraeland Farms
3. Scenic View Artist Ansley (Artist), Hodglynn Holsteins
4. Erbcrest Doc Marilou (King Doc), Erbcrest Farm & Quality Holsteins
5. Up-Ridge Impression Lava (Impression), Up-Ridge Holsteins
6. JM Valley Chief Venise (Chief), Ronald Grandy
7. Up-Ridge Chief Lollipop (Chief), Up-Ridge Holsteins
8. Elm Bend Maystorm (Sandstorm), Elm Bend Holsteins
9. Jacrest Sidekick Arizona (Sidekick), Jacrest Holsteins

4-Year-Old (5)

1. (BU) Avant-Garde DM Songbird-ET (Doorman), D. W. Karn Farms
2. Huffmandale Unix Maplesugar (Unix), Hodglynn Holsteins, Little Star Holsteins & Matthew Forestell
3. Aija Avalance Kala (Avalanche), Agriber Societa Agricola, Beckridge Holsteins & Quality Holsteins
4. (BO) Elm Bend Go Cuckoo (Denver), Elm Bend Holsteins
5. Maplekeys Doorman Iotee (Doorman), Maplekeys Farms

5-Year-Old (3)

1. (BU) Aija Beemer Lala (Beemer), Brian Joseph Enright, Dandyland Farm, Frank A & Diane Borba and Luke McLellan
2. Vogue Loyola Macy Red-PP (Loyola-P), North Polled Genetics
3. (BO) Fraeland Kingpin Rose (Kingpin), Fraeland Farms

Mature Cow (3)

1. Hendercroft Atwood Harmony (Atwood) Agriber Societa Agricola, Beckridge Holsteins & Quality Holsteins
Sweetview Avalanche Mitsou (Avalanche) Up Ridge Holsteins
3. Elm Bend Gazinga (Kingboy) Elm Bend Holsteins

Senior Breeders Herd (5)

1. Up-Ridge Holsteins
2. Hodglynn Holsteins
3. Bridgeview Farms
4. Maplekeys
5. Elm Bend