Ontario Invitational Special Edition Jersey Sale 2016

March 17, 2016 at 6pm @ Woodstock, ON

66 Lots

The Ontario Invitational Special Edition Jersey Sale 2016 averaged $2,765 on 62 lots, with a gross of $174, 752. The sale was held March 17, 2016, in Woodstock, ON. The Catalog is available HERE or you can download the PDF.

As a special contribution, Matt & Kerry Fraser of Maker Jerseys, ON, donated half the proceeds from Lot 15 to the Leanne Russwurm-Brusso 4-H Memorial Fund. Maker Verb Viral brought $3,000.

Top seller of the sale was Lot 14, Charlyn Tequila Bella, bringing $8,800. A September 2015 Tequila from an EX92 Krimson Jade, followed by a VG85 Legacy, she was the consignment of Charlyn Jerseys, ON, and purchased by Paullynn Farms.

Second high seller was Lot 59, selling for $5,900. RJF Unique Topkea Martini VG87 at 2-4, is a Topkea from a VG88 Dice, followed by Avonlea Mischiefs Magnolia SUP-EX92-4E, with six more generations of EX & VG dams. Martini was consigned by Unique Stock Farm & Robert Jarrell and purchased by Ferme Guimo, QC.

Bri-Lin Premier Josette GP84 at 2-2 sold as Lot 62 for $5,700 to be the third high seller. Josette is a Premier from an EX92 Iatola, with three more generations of EX and VG dams. Josette was consigned by Bri-Lin Jerseys, ON and taken home by Ashlawn Farms.

Lot 69 was the fourth high seller, selling for $5,500. Pleasant Nook Action Marlee EX90, is an Avery Action from a GP By Whom, then an EX Duncan Jude, followed by an EX Royal. Marlee sold as an added lot from Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON and purchased by Evan Cooper, USA.

Gleneil Tequila Vanity sold as Lot 24 for $5,400 to round out the top five sellers. Vanity is a July 2015 Tequila from a VG85 Grand Prix, followed by a VG Just Wait, consigned by Gleneil Jerseys, ON. Jeff Stephens, ON was the final bidder on Vanity.

Other highlights included:
Lot 30, selling for $5,000-Dutcholm Tequila Luducrous-ET, a June 2015 Tequila from an EX90-3E Big Show, followed by an EX92 Vindication. Consigned by Milky Hills Farm, ON and purchased by Natalie Sanders & Tim Natzke, USA

Lot 9, selling for $4,800-Topline Tequila Champagne, a September 2015 Tequila from a GP82 Action Verb, followed by an EX Juno, and then five more generations of EX & VG dams. She was the consignment of Topline, Dreamridge and Huronholm, ON and purchased by Karlie Shaw & Michael Heath

Lot 64, selling for $4,800-Grayclay Impression Roxy VG87, an Impression from an EX Sultan, followed by a VG87 Senior. Consigned by John & Rhonda Vanden Wielen, ON and purchased by Ashlawn Farms

Lot 66, selling for $4,200-ZBW Masons Tequila Vienna, an April Junior 2 Year Old, due in April to Grayson, a Tequila from a VG 88 Response daughter of Veronica EX97. Consigned by Jack Lomeo & Jamie & Petra Black, and purchased by Mark Moreland & Rustowil Farm Inc.

Lot 53, selling for $4,000-Golden Valentino Epic, a Valentino Senior 2 Year Old due in May to Gentry from an EX93 Reagan, followed by five more generations of EX dams. Consigned by Glen & Sheila Burgess, ON and purchased by Rexlea Jerseys Inc., ON

Sale Highlights

Sale Order & Added Lots

Sale Information

Ontario Invitational Special Edition Jersey Sale
March 17, 2016 at 6PM
Woodstock Fairgrounds
875 Nellis Street
Woodstock, ON

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Sale Staff

Jim Doan…519.777.9389
Russell Gammon…519.546.1368
Sale Contacts:
Glen Burgess…226.230.5262
Jeff Stephens…905.317.8252
Tim Natzke…920.979.0611
Michael Heath…443.375.8048
Jon Kingdon…519.786.8521
Jamie Black…518.353.2602
Andrew DenHann…705.440.6010
Kerry Fraser…519.503.8224
Pierre Boulet…418.234.3407
Neil Hunter…613.929.3607
John Weaver…519.318.6302
Fitting Crew
Kyle Henderson…705.760.4246
Greg Fuller…519.701.7809
Tristan Rae…519.604.8720
Trent Jones…519.536.3192
Jessy Bradley…514.793.5040
Lars Zeldenryk…519.852.0130