Ohio Summer Junior Jersey Show 2020

August 5, 2020 @ Circleville, OH

Justin Burdette, PA

Congrats to the Grand Champion of the The Ohio Summer Junior Jersey Show  2020 – LyleStanley Teq Hello Dolly 3420-ET (Tequila), 1st 5-Year Old, Camryn and Maci Crothers. The Show was held on Wednesday, August 5th at the Pickaway County Fairgrounds in Circleville, OH, with judge Justin Burdette, PA.

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Grand Champion

Grand Champion
LyleStanley Teq Hello Dolly 3420-ET (Tequila), 1st 5-Year Old, Camryn and Maci Crothers, NY

Reserve Grand Champion
Big Guns Andreas Victory-ET (Andreas), 1st Sr-2 Year Old, Lillian Finke, OH

HM Grand Champion
RRF Classic Tequila Dell (Tequila), 1st Aged Cow, Allison Francis, OH

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Underground Milkshake Matcha-ET (Tequila), 1st spring calf, Maci Crothers, NY

Reserve Junior Champion
Big Guns Andreas Vienna-ET (Andreas), 1st winter yearling, Lillian Finke, OH

HM Junior Champion
MM-T Pockets Game On-ET (Vaden), 1st winter calf, Jason Pareo, OH

Spring Heifer Calf (8)

1. Underground Milkshake Matcha-ET (Tequila), Maci Crothers, NY
2. Miss Becky’s Beth (Wild Weasel), OH
3. Little Ms Eye Candy, Todd, Lynsey, Allie, Lacy, and Kinslae Bricker, and Carli Binckley
4. DKG Velocity Sugars Special, Meredith Hageman, OH
5. Miranda Farms Colton Lana (Colton), Colton Hudson, OH

Winter Heifer Calf (14)

1. MM-T Pockets Game On-ET (Vaden), Jason Pareo, OH
2. MM-T Pockets Game Over-ET (Vaden), Ruth Bambauer, OH
3. HC-Rader Gentry Saba (Gentry), Shelby Rader, PA
4. Topp-View VIP Eggnog (VIP), Madelyn Topp, OH
5. SC Game Changer Violet-ET (Game Changer), Elaina Hodge, OH

Fall Heifer Calf (15)

1. HC-Rader Venetian Gail (Venetian), Shelby Rader, PA
2. HF Magician Gabbie (Magician), Emma Hershberger, OH
3. Colton Cameo (Colton), Alaina Topp, OH
4. DKG Victorious Suprise (Victorious), Meredith Hageman, OH
5. Oakhaven Magician Avery (Magician), Joelle Ziegler, OH

Summer Yearling (11)

1. Miss Underground Lollipop Lillian-ET (Swagger), Camryn and Maci Crothers, NY
2. Miss Triple-T Enchantment (Black Apple), Colton Thomas, OH
3. Miss Underground Lollipop Linda-ET (Swagger), Camryn and Maci Crothers, NY
4. DKG Applejack Holly (Applejack), Meredith Hageman, OH
5. Topp-View Andreas Startop (Andreas), Aiden Topp, OH

Spring Yearling (8)

1. DKG Applejack Violet (Applejack), Meredith Hageman, OH
2. HC-Rader Hired Gun Get Away (Hired Gun), Shelby Rader, PA
3. Oakhaven Maverick Tamie (Maverick), Jeremy Ziegler, OH
4. Meranda Farms Colton Lizzy (Colton), Madelyn Hudson, OH
5. TJ Classic Andreas Victorious (Andreas), Allison Francis, OH

Winter Yearling (6)

1. Big Guns Andreas Vienna-ET (Andreas), Lillian Finke, OH
2. DKG Colton Cookie (Colton), Blake Greiwe, OH
3. Oakhaven Oliver Silver (Oliver), Joelle Ziegler, OH
4. Terra Rose Chrome Gale (Chrome), H Hurst, K Polk, L Elsass, OH
5. Oakhaven Chrome Abby (Chrome), Joey Ziegler, OH

Fall Yearling (7)

1. DKG Blackapple Roseanna (Blackapple), Lane Greiwe, OH
2. Underground VIP Manhatten-ET (VIP), Maci Crothers, OH
3. Call-Del Flash Lily (Flash), Lydia Kaverman, OH
4. Marhaven Citation Cora (Citation), Gwen Schindel, OH
5. South Mountain Casino River-ET (Casino), Jeremy Ziegler, OH

Fall Yearling In Milk (2)

1. S-Creekacres Blakesly Brady (Fizz), Camryn Crothers, NY
2. PDF Showdown Gypsy (Showdown), Carson Walker, OH

JR-2-Year Old

1. River Valley HLH VIP Misguided (VIP), H Hurst, Schirm & Jordan, OH
2. DKG Andreas Banjo (Andreas), Garret Hageman, OH
3. DKG Impression Spice (Impression), Blake Greiwe, OH
4. DKG Exclamation Patty (Exclamation), Blake Greiwe, OH
5. RV/TJ Action Vivian (Action), Allison Francis, OH

SR 2-Year Old (4)

1.Big Guns Andreas Victory-ET (Andreas), Lillian Finke, OH
2. Topp-View Fizz Elsa (Fizz), Madelyn Topp, OH
3. Oakhaven Colton Petals (Colton), Joelle Ziegler, OH
4. Avonlea Premier Upkeep (Premier), Gwen Schindel, OH

JR 3-Year Old (5)

1. DKG Motion Rocket (Motion), Lane Greiwe, OH
2. DKG Virtuoso Dutches (Virtuoso), Lane Greiwe, OH
3. RatliffIrwin Vianna (Irwin), Kristen Boreman, OH
4. Elmhurst-QC Chrome Blaze (Chrome), H Hurst, K Polk, L Elsass, OH
5. Oakhaven Oliver Vista-P (Oliver), Joey Ziegler, OH

SR 3-Year Old (2)

1. HLF Ladd Ginger (Ladd), Rachel Anderson, OH
2. Wedertz Tequila 3205 Holly-P (Tequila), Zachary Wedertz, OH

4-Year Old (3)

1. DKG Motion Jolly (Motion), Blake Greiwe, OH
2. Topp-View HG Danica (Hired Gun), Kinley Topp, OH
3. Oakhaven Colton Jenny (Colton), Joelle Ziegler, OH

5-Year Old (4)

1. LyleStanley Teq Hello Dolly 3420-ET (Tequila), Camryn and Maci Crothers, NY
2. TJ Classic Misty (Premier), Lane Francis, OH
3. Cream Hill Terpster Niam H (Terpster), Carson Walker, OH
4. SSF Premier Event (Premier), Reese Schrock, OH

Aged Cow (5)

1. RRF Classic Tequila Dell (Tequila), Allison Francis, OH
2. Marys Anna Maria (Excitation), Lydia Kaverman, OH
3. Call-Del Tequila Rhinestone (Tequila), Lydia Kaverman, OH
4. Goff Irwin 22412-ET (Irwin), Reese Schrock, OH
5. DRJ Betty Lynn Ray Allison, Reese Schrock, OH