Ohio State Fair Ayrshire Show 2015

August 1st, 2015 @ Columbus, OH

Michael Creek, MD
72 Head

Judge Michael Creek placed the Ohio State Ayrshire Show on August 1st, naming Hawver-Crest Shirley Sue as the Intermediate & Grand Champion of the show.Ohio State Fair Ayrshire Show 2015




Intermediate & Grand Champion
Hawver-Crest Shirley Sue (Bradock), Ashley Hawvermale, OH (Futurity Winner, Junior 2 Year Old)

Reserve Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion
Mill-Valley Supreme Whisper (Supreme), Mill Valley Farms, OH (Junior 2 Year Old)

Senior Champion
Emerald Farms Checkers (Checkers), Emerald Farms, OH (4 Year Old)

Reserve Senior Champion
Kleins Roosters Sarah (Rooster), James Klein & Family, OH (Aged Cow)


Junior Champions

Junior Champion
Old Bankston JC Malibu-ET (Predator), Michelle & Melissa Downerd, OH (Summer Yearling)

Reserve Junior Champion
Emerald Farms Swayne Zoe (Swayne), Emerald Farms, OH (Spring Yearling)

HM Junior Champion
Toppview Bendig Wanna Watch (Bendig), Topp View Farms, OH (Winter Calf)