NY State Fair R&W Show 2019

August 24, 2019 @ Syracuse, NY

The 2019 NY State Fair R&W Show was held August 24 in Syracuse, NY. Grand Champion honors went to ZBW-Ziems Listen To Me-Red, (Armani), 1st Senior Three-Year-Old, owned by Mason Ziemba. See complete results below!


Judge Greg Clark Sr of NY selected the Spring yearling as his Junior Champion – Ranway Incred Dancer139-Red, (Incredibull), 1st Spring Yearling, Daniel Hosking and the Senior 3 year old as Grand Champion – ZBW-Ziems Listen To Me-Red, (Armani), 1st Senior Three-Year-Old, Mason Ziemba.

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Junior Champion - Junior Show

Junior Champion
Lantland Awesome Erin-Red, (Awesome), 3rd Summer Yearling, Kirt Menzi Jr.

Reserve Junior Champion
Pheasant-Echos Aline-Red-ET, (Addiction), 4th Summer Yearling, Mallory Rhodes

Honorable Mention
Granny-Anne A Milkshake-Red, (Apple-Crisp), 1st Winter Calf, Caitlin Bennett

Junior Champion - Open Show

Junior Champion
Ranway Incred Dancer139-Red, (Incredibull), 1st Spring Yearling, Daniel Hosking

Reserve Junior Champion
Ovaltop Bwire Ruby-Red, (Barbwire), 2nd Spring Yearling, Michael Wolfe

Honorable Mention
Ms Dmdback Elaine-Red, (Diamondback), 1st Winter Yearling, Jeffery Winton & Merrillea Holsteins

Grand Champion - Junior Show

Grand Champion
Del-Frie-Acres, (Addiction), 2nd Senior Three-Year-Old, Joseph Thomsen

Reserve Grand Champion
Lantland Destry Eagle-Red, (Destry), 1st Five Year-Old, Kirt Menzi Jr

Honorable Mention
Tiger Lily Ladd-Red, (Ladd), 1st Junior Two-Year-Old, Lily Marshman

Grand Champion- Open Show

Grand Champion
ZBW-Ziems Listen To Me-Red, (Armani), 1st Senior Three-Year-Old, Mason Ziemba

Reserve Grand Champion
Del-Frie-Acres, (Addiction), 2nd Senior Three-Year-Old, Joseph Thomsen

Honorable Mention
Pheasant Echos Tamara-Red, (Redburst), 1st Aged Cow, Cedarlane Farm LLC

Spring Calf (7)

1.Ms Raps Dback Rumble-ET, (Diamondback), Kylee Thompson
2.Retso-PV Honeysuckle-Red-ET, (Jordy), Brian Oster
3.Midas-Touch Jordy Sneez-Red, (Jordy), David King
4.Rivercross Strawberry-Red, (Addiction), Cassie Menendez
5.B&L Diamondback Willa-Red, (Diamondback), Ben & Linda Byma

Winter Calf (9)

1.Granny-Anne A Milkshake-Red, (Apple-Crisp), Caitlin Bennett
2.Kulp-Dave Jr Tryless-Red-ET, (Jordy), H.A. Lusk
3.Midas-Touch Jordy Sneez-Red, (Jordy), Barbara Young
4.MS-Aol Avalan Rambo-Red-ET, (Avalanche), Maple Downs Farms II
5.ZBW M Jordy Lemonie-Red, (Jordy), Mason Ziemba

Fall Calf (3)

1.Toggview Juliel Bossard-Red, (Polo-P), Bret Bossard
2.Oakfield Casablanca-Red-ET, (Jordy), Jack Ross
3.Curly-Heits Actn Delta-Red, (Action), Emerick Muck

Summer Yearling (6)

1.Ms Dmdback Elaine-Red, (Diamondback), Jeffery Winton & Merrillea Holsteins
2.ZBM M Avalanche Pepper-Red, (Avalanche), Mason Ziemba
3.Lantland Awesome Erin-Red, (Awesome), Kirt Menzi Jr.
4.Pheasant-Echos Aline-Red-ET, (Addiction), Mallory Rhodes
5.Toggview Ginger-Red, (Polo-P), Bret Bossard

Spring Yearling (4)

1.Ranway Incred Dancer139-Red, (Incredibull), Daniel Hosking
2.Ovaltop Bwire Ruby-Red, (Barbwire), Michael Wolfe
3.Cherry Lily Snowwhite-Red-ET, (Jordy), Lily Marshman
4.Tiger Lily Awe Cloe-Red, (Awesome), Karly Marshman

Winter Yearling (2)

1.Tiger-Lily Jo Regan-Red-ET, (Jordy), Marchman & Allan & Johana
2.Tiger-Lily Derr Leah- Red, (Derringer), Phalen Hill

Fall Yearling (3)

1.Morrill Anton 3791-Red, (Antoine), Daniel Hosking
2.Boardwalk A Shimmer, (Addiction), Austin Ainslie
3.Tiger-Lily Derr Ryhme, (Derringer), Lily Marshman

Fall Yearling in Milk (1)

1.Ovaltop Rity Fay Red- ET, (Reality), Justin Wolfe

Junior Two-Year-Old (4)

1.Tiger-Lilly Ladd-Red, (Ladd), Lily Marshman
2.Ovaltop RBRT White Rose, (Redburst), Douglas Wolfe
3.Klinedell BBWR Atlas-Red-ET, (Barbwire), Caitlin Bennet
4.Milksource Defiant Safari-Red-ET, (Defiant), Cameron Gross

Senior Two-Year-Old (4)

1.RocklanZBW M Paris-Red, (Malone), Rigas ZBW
2.Ovaltop Ladd P Ranait-Red, (Ladd), Michael Wolfe
3.Mac-Mara Diamond Forever-Red, (Diamondback), Ken McEvoy
4.Jericho-Dairy Adv Cheri-Red, (Advent), Caitlin Bennett

Junior Three-Year-Old (3)

1.Whittier-Farms Lynda-ET, (Defiant), Ken McEvoy
2.Tiger Lilly Awe Live-Red, (Awesome), Karly Marshman
3.Klinedell Hyclass Amp-Red, (Hy-Class), Caitlin Bennett

Senior Three-Year-Old (3)

1.ZBW-Ziems Listen To Me-Red, (Armani), Mason Ziemba
2.Del-Frie-Acres, (Addiction), Joseph Thomsen
3.Oakfield Lo Scarlett-Red-ET, (Lotus), Austin Ainslie

Four-Year-Old (5)

1.Suzies Ladd Serafina-Red-ET, (Ladd), Kirt Menzi Jr
2.Ziens Armani Amore-Red-ET, (Armani), Dwi-Bet Farms Inc
3.Sample-KJ DPR Gracie-Red, (Prince), Kaleb Sample
4.D-Andrews Awesomeness-Red, (Armani), Jacob Menzi
5.Ovaltop Barbwire Spark-Red, (Barbwire), Ashlyn Wolfe

Five-Year-Old (1)

1.Lantland Destry Eagle-Red, (Destry), Kirt Menzi Jr

Aged Cow (3)

1.Pheasant Echos Tamara-Red, (Redburst), Cedarlane Farm LLC
2.Ovaltop Picolo Sherry-Red, (Picolo), Douglas Wolfe
3.Royal Haven Ladd Prom- Red, (Ladd), Brian Oster


1.Ovaltop Reality Robin-Red-ET, (Reality), Michael Wolfe

Junior Best Three Female

1.Justin Wolfe

Best Three Female

1. Michael Wolfe

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Ovaltop- The Wolfe Family