NY State Fair Brown Swiss Show 2019

Sept 1, 2019 @ Syracuse, NY

The 2019 NY State Fair Brown Swiss Show will be taking place Today, September 1st at 8:00am in Syracuse, NY. Cowsmo will be on-hand with coverage thanks to our generous sponsor Elite Dairy.

Judge Lynn Lee of TN selected the Fall calf as his Junior Champion – LaFoster Seaman Mandy, (Seaman), 1st Fall Calf, Ryan Lawton and the 5 year old as his Grand Champion – Arethusa Braiden Shante-ET, (Brainden), 1st Five-Year-Old, Sara Pulver.

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Thank you to Elite Dairy for their generous show sponsorship!

Junior Champion - Junior Show

Junior Champion
LaFoster Seaman Mandy, (Seaman), 1st Fall Calf, Ryan Lawton
Reserve Junior Champion
Giesy Haven Rich Emerald, (Richard), 2nd Summer Yearling, Ashton Giesy
Honorable Mention
A Joy CP Shindig (Chili Pepper), 1st Spring Yearling, Michala Kuhlman

Junior Champion - Open Show

Junior Champion
LaFoster Seaman Mandy, (Seaman), 1st Fall Calf, Ryan Lawton
Reserve Champion
A Joy C Shameless, (Carter),1st Winter Calf, Michala Kuhlman
Honorable Mention
A Joy T Cheerio, (Thunder), Abbie Evans

Grand Champion - Junior Show

Grand Champion
One True Hill Shark Prime, (Shark), 1st Four-Year-Old, Kendrick Whitney
Reserve Grand Champion
GraystoneOsborn Total Gibson, (Total), 2nd Jr Two-Year-Old, Mason Ziemba
Honorable Mention
Buttons Richard Marta, (Richard), 1st Sr Three-Year-Old, Emily Button

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Arethusa Braiden Shante-ET, (Brainden), 1st Five-Year-Old, Sara Pulver
Reserve Grand Champion
A Joy Braid Neon, (Braiden),1st Aged Cow, Abbie Evans
Honorable Mention
A Joy C Nissan, (Carter), 1st Sr Two-Year-Old, Abbie Evans

Spring Calf (5)

1.A Joy T Cabernet, (Thunder), Abbie Evans
2.Swaggayr Rontae Shanequa, (Tequilla), Lucas Walley
3.A Joy Shugar, (August), Dylan Klosser
4.Reedland Seasidebloom Rosie, (Seasidebloom), James Reed
5.Rob N Vale Bazooka, (Snowman), Oscar Robinson

Winter Calf (10)

1.A Joy C Shameless, (Carter), Michala Kuhlman
2.Vale-High Galaxy Pearl, (Twin), Vale-High Farm
3.Geisy Manor Tequila Dropshot, (Tequilla), Diamond Rule Livestock & Giesy
4.C Wzzies Furious Wowza, (Fast & Furious), Brooke Foote
5.Hell Hollow Fred Muscato, (Fred), Hackamatack, Hill, Walton

Fall Calf (11)

1.LaFoster Seaman Mandy, (Seaman), Ryan Lawton
2.Dublin Hills Sharnie, (Winmore), Brooke Foote
3.A Joy Kings Boston, (Kingsman), Michala Kuhlman
4.Kulp-Terra Famous Clara ETV, (Famous), R & J Giesy
5.Ox Cart Flash Mack, (Flash), Sladr & Kristin Cox

Summer Yearling (10)

1.A Joy T Cheerio, (Thunder), Abbie Evans
2.Giesy Haven Rich Emerald, (Richard), Russ Giesy
3.Burlin Seaman Reservoir OCS, (Seaman), Hackamatac, Hill, & Walton
4.Edsall Hill Dalton Quad, (Dalton), Sean Shults
5.Maple-Nook, WF Faithful, (Winningformula), Lauri Beggs

Spring Yearling (6)

1.A Joy CP Shindig (Chili Pepper), Michala Kuhlman
2.Cutting Edge W Naples ET, (Wizdom), Brooke Smithling
3.Empire LeBron Belle, (LeBron), Carlie Ward
4.Snow Valley Powerplay Fancy, Mackinze Meisner
5.Yawnoc Thunder Pandora, (Thunder), Ashton Giesy

Winter Yearling (2)

1.Mctaylor Carter Skye, (Carter), Dillan Giesy
2.Northodixie Bosephus Icon, (Bosephus), David Martin

Fall Yearling (5)

1.Sunny Acres Deegan Liz, (Deegan), Emmet Smithling
2.Thorndale Bberry Muffin ET, (Thunder), Lydia Cox
3.Riddle Me This Tequila Shot, (Tequila), Marty Ellis
4.RVFS Braiden Gretchen, (Braiden), Sarah Perez
5.Iris Brook Rich Isabella ET, (Richard), Roanan Ross

Junior Best 3 Females (2)

1.Abbie Evans
2.Russ Geisy

Jr Two-Year-Old (10)

1.Pine Grove Bpseph Penelope, (Bosephus), Lauri Beggs
2.GraystoneOsborn Total Gibson, (Total), Mason Ziemba
3.Giesy Manor Bo Tie, (Bosephous), Diamond Rule Livestock & Giesy
4.A Joy Durham Colada ET, (Durham), Abbie Evans
5.Giesy Manor Davenport Mint, (Davenport), Aston Giesy

Sr Two-Year-Old (4)

1.A Joy C Nissan, (Carter), Abbie Evans
2.Pine-Tree 21 ADVIS 7400, (Advisor), Emily Button
3.Whitland Sman Snowangel ETV, (Seaman), Emily Button
4.Molly’s Lemon Drop, (Bosephous), Jack Vunk

Jr Three-Year-Old

1.Iroquois Acres Seaman Livy, (Seaman), Emily Button

Sr Three-Year-Old (6)

1.Buttons Richard Marta, (Richard), Emily Button
2.Su-Adam Valor Lacey, (Valor), DiamonR&J Giesy
3.Whitland BB Snowcro, (Bad Boy), Kendrick Whitney
4.Rob N Vale Bezerk, (GPS), Oscar Robinson
5.Whitland BB Snowbo, (Bad Boy), Kendrick Whitney

Four-Year-Old (5)

1.One True Hill Shark Prime, (Shark), Kendrick Whitney
2.IE Vine Valley C Willow, (Carter), Hackamatack & Dairy Depot
3.Hylight LBH Jongleur liana ET, (Jongleur), T & H Hyman
4.More Acres Whib Emblem, (Whib), Ashton Giesy
5.Rob N Vale Elises Jeepers, (GPS), Elise Robinson

Five-Year-Old (3)

1.Arethusa Braiden Shante-ET, (Brainden), Sara Pulver
2.Whitland BB Pepsi, (Bad Boy), Kendrick Whitney
3.Giesy Haven Temt Teddi, (Temtation), Dillan Giesy

Aged Cow (4)

1.A Joy Braid Neon, (Braiden), Abbie Evans
2.Whitland Trump Snowup ET, (Trump), Kendrick Whitney
3.Whitland Trump Snowin ET, (Trump), Kendrick Whitney
4.Rob N Vale Zirconia, (Mahoney), Oscar Robinson

Component- Merit Award- Performance Winner (1)

1.Vine Valley Titanium Patty, (Titanium), L&B Hill & Hylite Farm

Best 3 Females

1.Abbie Evans
2.Kendrick Whitney
3.Russ Giesy
4.Oscar Robinson

Exhibitor Herd - Five Female (3)

1.Abbie Evans
2.Russ Giesy
3.Emily Button

Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor

Whitland – The Whitney Family