NY Spring Select Sale 2019

April 5, 2019 @ 1:00pm @ Syracuse, NY

NY Spring Select Sale 2019NY Spring Select Sale 2019 has concluded Syracuse, NY, with an average of $4808 on 103 Holstein lots.   The sale was held in conjunction with the NY Spring Dairy Carousel. Topping the sale was Lot M for $28,000 – IVF Session x AOT Marius Hello, +2889G +973NM. Next dam is Cookiecutter Dta Habitan VG-89 EX-MS back to EX-95 Dellia. She was consigned by AOT Genetics & Kings Ransom, NY, and purchased by Select Sires, OH.

Top Live Lot was Lot 79 for $25,000. Curr-Vale Abs Adored-Red-ET, is a VG-87 Absolute R&W 4-year-old for the 2019 shows. Fresh in November, Adored is backed by six Excellent dams from the Pineyvale herd! She was consigned by Curr-Vale Holsteins, NY, and purchased by Cedar Lane Farm, NJ.


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Sale Prices

Lot M – $28,000 – IVF Session x AOT Marius Hello, +2889G +973NM. Next dam is Cookiecutter Dta Habitan VG-89 EX-MS back to EX-95 Dellia.
Buyer: Select Sires, OH

Lot 79 – $25,000 -Curr-Vale Abs Adored-Red-ET, a VG-87 Absolute R&W 4-year-old for the 2019 shows. Fresh in November, Adored is backed by six Excellent dams from the Pineyvale herd!
Buyer: Cedar Lane Farm, NJ

Lot 78 – $23,000 – OCD Awesome Lyndi-ET EX-91 93-MS, a senior 3-year-old Awesome daughter out of Lylehaven Advent Lyndi-ET EX-92, then Form Laura EX-94 3E and Lili Starbuck EX-94 2E
Buyer: Charles Robbins, CO

Lot N – $22,500 – IVF Session x Cookiecutter Heirloom, Delta heifer at +2879G +972NM +2.56T. Next dam is Super Hazajo VG-86 VG-MS, +2871G, from the MOM Halo family!
Buyer: DeNovo Genetics, WI

Lot 81 – $17,700 – Webb View Bell Wildthing EX-91-CAN, a Gillette Wildthing 6-year-old with an astounding udder from a deep Canadian pedigree!
Buyer: Landree Fraley, PA

Lot 35 – $12,700 – Kamps-RX AppleB Addi-Red-ET, a 6/18 Defiant out of KHW Regment Apple B-Red-ET EX-90, the clone to the legendary EX-96 4E Apple-Red!
Buyer: Glamourview Farm, MD

Lot L – $12,500 – IVF Session x Clear-Echo Fabulous 4498-ET, +2892G +905NM +2.40T x +2645G Ferdinand x 11 gen deep family from Clear-Echo!
Buyer: AOT Genetics, NY

Lot 37 – $12,000 – Liddleholme Slmn Crystal-ET, a 6/18 Solomon out of Co-Vale Fever Camila EX-92, All-American Summer Yearling in 2012. Crystal herself was 1st summer calf at the North-East Fall National Show in 2018 and will show as a summer yearling in 2019!
Buyer: Jack Zeh & Steven Morrill, NY

Lot 34 – $10,600 – Oakfield Undenie Ecstasy-ET, fancy Summer yearling for 2019! Dam is Budjon-JK Emilys Edair-ET EX-92 x Budjon-JK Storm Emily-ET 2E-92 x EX-96 Linjet Eilen x EX-96 Elegance.
Buyer: Joseph Osinga, TX

Lot A – $9,500 – Choice of 12/19 Unstopabull females out of Liddleholme Resur Lu-Red-ET EX-97 3E, the All-American 150,000 Lb Cow in 2018!
Buyer: Michael Risser, PA

Lot 54 – $9,100 – Midas-Touch Fab Jamboree-ET, 3/18 +2648G +2.70T Fabio x Midas-Touch Jedi Jangle-ET VG-89, Res. All-Canadian & HM All-American Junior 2-Year-Old 2018.
Buyer: Maple Downs Farms II, NY

Lot E – $9,000 – First choice of 9/19 Crushable females out of Walkerbrae Doorman Locket EX-95, HM All-American 5-Year-Old in 2018, then ten more VG & EX dams from the Roxys!
Buyer: Chris & Jennifer Hill, MD

Lot 6 – $8,400 – ZBW Jordy Primnprpr-Red-ET, a fancy 12/18 Jordy red calf out of a Diamondback dam, then MS-SRP Absolute Pro-Red-ET EX-93, the All-American R&W 4-Year-Old in 2014!
Buyer: Matt Hawbaker, MD

Lot  15 – $7,500 – Budjon-Abbott Dr Antonia-ET, a 9/18 Doorman out of Walk-Era Dundee Annelise EX-95. Lots of show-winning sisters to this heifer!
Buyer: Nate King, NY

Lot 39 – $7,400 – Comestar Lanice Unix, a 6/18 Unix out of Comestar Lamadona Doorman EX-94-CAN, then eight more VG & EX-CAN dams back to Laurie Sheik!
Buyer: Matt, Mark & Will Iager, MD

Lot 77 – $7,200 – Intense High Octane April, a junior 3-year-old fresh in January out of a VG-88-CAN Uno daughter of KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 4E!

BuBuyer:yer: Debra Wilson, WI

Lot H – $7,000 – First choice of 12/19 Avalanche females out of Juniper Sid Chardonnay, the VG-87 Sid who was Reserve All-American Junior 2-Year-Old in 2018, then four more EX show-winning dams!
Buyer: Jamie Crawford, PA

Lot 98 – $8,ooo – Underground Hazels Haddix-ET, a Hired Gun that will show as a 3rd calf senior 3-year-old this fall from an EX-93% dam!
Buyer: Katy Kemmeren, NY

Lot 83 – $6,400 – First choice of Casino or Chrome females due December, 2019 out of Esperanza Ga Vivian EX-93%, the Grand Champion at the 2018 Royal Winter Fair!
Buyer: Mark & Will Iager, MD

Lot 85 – $4,800 – Liddleridge Glamor, a 12/18 Colton out of Budjon-Vail Jade Georgie EX-92%, several times nominated All-American, then Llolyn Jude Griffen EX-95%!
Buyer: Jack Pareira, CA

Lot 94 – $4,700 – Rivendale Engineer Pearl, a 1/18 Engineer out of Dentex Justice Pat EX-94%

Sale Updates

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Sale Hghlights

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Lot 19:  Sept’18 ZBW Baileys Denver Bongo-ET sells from the Apple family!
-3rd Dam KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX96 3 DOM
– 9 generations of EX!
Consigned by: Kevin & Barbara Ziemba, NY

Lot 20: Sept’18 Addiction calf out of Starmark Ad Hotstuff Red EX94 EEEE 2E Sells!
-Miss Hotline Addict Red-ET is the maternal sister to Miss Hot Mama-Red-ET EX92 and Miss Icy Hot Red-ET.
Consigned by Thomas, Heath & Iager, OH

Lot 24: Connoisseaur Sept’18 calf sells!
– Dam: McWilliams Bradnick Samoa EX-92
3-06 348D 31014 4.0 1243 3.2 977
Consigned by: Clyde & Charlene McWilliams, PA

Lot 37: Summer Yearling Liddleholme Slmn Crystal-ET sells!
-1st Summer calf North-East Fall National ’18
-3rd Summer Calf Royal ’18
Dam: C0-Vale Fever Camila-ET; Undefeated All-American, All-Canadian, All-NY, All-Ontario & All-Quebec!
Consigned by: Eaton Holsteins & Borderview Genetics, NY

Lot 39: June ’18 Unix calf out of Comestar Lamadona Doorman EX-94
-Backed by 9 generations of VG or EX
Consigned by: Comestar Holsteins, QC

Lot 51: March Yearling Milk&Honey Aval McKenzie-ET hails from an All-American family!
-Dam: Kulp-Dale Read Maria-Red-ET EX93 EX-MS 2E
Consigned by: CLF, LLC., NJ

Lot 68: Luncrest Ambition-193-ET sells in calf to Stantons Applicable. Due Aug 8/19.
-Dam is 2016 HM All-NY Junior 2yr Old, Jacobs Goldchip All-ET EX92
Consigned by: Luncrest Farms LLC, NY

Lot 71: Fairmont Doorman Lodessa-ET
-Due Aug’19 to sexed Stantons Expander-ET
-Dam: VT-Pond-View Atwood Lady-ET EX93 EX MS
-4-08 305D 29060 3.8 1094 3.3 968
Consigned by: Emily Lampson, NY

Lot 82: Delcreek Lil Slice of Heaven is now EX-94! She is your chance at those purple ribbons!
Consigned by: Nathan Thomas, OH

Lot 94: Jan’18 Rivendale Engineer Pearl
-bred Dec ’18 to River Valley Ricki Rockstar
-Dam: Dentx Justice Pat EX94
-1st Senior 3yr Old Eastern/Ontario/Western Quebec ’16
-1st Senior Yrling Eastern Ontario Western Quebec ’14
– Nom. All-Ontario Senior Calf ’13
Consigned by: Rivendale Farms, PA