NY Spring Jersey Show 2019

Apr 7, 2019 @ 8am @ Syracuse, NY

Pierre Boulet, QC

Pierre Boulet, QC, serves as official judge of the NY Spring Jersey Show 2019, that is underway in Syracuse, NY. See the 2018 results here!


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C-Cup Farm 

Arethusa Farm

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Avonlea Premier Chocolate Chip (Premier), 1st aged cow, Avonlea Genetics, ON

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion 
Eperanza Ga Vivian (Getaway), 1st 5-year-old, Rivendale Farms, PA

Honorable Mention Senior & Honorable Mention Grand Champion 
Humming Finalist Dottie (Bowtie), 2nd aged cow, Kueffner, Packard & Hellenbrand, MD

Grand Champion – Junior Show
Hillacre Venom Adele exhibited by Nicole Arrowsmith, Peach Bottom, PA

Reserve Grand Champion – Junior Show
White Rock Lad Papaya exhibited by Ella Olsen, Argyle, NY

Intermediate Champion - Open Show

Intermediate Champion – Open Show
Sugar Brook Bartender Bridgett (Bartender), 1st junior 2-year-old, Underground Genetics, Clark Valley, London Dairy & Pitcher, NY

Reserve Intermediate Champion – Open Show
Arethusa Premier Vahling-ET (Premier), 1st senior 2-year-old, Misty Meadows Dairy, OR

HM Intermediate Champion – Open Show
Dixies Premier Darling (Premier), 2nd junior 2-year-old, Kueffner & Packard, MD

Intermediate Champion - Junior Show

Intermediate Champion – Junior Show
Hillacre Venom Adele (Venom), Nicole Arrowsmith, PA

Reserve Intermediate Champion – Junior Show
Edn Ru Gentry Carmels Carmela (Gentry),Sara Lynne Reed, PA

Junior Champion 

Junior Champion 
Heart & Soul Fizz Faith (Fizz), 1st winter yearling, Mazzaro, Cole, Conroy, Clark & London Dairy, OH

Reserve Junior Champion 
SV Heaths Gentry June-ET (Gentry), 1st spring yearling, Schirm, Borba & Anderson, OH

Honorable Mention Junior Champion
Glamourview Premier Spade (Premier), 2nd winter yearling, Glamourview, MD

Junior Champion - Junior Show

Junior Champion of the Junior Show
KCJF Andreas Cancun (Andreas), Landree Fraley, PA

Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show
Budjon Colton G-Force (Colton), Mason Ziemba & Grace Strou, NY

Honorable Mention Junior Champion of the Junior Show
Spatz Joel Lily (Joel), Russell Pryme, ONT

Winter Calf (3)

1. Spatz Joel Lily (Joel), Russell Pryme, ON
2. ZBW Masons Fizzy Cola (Fizz), Mason Ziemba, NY
3. Gypsy Hill Black Apple Cameo (Black Apple), Claire Hlavaty, PA

Fall Calf

1. South Mountain AJ Ramblin Rose (Applejack) Kueffner, Packard, Hellendbrand & Corbett,MD
2. South Mountain Andreas Rascal (Andreas). Rivendale Farms, Bulger, PA
3. Big Time VIP Standout (VIP), Linehan, Holtzinger & Allyn, NY
4. Big Guns Tequila Bianca (Tequila). Glamourview – Iager & Walton,MD
5. LiddleRidge Goat (Gentry), Brock Liddle, NY

Summer Yearling

1. Schulte Bros Tequila Glory (Tequila), Rivendale Farms, PA
2. La-Foster Hilton Abbey (Hilton), Haley Foster, NC
3. Hillacres Bang Bang Valerie (Bang), Thomas Arrowsmith, PA
4. Pfaffsway Colton Gracefulline SS (Colton),Glamourview, MD
5. South Mountain Champaign Fizz (Fizz), Kueffner & Packard, MD

Spring Yearling

1. SV Heaths Gentry June-ET (Gentry), Schirm, Borba & Anderson, OH
2. Reich-Dale Tequila Shore (Tequila), Joe & Amanda Nash and Kaitlyn & Corey Miller, NY
3. Boreaig Gentry Kitty (Gentry), Sekerak, Nagel, Wasson & Rires ,PA
4. Budjon Colton G-Force (Colton), Mason Ziemba & Grace Stroud, NY
5. Beslea Austen Matthews (Austen), Beslea Farms, ON

Winter Yearling

1. Heart & Soul Fizz Faith (Fizz),Mazzaro, Cole, Conroy, Clark & London Dairy, OH
2. Glamourview Premier Spade (Premier), Glamourview, MD
3. Wingerts Roman Daphne (Roman), Haley Foster, NC
4. Lookout Andreas Vixen (Andreas), Rivendale Farms, PA
5. Rivendale Engineer Pearl (Engineer), Blake Crothers, NY

Fall Yearling

1. Dream Valley Hired Trickster (Hired Gun), Wesley Noble & Hailey Pipher, PA
2. KCJF Andreas Cancun (Andreas), Landree Fraley, PA
3. Beslea Tequila Ghost (Tequila), Beslea Farms & Freedom Lane, Yarker, ONT
4. Kimball Way Tequila Virginia (Tequila), Schirm & Glamourview, MD
5. Nasholm Imp Temptress (Impression),Rebecca Nash Rowe, KY

Senior Summer Yearling

1. Drentex Colton Tazo (Colton), Beslea Farms & Kingsdale Jerseys, ONT

Junior Best Three

1. South Mountain Jerseys – Kueffner & Packard, MD
2. Beslea Farms, ON
3. Michael Bosley, PA

Junior 2-Year-Old

1. Sugar Brook Bartender Bridgett (Bartender), Underground Genetics, Clark Valley, London Dairy & Pitcher, NY
2. Dixies Premier Darling (Premier), Kueffner & Packard, MD
3. South Mountain Colton Ravish (Colton), Kueffner & Packard, MD
4. Jasmari Action Lil Reaction (Action), Marisa Reitnouer, PA
5. Avonlea Colton Kaydee (Colton), Avonlea Genetics, ON

Senior 2-Year-Old

1. Arethusa Premier Vahling-ET (Premier), Misty Meadows Dairy, OR
2. Arethusa Premier Skyy (Premier), Arethusa Farm, CT
3. Arethusa Premier Ventosa (Premier), Arethusa Farm, CT
4. Hickory Acres Krash Colton (Colton), Avonlea Genetics, Fisher & Hanford, ON
5. Avonlea Fernleaf Flirtatious (Fizz), Avonlea Genetics, ON

Junior 3-Year-Old

1. Okato Topeka Fawn (Topeka), Nickelson, Young, Jordan & Schirm, OH
2. Arethusa Apple Spice (Applejack), Arethusa Farm, CT
3. Arethusa Premier Vianna (Premier), Arethusa Farm, CT
4. SSF Venom Jameson (Venom), Alison Luchsinger, NY
5. Avonlea Colton Just For Keeps (Colton), Avonlea Genetics & Patty Jones, ON

Senior 3-Year-Old

1. SV Heaths Gun Corolla (Hired Gun), Rivendale Farms, PA
2. Hillacres Getaway Nightstar (Getaway), Thomas Arrowsmith, PA
3. Spatz Applejack Trinity (Applejack), Lauri Lyn Beggs, NY
4. Avonlea Keep a Secret (Tequila), Avonlea Genetics, ON
5. Dreamroad Barnabas That’s It (Barnabas), Rebecca Ferry, NY


1. Paullyn Vance Rainelle (Vance), Rivendale Farms, PA
2. Arethusa HG Vanguish (Hired Gun), Arethusa Farms, CT
3. Stoney Point Grand Bea (Grand), Avonlea Genetics, ON
4. Minister Gail (Minister), Rivendale Farms, PA
5. Woodsey Dell TBone Lila (TBone), Douglas Brooks, PA


1. Eperanza Ga Vivian (Getaway), Rivendale Farms, PA
2. Underground Dixie Dottie (Reviresco), Blake Crothers, NY

Aged Cow

1. Avonlea Premier Chocolate Chip (Premier), Avonlea Genetics, ON
2. Humming Finalist Dottie (Bowtie), Kueffner, Packard & Hellenbrand, MD
3. Arethusa Victoria (Hired Gun), Arethusa Farm, CT
4. Hemenway Hill Valentine Tweet (Valentino), Johnsonacres & Reagan Johnson, NH

Produce of Dam

1. Arethusa Farm, CT

Dam & Daughter

1. Arethusa Farm, CT

Best Three Females

1. Arethusa Farm, CT