Northeast Spring National Junior Holstein Show 2024

March 27, 8:00 AM @ Hamburg, NY

Andy Reynolds, NY

The Northeast Spring National Junior Holstein Show 2024 is underway at the Erie County Fairgrounds in Hamburg, NY! The judge for the show will be Andy Reynolds from New York. Cowsmo is excited to be providing live video and photo coverage of the show thanks to our Platinum Sponsors, Boviteq & Eclipse Genetics,  LLC!

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Oakfield Tatoo Tender-ET (Tatoo), 1st 5-Year-Old, Chloe & Claire Lamb

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Tusc-Vu Avalanche Cali-ET (Avalanche), 1st aged cow, Isaac Folts

HM Senior & HM Grand Champion
All-Glo Sidekick Mika (Sidekick), 1st 4-year-old, Landree Fraley

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Petitclerc Lambda Soco (Delta-Lambda), 1st junior 3-year-old, Derek George

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Andfar Dback Pepperoni Pizza (Diamondback), 1st senior 3-year-old, Evan Cooper

HM Intermediate Champion
Cashells Side Limoncello (Sidekick), 2nd senior 3-year-old, Jacob Menzi

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
In-Style Jewel In The Night (Moment), 1st fall yearling, Isaac Folts

Reserve Junior Champion
Cherry-H&S Wr Ribbon-Red-ET (Warrior), 1st fall calf, Lily Marshman & Landree Fraley

HM Junior Champion
Cherry-Lor Robin P-Red (Journey), 2nd fall yearling, Phillip McCormick

Champion Bred & Owned

Champion Bred & Owned – Cow Show
J-Folts Gold Celebrity-ET (Goldwyn), 2nd junior 3-year-old, Isaac Folts

Champion Bred & Owned – Heifer Show
Mases-Manor Master Atraction (Master), 1st spring yearling, McKinleigh Mase

Winter Calf (6)

1. (B&O) J-Folts Warrior Looker-ET (Warrior), Isaac Folts
2. Duell-Hollow McWarrior-Red (Warrior), Preston Peabody
3. Parakeets Ali Fluffer (Alligator), Brynley Bossard
4. Jo-Ry Jagger Tornado (Jagger), Brooke Calkins
5. Elmvue Lambda Lysbett-ET (Delta-Lambda), Chloe Yerina
6. Wain-Acres Alpha Tinsel, MacKenzie Schoenecker

Winter Calf (6)

1. (B&O) J-Folts Warrior Looker-ET (Warrior), Isaac Folts
2. Duell-Hollow McWarrior-Red (Warrior), Preston Peabody
3. Parakeets Ali Fluffer (Alligator), Brynley Bossard
4. Jo-Ry Jagger Tornado (Jagger), Brooke Calkins
5. Elmvue Lambda Lysbett-ET (Delta-Lambda), Chloe Yerina
6. Wain-Acres Alpha Tinsel, MacKenzie Schoenecker

Fall Calf (17)

1. Cherry-H&S Wr Ribbon-Red-ET (Warrior), Lily Marshman & Landreen Fraley
2. (B&O) J-Folts Sidekick Luna (Sidekick), Isaac Folts
3. B&L Ocean Analyst-Red (Analyst), Kaylee Byma
4. Cherry-Lor Rocki-Red-ET (Altitude), Phillip McCormick
5. Hay-Aud-Ay Tat Dubai (Tatoo), Hayden Ayers
6. Siemers Teq Tinder-Red-ET (Altitude), Luke Tanis
7. Ms Driscollhill L4 Banners (Unix), Isaac Folts
8. Cool-Kids War Rae Rae-Red (Warrior)
9. Extramile Nightcrawler Lambda (Delta-Lambda), George Hoffman
10. Locust-Valley Sty Trumpet-Red (Styleleader), Cooper Merrill

Summer Yearling (16)

1. Heart&Soul Dempsey Emily-ET (Dempsey), Jackson Cloniger
2. (B&O) ZBW M Moo Lait (Moovin), Mason Ziemba
3. J-Folts Luck Hattrick (Lucky), Isaac Folts
4. Siemers Great 42238-Red (Altitude), R. Tompkins & L. Domeyer
5. Hay-Aud0Ay Warr Mohave-Red (Warrior), Hayden Ayers
6. J-Folts Calis Classy-ET (Crushabull), Isaac Folts
7. WSC Roll The Dice (Ambrosia), Hayden Weaver
8. Kozy Kountry Denvr Colorado (Denver), Celeste Clark
9. La-Ca-De-Le DL 12293 Hilary (Delta-Lambda), Owen Kimball
10. Cowenhurst Cornalite-Red (Analyst), Everett, Jacob & Marion Brayman

Spring Yearling (13)

1. (B&O) Mases-Manor Master Atraction (Master), McKinleigh Mase
2. Cookiecutter Rainbow-Red (Jordy), Ford Getty
3. Star-KY-Blue Adele-Red-ET (Latenite-Red-P), Chloe & Claire Lamb
4. Ubercrest Perennial Twix (Perennial), Colton Uber
5. Hay-Aud-Ay Unix Fabulous (Unix), Hayden & Audrey Ayers
6. Cool-Kids Dback Kash Out (Diamondback), Jacob Cooley
7. Mapel Wood Master Trudy (Master), Jacob Smithgall
8. E-Skinner Jag Chestnut-ET (Jagger), Parker George
9. Cherry-Lor Ricotta-Red-ET (Altitude), Levi Cooley
10. Rivercross War Eliza-Red (Warrior), Kaylee Byma

Winter Yearling (8)

1. ZBW M Leader Snow (Styleleader), Mason Ziemba
2. Ridgedale Preddice (Tatoo), Kaylee Byma
3. ByMa Tattoo Raven (Tatoo), Luke Byma
4. Loverae Best Legacy (Best), Lydia & Emily Couch and Colton Uber
5. Redcarpet Rt Side Of It-ET (Sidekick), Brandon Nickerson
6. Fesko Unst Pride-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Everett Brayman
7. Sonnen Denver ABB Cathedral (Denver), Averi Kitzmiller
8. Extramile Miami To Denver (Denver), George Hoffman

Fall Yearling (11)

1. In-Style Jewel In The Night (Moment), Isaac Folts
2. Cherry-Lor Robin P-Red (Journey), Phillip McCormick
3. (B&O) Oakfield-Sis War RiceKrispy (Warrior), Chloe & Claire Lamb
4. Siemers Warior Tiara-ET (Warrior), Colton Uber & Leah Higginbotham
5. Dale-Pride Sidekick Gemma (Sidekick), Landen Copenhaver
6. Moore-Royal Analyst Loreal (Analyst), Tayler Moore
7. Jo-Ry Crushabull Tebow (Crushabull), Brooke Calkins
8. Verona-Mills Immunity Mint (Immunity), Kaitlyn Sherwood
9. Siemers Covjmx Tipsy-Red-ET (Latenite), Preston Peabody
10. Miss Showtime Hadley (Showtime), Lucille Hoffman

Junior Best Three (2)

1. Isaac Folts
2. Hayden Ayers

Junior 2-Year-Old (3)

1. (BU) Ran-Can Master Casino (Master), Lauren King
2. (B&O) ZBW-Retso Honour Peaches (Honour), Mason Ziemba
3. Premierpoint Dlt Big Bang-ET (Delta-Lambda), B & R Bossard, C. & E Merrill and Alexis Schultz

Senior 2-Year-Old (5)

1. (BU) Heart&Soul Just Watch Me-ET (Doorman), Luke Tanis
2. Retso-Vail Hans 2nd Kiss-ET (Hanans), Isaiah Blakemore
3. La-Ca-De-Le Sidekick 9581-ET (Sidekick), Owen Kimball
4. AAG-Dreams Helix Firefly (Helix), Aubree Kitzmiller
5. Ms Campbell-Run Slct Kip-ET (Select), Brandon Nickerson

Junior 3-Year-Old (3)

1. (BU) Petitclerc Lambda Soco (Delta-Lambda), Derek George
2. (B&O) J-Folts Gold Celebrity-ET (Goldwyn), Isaac Folts
3. Retso-Ridge Mstr Sherry-ET (Master), Jacob Menzi

Senior 3-Year-Old (4)

1. (BU) Andfar Dback Pepperoni Pizza (Diamondback), Evan Cooper
2. Cashells Side Limoncello (Sidekick), Jacob Menzi
3. Windex Chief Lizbeth (Chief), Ryleigh Wadsworth
4. Ms Underground Glory-Red-ET (Altitude), Everett Brayman

4-Year-Old (9)

1. All-Glo Sidekick Mika (Sidekick), Landree Fraley
2. Oakfield Doorman Kahuna-ET (Doorman), Margaret Winspear and Kyra & Griffin Lamb
3. Liddleholme Riley (Diamondback), Derek Liddle
4. Croaky-Pond Doc Rosy (Doc), Isaac Folts
5. J-Folts Awesome Halawa (Awesome), Isaac Folts
6. Duckett Gold Special 7-ET (Goldwyn), Alexis Schultz
7. Liddleholme Mucho-ET (Crushabull), Derek George
8. Amerada Unstopabull Spark (Unstopabull), Owen Kimball
9. Ranway DLambda Talent (Delta-Lambda), Matthew Richenberg

5-Year-Old (3)

1. Oakfield Tatoo Tender-ET (Tatoo), Chloe & Claire Lamb
2. Oakfield Bene Electric-ET (Benefit), Electric Syndicate
3. Ransom-Rail Tatoo Daisy (Tatoo), Jacob Menzi

Aged Cow (2)

1. Tusc-Vu Avalanche Cali-ET (Avalanche), Isaac Folts
2. Co-Vista Redburst Vixen-Red (Redburst), Jacob Menzi

Lifetime Production Cow (1)

1. Eildon-Tweed Chaptr 23-ET (Delta), Ryleigh Wadsworth

Produce of Dam (1)

1. Isaac Folts

Dam & Daughter (2)

1. Isaac Folts
2. Everett Brayman