Northeast Spring National Holstein Show 2019

Apr 7, 2019 @ 9am @ Syracuse, NY

Pat Conroy, IN

Northeast Spring National Holstein Show 2019The Northeast Spring National Holstein Show 2019 has concluded in Syracuse, NY, with Judge Pat Conroy, IN. The Northeast Spring National Junior Holstein Show was also held in conjunction with the open show.

Junior Champion of the Open Show went to Reyncrest Gold Digga-ET (Doorman), 1st Summer Yearling, Reyncrest Farm, NY.

Claiming her second Intermediate and Grand Champion title of the week is Underground Bccas Blair-Red (Acme) 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Oakfield Corner Dairy, NY. She was also Intermediate & Grand of the Red & White Show held yesterday. See those results HERE!

Senior and Reserve Grand Champion honors went to Curr-Vale Abs Adored-Red (Absolute Red), 1st 4-Year-Old, owned by Cedar Lane Farm, LLC, NJ.

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Junior Champion - Junior Show

Junior Champion – Junior Show
Rivercross Addict Daisy (Addiction), 3rd Summer Yearling, Cassie Grace Menendez, NY

Reserve Junior Champion
Retso Classic Persuasion (Classic), 5th Fall Calf, Grace Stroud, Houghton, NY

HM Junior Champion
Ms Goldenoaks Av Cameela-ET (Avalanche), 3rd Spring Yearling, Cameron Gross, NY

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Reyncrest Gold Digga-ET (Doorman), 1st Summer Yearling, Reyncrest Farm, NY

Reserve Junior Champion
Reyncrest Solomon Lucille-ET (Solomon), 1st Spring Yearling, Andrew Reynolds, NY

HM Junior Champion
Savage-Leigh Selser-Red (Diamondback), 1st Winter Yearling, Chase Savage, MD

Intermediate Champion - Junior Show

Intermediate Champion – Junior Show
Heart&Soul Gchip Rosanne-ET (Gold Chip), 3rd Senior 3-Year-Old, Matthew Boop, PA

Reserve Intermediate Champion
St-Jacob Blake Angel (Blake), 4th Senior 3-Year-Old Chase & Connor Savage, MD

HM Intermediate Champion
Headwater Atwood Charlott (Atwood), 3rd Senior 2-Year-Old, Ella Sherman, NY

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Underground Bccas Blair-Red (Acme) 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Oakfield Corner Dairy, NY

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Jericho-Dairy Baracuda-ET (Corvette), 2nd Senior 3-Year-Old, Lance McClure, NY

HM Intermediate Champion
Arethusa Awesome Astrid (Awesome), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Arethusa Farm, CT

Senior Champion - Junior Show

Senior Champion – Junior Show
Ms Andis GW Astra-ET (Goldwyn), 2nd Aged Cow, Matthew Boop, PA

Reserve Senior Champion – Junior Show
Kings-Ransom Delicate (Kingboy), 3rd 4-Year-Old, Jonathon King, NY

HM Senior Champion – Junior Show
Windex Fremont Dandy (Fremont), 2nd 5-Year-Old, Bryce Windecker, NY

Grand Champion - Junior Show

Grand Champion – Junior Show
Ms Andis GW Astra-ET (Goldwyn), 2nd Aged Cow, Matthew Boop, PA

Reserve Grand Champion – Junior Show
Heart&Soul Gchip Rosanne-ET (Gold Chip), 3rd Senior 3-Year-Old, Matthew Boop, PA

HM Grand Champion – Junior Show
St-Jacob Blake Angel (Blake), 4th Senior 3-Year-Old, Chase & Connor Savage, MD

Senior Champion of the Open Show

Senior Champion of the Open Show
Curr-Vale Abs Adored-Red (Absolute-Red), 1st 4-Year-Old, Cedar Lane Farm LLC, NJ

Reserve Senior Champion of the Open Show
Vale-O-Skene Gold Karmilla-ET (Goldwyn) 2nd 4-Year-Old, Jonathon & Alicia Lamb, NY

HM Senior Champion of the Open Show
Hazel Goldwyn Hatty (Goldwyn) 1st 150,000 Lb. Cow, Clark Woodmansee, CT

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Underground Bccas Blair-Red (Acme), 1st senior 3-Year-Old, Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY

Reserve Grand Champion
Curr-Vale Abs Adored-Red (Absolute-Red), 1st 4-Year-Old, CLF, LLC, NJ

Honorable Mention Grand Champion
Vale-O-Skene Gold Karmilla-ET (Goldwyn) 2nd 4-Year-Old, Jonathon & Alicia Lamb, NY

Winter Calf

1. Petitclerc Unix Summit (Unix), Hannah Coller, NY
2. Sco-Lo Avalanche Revenge-ET (Avalanche), Bednarski & Smith-Oak, OH
3. Bulldog Slater Pixie (Slater), Andrew Kimball, MD
4. Ms BV-CW Doorman Bliss-ET (Doorman), Eaton & Petitclerc, NY
5. Petitclerc Avalanche Shine (Avalanche), Glamourview, MD
6. MD-Maple-Lawn Cap Brooke-ET (Capital Gain), IHC, Light, Espindula, MD
7. Schilldale Apple Muffin (Apple Crisp), Lauren Schillawski, NY
8. ZBW M Doc Langille (King Doc), Elizabeth Schieferstine, NY
9. ZBW M Undenied Luxury (Undenied), Mason Ziemba, NY
10.  Belsea Solomon Cyber (Solomon), Belsea Farms, ON

Fall Calf

1. Ziems Denver Excitement (Denver), Timothy & Leah Ziemba & Barbara Ziemba, WI
2. Petitclerc Avalanche Syrah (Avalanche), Hawbaker, Abbot & Bruchey, MD
3. ZBW Baileys Denver Banjo-ET (Denver) Keaton Phoenix, SR Holsteins, ON
4. Heart&Soul GetOutTheWay-ET (Solomon), Douglas Boop, PA
5. Retso Classic Persuasion (Starbuck Classic), Grace Stroud, NY
6. Reyncrest Lightening Bug-ET (Doorman), Andrew Reynolds, NY
7. Reyncrest Lovebug (Doorman), Andrew Reynolds, NY
8. Retso Classic Pailey (Starbuck Classic), Oster Family, NY
9. Arethusa Jordy Zola (Jordy-Red) Arethusa Farms, CT
10. ZBW AV Patience (Avalanche) Mason Ziemba, NY

Summer Yearling

1. Reyncrest Gold Digga (Doorman), Reyncrest Farm, NY
2. Arethusa Jacoby Allure (Jacoby), Arethusa Farm, CT
3. Rivercross Addict Daisy (Addiction), Cassie Grace Menendez, NY
4. Plum-Line Shes My Cherrypie (Solomon), Brooke Carey, PA
5. Arethusa Capture Addy (Capture), Lunde, Schirm, Borba, OH
6. Oakfield Undenie Ecstasy-ET (Undenied), Joseph Osinga, TX
7. Heart&Soul Diamond Ring (Diamondback), Matthew Boop, PA
8. Deslacs Avalanche Ashtilia-Red (Avalanche), Pryme Farms, Inc., ON
9. Heart&Soul Dback Racey (Diamondback), Matthew Boop, PA
10. Ms Triple-T-Brown Magic (Chill) Ben & Linda Byma, NY

Spring Yearling

1. Reyncrest Solomon Lucille-ET (Solomon), Andrew Reynolds, NY
2. SidBeauty Avalanche Bailey-ET (Avalanche), Aaron Eaton & Brad Cates, NY
3. Ms Goldenoaks Av Cameela-ET (Avalanche) Cameron Gross, NY
4. Delt-Air KT Kutlass (King Tut), Jarred & Trisha Boyce, MD
5. Blondin Avalanche (Avalanche) Aaron Eaton & Brad Cates, NY
6. Plum-Line Kleopatra (Gold Chip) Patrick Carey, PA
7. Show Mar Diamondback Uppercut (Diamondback), Dylan Branter, PA
8. Ms Goldenoaks Av Cameela (Avalanche) Cameron Gross, NY
9. Joleanna Bailey Mystic (King Bailey) Braeden Johnson, NY
10. J&K Vue Diamondback Guinness (Diamondback) Matthew Boop, PA

Winter Yearling

1. Savage-Leigh Selser-Red (Diamondback), Chase Savage, MD
2. Petitclerc Impression Auralie (Impression), Glamourview, MD
3. Plum-Line Hammer Lady Gaga (Windhammer)¸ Brooke Carey, PA
4. Arethusa Kingboy Attention (Kingboy) Ella & Calkins, PA
5. Windsorville Candycane ( Solomon) Emily Ann Syme, CT
6. TTM Corvette Beijing-ET (Corvette) Thomas Mercuro, MD
7. Rotaly Jacoby las Vegas  (Jacoby), Matt Currie, NY
8. Ms Rollnview Jcby Danae-ET (Jacoby)  Braeden Johnson, NY
9. Bry-Ry Beemer Fiasco (Beemer) Hayden Ayers, NY
10. Loverae Solomon Landree (Solomon) Thomas & Erin Uber, NY

Fall Yearling

1. Reyncrest Byway Letty-ET (Byway) Andrew Reynold,NY
2. Pottsdale Dback Tanya-ET (Diamondback), Chance, Voss & Betts, MD
3. OCD Defiant Lethal-ET (Defiant), Bill Taylor & Beth Roberts, NJ
4. Rivercross Immunity Ronnie (Immunity), Cassie, Grace Menedez, NY
5. Petitclerc Control Piper (Control), Eaton Holsteins & Ferme Petticlerc, NY
6. Belsea Solomon Gonna Getcha (Solomon), Beslea Farms, ON
7. Belsea Dempsey Wild (Dempsey) Beslea Farms, ON
8. Ovaltop Archrival Ginger ( Archrival) Ashlyn Wolfe, NY
9. Ranway Solomon Spicy 110 (Solomon) Zach Jasmin, NY
10. Oakfield Goldwyn Lavish (Goldwyn), Linda Rhodes, NY

Senior Summer Yearling

1. Mikelholm Dempsey Bingo (Dempsey) Emily Mikel, NY
2. Wall-St Diamondback Elvira (Diamondback) Jeff Winton, Allan & Johana Merrill, NY

Junior 2-Year-Old

1. Sahara Beemer Reese (Beemer) David Dyment & Devans Holsteins, ON
2. Brookvilla Jacoby Lynwood (Jacoby) Kelly & Tyler Reynolds, NY
3. Maple-Downs Dback Addie (Diamondback) Alyssa Collins,NY
4. Uber-Holme Try To Defy Me (Defiant) Thomas & Uber, PA
5. Divine Beemer Lady (Beemer) Shaun & Stacy Merrill, NY

Senior 2-Year-Old

1. Oakfield Archrival Dina (Archrival), Delaware Valley University, PA
2. J-Folts Awesome Hokulani (Awesome) Isaac Folts, NY
3. Headwater Atwood Charlott (Atwood) Ella Sherman, NY
4. Milksource Dempsey Kiss-ET (Dempsey) Lampon Family, NY
5. Sherona-Hill Applesnack (Windbrook), Timothy & Leah Ziemba and Barbara Ziemba, WI
6. Reyncrest Doorman Lilyana (Doorman) Andrew Reynolds, NY
7. Ovaltop Sid Kracker (Sid) Ashlyn Wolfe, NY
8. Coldspring Beemer 7120-ET (Beeemer) Blake Wadsworth, NY
9. Promise-Haven Airlift Prala (Airlift) Jeffery & Kristy Moore, PA
10. Skyridge Corvette Rosey (Corvette) Barry Nadon, NY

Junior 3-Year-Old

1. Arethusa Awesome Astrid (Awesome) Arethusa Farm, CT
2. Ovaltop Goldwyn Emily-ET (Goldwyn) Douglas Wolfe, NY
3. Frith-Jof Avalanche Vinca (Avalanche) Carlsen Farm,PA
4. Reyncrest Crvte Laurlynn-ET (Corvette) Reyncrest Farm, NY
5. Milk&Honey Doorman Emery (Doorman) Cedar Lane Farm LLC, NJ
6. Mikeholm Real Deal (McCutchen) Emily Mikel, NY
7. Ovaltop Archrival Tess (Archrival) Michael Wolfe, NY
8. Oakfield Dback Derby-ET (Diamondback) Smith-Crest Holsteins, WI
9. MD-Maple-Lawn Liz OC Liv-ET (High Octane) Derek George, NY

Senior 3-Year-Old

1. Underground Bccas Blair-Red (Acme) Oakfield Corner, Dairy, NY
2. Jericho-Dairy Baracuda-ET (Corvette) Lance McClure, NY
3. Heart&Soul Gchip Rosanne-ET (Gold Chip) Matthew Boop,, PA
4. Laurel-Brook Aftershock Kate (Aftershock) Bednarski & McWilliams, PA
5. St-Jacob Blake Angel (Blake) Chase & Connor Savage, MD
6. Petitclerc Doorm Analise-ET (Doorman) Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY
7. Jacobs Solomon Brasilia-ET (Solomon) Aaron Eaton & Jim Ward, NY
8. Vale-O-Skene Dreams Kiara (Golden Dreams) Coon & Perotti, Woodmansee, CT


1. Curr-Vale Abs Adored-Red-ET (Absolute-Red), Cedar Lane Farm, LLC
2. Val-O- Skene Gold Karmilla (Goldwyn) Jonathon & Alicia Lamb, Oakfield, NY
3. Kings Ranson Delicate (Kingboy) Jonathon King, Schuylerville, NY
4. Holmgren Absolute Duchess (Absolute-Red)  Jonathon & Alicia Lamb, Oakfield, NY
5. Savage-Leigh Absl Leona-ET (Absolute-Red) Savage & Reist, Union Bridge, MD
6. Vintage-View Qpdoll (Brokaw) Tori Reese, NY
7. Dunns-Pride WB Tangerine-ET (Windbrook), Cedar Lane Farm LLC, NJ
8. Kings-Ransom Kian Effie (Kian) Lauren King, NY
9. Arethusa GC Mackenna-ET (Goldchip) Clark Woodmansee, CT
10. Willows-Edge Airlift Fallon (Airlift) Jim Ward, NY


1. Arethusa GC Mio-ET (Goldchip) Arethusa Farms, CT
2. Windex Fremont Dandy (Fremont) Bryce Windecker, NY
3. Reyncrest Lets Do This-ET (Windbrook) Andrew Reynolds, NY
4. Millborne-MG Clark Twister (Clark) Paul Saunders, CT
5. Eildon-Tweed Tango Fort (Tango) Blake Wadsworth, NY
6. Lantland Windbrook Hysteria (Windbrook) Jacob Menzie, NY
7. Ovaltop Atwood Libby (Atwood) Douglas Wolfe, NY
8. Kings-Ransom Davin Rival-ET (Davinci) Adam King, NY

Aged Cow

1. Webb View Bell Wildthing (Wildthing) Fraley, Borba & Cannon, PA
2. Ms Andis GW Astra-ET (Goldwyn) Matthew Boop, PA
3. OCD Bradnick Candy-ET (Bradnick) Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY
4. Fox-Field Pitbull Lair (Pitbull) Ricky & Elizabeth Hall, VT
5. Devans Lindsay (Sid) Cedar Lane Farm LLC & Justine Allyn, NJ
6. Arethusa Goldsun Molly (Goldsun) Arethusa Farm, CT
7. Maple-Downs-AL Goldchip Galina (Goldchip) Maple Downs Farm & Peter Vail, NY

150,000 lb Cow

1. Hazel Goldwyn Hatty -ET (Goldwyn) Clark Woodmansee, CT
2. Milk & Honey Talent Meg (Talent) Cedar Lane Farm LLC, NJ
3. Lantland Aspen Hemley (Aspen) Kirt Menzi, NY
4. Schillinwood Marshmallow-ET (Manifold) Lauren Schillawski, NY
5. Ovaltop Advent Fallon-Red-ET (Advent) Michael Wolfe, NY

Bred & Owned Champion - Jr Show

Heart&Soul Gchip Rosanne-ET (Gold Chip) 3rd Senior 3-Year-Old, Matthew Boop, PA

Bred & Owned Champion - Open Show

Hazel Goldwyn Hatty-ET (Goldwyn), 1st 150,000 Lb. Cow, Clark Woodmansee, CT