North American Open Dairy Cattle Show 2020

October 1-8, 2020 @ Circleville, OH

The North American Open Dairy Cattle Show was held from October 1-8, 2020 at the Pickaway Ag & Event Center in Circleville, OH. The show  consisted of a Jersey, R&W and Holstein show. Cowsmo was excited to partner with the committee to bring you live coverage including video of all the shows thanks to our generous sponsors! 

Monday, October 5th
8:00amR&W Heifer Show // R&W Cow Show
Judge: Pat Lundy, NY

Tuesday, October 6th
8:00amJersey Heifer Show // Jersey Cow Show
Judge: Chad Ryan, WI

Wednesday, October 7th
8:00amHolstein Heifer Show //Holstein Cow Show
Judge: Mike Berry, WA

Show Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors! 

Oakfield Corners Dairy

Junior Show Grand Champions

Jemi Velocity Moonshine (Velocity), Evan Westerfeld, PA

T-Triple-T Petunia-ET (Goldwyn), Colton Thomas, OH

Red & White
Lantland Destry Eagle-Red (Destry), Kirt Menzi, NY

Open Show Grand Champions

Lone Pine Joel Jugojuice (Joel), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR

K-Land Kilo Black Diamond (Kilo), Majestic View, Lintvedt, Shore, Probert & Connery, WI

Red & White
Miss Apple Snapple-Red-ET (Redburst), Milksource, WI