New York State Fair Guernsey Show 2017

Sep 2, 2017 @ Syracuse, NY

Jenny Thomas, OH

New York State Fair 2016Holcombs Achieve Beth exhibited by Donald Holcomb takes home the Grand Champion title at the New York State Fair Guernsey Show 2017 that took place September 2 in Syracuse, NY. See full results and photos on Cowsmo!


Show Coverage

The New York State Fair Guernsey Show 2017 takes place September 2 in Syracuse, NY. Jenny Thomas, OH, will serve as official judge.


Junior Champion
Poppydale Latimer Spice-ET (Latimer), 1st Winter Calf, Eric Craig
Reserve Junior Champion
Littlefields VLF Prada Diva-ET (Prada), 1st Fall Yearling, Clarence Littlefield Family

Senior & Grand Champion
Holcombs Achieve Beth (Achieve), 1st Jr. 3yr Old, Donald Holcomb
Reserve Senior & Grand Champion
Ripley Farms YB C Eliza (Yogibear), 1st 4yr Old, Ripley Farms

Spring Calf (5)

  1. Greenslopes A 1 Royce (A1), Emma Walley
  2. Littlefields Prada Daydreamer (Prada), Clarence Littlefield Family
  3. Red Rage Assault Marley (Assault), Cathy Litttlefield
  4. Ripley Farms Tampa Satin-ETV (Tampa), Ripley Farms
  5. Littlefields Tiller Fefe-ETV (Tiller), Clarence Littlefield Family

Winter Calf (10)

  1. Poppydale Latimer Spice-ET (Latimer), Eric Craig
  2. Red Rage Bowman Beep (Bowman), Cathy Litttlefield
  3. Clover-Patch Bowman Laura (Bowman), William Rumovicz
  4. Gold Top Pistoll Harlech (Pistoll), Chascidy LaQuay
  5. Thurston Ripley APie Scarlet-ETV (American Pie), Ripley Farms

Fall Calf (13)

  1. Poppydale Latimer Syrup-ET (Latimer), Michael Trombly
  2. Ja-Wa Pistoll Kit (Pistoll), Alyssa Ross
  3. Nicley Ripley Aaron Panda-ETV (Aaron), Ripley Farms
  4. Indian Acres Pilots Maple Pie (Pilot)
  5. Taylwind Navajo Anna-ET (Navajo), Ripley Farms

Summer Yearling (4)

  1. Nicley Ripley Apie Allie-ETV (American Pie), Ripley Farms
  2. Knapps Ripley Kojack Tamora-ET (Kojack), Ripley Farms
  3. Nicley Ripley Lstar Leylah-ET (Lone Star), Ripley Farms
  4. Friendly Manor Achieve Maze (Achieve), James Frentz

Spring Yearling (12)

  1. Littlefields Prada Spirit (Prada), Clarence Littlefield Family
  2. Red Rage Latimer Bang (Latimer), Cathy Litttlefield
  3. Littlefields Prada Destiny (Prada), Clarence Littlefield Family
  4. Poppydale Latimer Sage (Latimer), Michael Trombly
  5. Red Rage Grumpy Brake-ETV (Grumpy), Cathy Littlefield

Winter Yearling (1)

  1. Friendly Manor Ro Levi Ramona (Levi), James Frentz

Fall yearling (7)

  1. Littlefields VLF Prada Diva-ET (Prada), Clarence Littlefield Family
  2. Indian Acres BestMans Passion ET (Best Man), Ashley Sears
  3. Wee Acres Adacka Carla (Adacka), Julia Vunk
  4. Ripley Farms Kaman Yuma (Kaman), Ripley Farms
  5. Holcombs Garrett Grenadine (Garrett), Donald Holcomb

Junior Best 3 Females (7)

  1. Clarence Littlefield Family
  2. Michael Trombly
  3. Cathy Littlefield
  4. Ripley Farms
  5. James Frentz

Junior 2yr Old (3)

  1. Ripley Farms AP Rosalena (American Pie), Ripley Farms
  2. Toolite Crunch Hailey (Crunch), Clarence Littlefield Family
  3. Femara Luna-ET (Grumpy), Joseph Piskorowski

Senior 2yr Old (1)

  1. Ripley Farms CD Tallandra-ET (Cordell), Ripley Farms


Junior 3yr Old (3)

  1. Holcombs Achieve Beth (Achieve), Donald Holcomb
  2. Hearts Desire Astro Peanut (Astro), James Frentz
  3. Ripley Farms Aaron Reese (Aaron), Ripley Farms

Senior 3yr Old (2)

  1. Ripley Farms DL C Tillie-TW (Double L), Ripley Farms
  2. Ripley Farms YB C Tori-ET (Yogibear), Ripley Farms

4 year Old (2)

  1. Ripley Farms YB C Eliza (Yogibear), Ripley Farms
  2. VLF Yogibear Delight (Yogibear), Clarence Littlefield Family

5 year Old (2)

  1. VLF Yogibear Dream (Yogibear), Clarence Littlefield Family
  2. Ripley Farms Rivera C Ripple (Rivera), Ripley Farms

Aged Cow (2)

  1. Holcombs OHD Gracie (Dividend), Donald Holcomb
  2. Adams Creek Adacka Lulu (Adacka), Donald Holcomb

Best Three Females (4)

  1. Ripley Farms
  2. Donald Holcomb
  3. Clarence Littlefield Family
  4. Terry Neuroth Family

Exhibitor's Herd - Five Females (3)

  1. Ripley Farms
  2. Donald Holcomb
  3. Clarence Littlefield Family

Special New York County or District Herd

  1. Finger Lakes Guernsey Breeders
  2. Northern NY District Herd

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Ripley Farms