New York Spring Red & White Show 2023

Saturday, April 1, 2023 @ 8 AM @ Hamburg, NY

Joe Nash, NY

The New York Spring Red & White Show 2023 has ended with Judge Joe Nash, NY, selecting his winning Aged Cow, Wil-O-Mar Diamnbk Rose-Red, as Grand Champion for Elmvue Farm! The show was held April 1, 2023 in Hamburg, NY. Thanks to our generous sponsors, Cowsmo is happy to be in Hamburg bringing you complete coverage of the event! Class by class photos and results are below. View the entire gallery of photos to download and purchase your favorites – click HERE

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Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Wil-O-Mar Diamnbk Rose-Red (Diamondback), 1st Aged Cow, Elmvue Farm

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion
Highcroft Absolute Lily-Red (Absolute), 1st Production Cow, Glamourview Farm & Eaton Holsteins

HM Senior & Grand Champion & Best Bred & Owned
Reyncrest Diamndvk Cici-Red (Diamondback), 1st 4-Year-Old, Kelly & Tyler Reynolds

Senior & Grand Champion Junior Show

Senior & Grand Champion Junior Show
Garay Red Diamond-Red-ET (Diamondback), 1st 5-Year-Old, Landree & Dakota Fraley

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion Junior Show
Tiger Lily Apple Pie-Red-ET (Awesome), 2nd Production Cow, Lily Marshman

HM Senior & Grand Champion Junior Show
Ban-Queen Awesom Maggie-Red (Awesome), 2nd 4-Year-Old, Conor Holland

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Graber Warrior Chili-Red-ET (Warrior), 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Reyncrest Farm & Fly Higher Holsteins

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Cashells Jry Shakira-Red-ET (Jordy), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Matt & Hannah Watson

HM Intermediate Champion
McWilliams Revenge-Red-ET (Unstopabull), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Alison Einink

Intermediate Champion Junior Show

Intermediate Champion Junior Show
McWilliams Revenge-Red-ET (Unstopabull), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Alison Einink

Reserve Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Milk&Honey Analyst Mica-Red (Analyst), 5th Senior 2-Year-Old, Preston Peabody

HM Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Tiger Lily Pic Rythem-Red (Rip It), Lily Marshman

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Lyn-Vale Rumchata-Red (Warrior), 1st Fall Yearling, Reyncrest Farm & Fly Higher Holsteins

Reserve Junior Champion & Best Bred & Owned Heifer
Cashells Jor Cruella-Red (Jordy), 1st Spring Yearling, Ben & Liz Cashell

HM Junior Champion
Clarkvalley Warrior Lucky Rose (Warrior), 1st Fall Calf, Adam Clark

Junior Champion Junior Show

Junior Champion Junior Show
Boardwalk Wr Sparkle-Red-ET (Warrior), 1st Summer Yearling, Abbie Ainslie

Reserve Junior Champion Junior Show & Best Bred & Owned Junior Heifer
Co-Vista LN Miracle-Red-ET (Latenite), 2nd Summer Yearling, Derek George

HM Junior Champion Junior Show
Tigerlea Rag Reflection-Red (Riptide), 6th Fall Calf, Cooper Merrill & Lily Marshman

Winter Calf (8)

1. Winright Altitude Tsunami (Altitude), Brian Coyne & Patrick Crave
2. Red-Violet W Immabe-Red (Warrior), Johnathan King & Emily Mykel
3. Mt-Glen Warrior Peace-Red-ET (Warrior), Dean Jackson
4. McWilliams Reba-Red-ET (Warrior), Sam McWilliams
5. Ms Latenite Mad Cash-Red-ET (Latenite), Emily Lampson & Dalton Cook

Fall Calf (25)

1. Clarkvalley Warrior Lucky Rose (Warrior), Adam Clark
2. Seavalley Ralanes Mia Khalifa (Warrior), Adam Clark
3. Curr-Vale Journy Ada-Red-ET (Journey), Currie Holsteins
4. McGarr-Farms E Regal-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Eoghan McGarr
5. Siemers War Treasure-Red-ET (Warrior), Olivia Schluter

Summer Yearling (20)

1. Boardwalk Wr Sparkle-Red-ET (Warrior), Abbie Ainslie
2. Co-Vista LN Miracle-Red-ET (Latenite), Derek George
3. Hodglynn Revere Pomella (Revere), Adam Clark
4. Cherry-Lor Ripstar-Red-ET (Analyst), Hayden Weaver
5. Sunnylodge Diamondback Kinsley (Diamondback), Mark Smith

Spring Yearling (16)

1. Cashells Jor Cruella-Red (Jordy), Ben & Liz Cashell
2. Reyncrest Hot Topic-Red-ET (Latenite), Reyncrest Farm
3. Oakfield Unstop Elsa-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Jack Moore
4. Ms-AOL Rerun-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Hailee Liddle
5. Ms-AOL Camaro-Red (Analyst), Merrilea Holsteins

Winter Yearling (10)

1. Ms-AOL Ready To Roll-Red-ET (Warrior), Reyncrest Farm
2. Liberty-Gen Jordy Lapdance (Jordy), Winright, Dandyland & Jaquemet
3. Gro209 Late Nite Snack P (Latenite), London Dairy Farms Ltd.
4. Wall-St Light Evangelin-Red (Redlight), Jeffrey Winton & Merrillea Holsteins
5. ZBW-JLP Doral Jenga-Red (Doral), K&B Ziemba & J Pirrung

Fall Yearling (15)

1. Lyn-Vale Rumchata-Red (Warrior), Reyncrest Farm & Fly Higher Holsteins
2. Lantland Expensive-Red (Diamondback), Averie Brown
3. Bell-VF Unstop Sweetie-Red (Unstopabull), Landon Neely
4. Fantasy-Found Destiny-Red (Altitude), Peter Vail & Maple Downs Farm
5. Cherry-Lor Wr Rappy-Red-ET (Warrior), Levi Cooley

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old (1)

1. ZBW-JLP Mrand Joyful-P-Red (Mirand), K&B Ziemba & J Pirrung

Junior 2-Year-Old

1. Ovaltop Unst Roseana-Red (Unstopabull), Justin Wolfe

Senior 2-Year-Old

1. Graber Warrior Chili-Red-ET (Warrior), Reyncrest Farm & Fly Higher Holsteins
2. Milk & Honey W Cadence-Red-ET (Warrior), Cedar Lane Farm LLC
3. Mikelholm War Riviera-Red (Warrior), Emily Mikel
4. Londondale Shania-Red-ET (Altitude), Londondale Farm
5. Milk&Honey Analyst Mica-Red (Analyst), Shocking Genetics

Junior 3-Year-Old

1. Cashells Jry Shakira-Red-ET (Jordy), Matt & Hannah Watson
2. Ovaltop Jordy Wilma-Red (Jordy), Douglas Wolfe

Senior 3-Year-Old

1. McWilliams Revenge-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Alison Einink
2. North-Effect J Revieve-Red (Jordy), Dennis Snyder
3. Ovaltop Jordy Becky-Red-ET (Jordy), Douglas Wolfe


1. Reyncrest Diamndvk Cici-Red (Diamondback), Kelly & Tyler Reynolds
2. Ban-Queen Awesom Maggie-Red (Awesome), Conor Holland
3. Ovaltop Jordy Rojo-Red (Jordy), Justin Wolfe
4. Londondale Jordy Remi-Red (Jordy), Londondale Farm


1. Garay Red Diamond-Red-ET (Diamondback), Landree & Dakota Fraley
2. Durkacres Snapple-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Luncrest Farm LLC
3. Miss Pretty Playful-Red-ET (Avalanche), Maple Downs II & Peter Vail
4. Terra-Rose Penelope-Red-ET (Addiction), Lynette Gelsinger
5. Tiger Lily Incr Ripley-Red (Incredibull), Lily Marshman

Aged Cow

1. Wil-O-Mar Diamnbk Rose-Red (Diamondback), Elmvue Farm
2. Londondale Apjack Sally-Red (Applejack), Londondale Farm
3. Roseland Piccaso Jingle-Red (Piccaso), Alex Burleigh
4. Co-Vista Redburst Vixen-Red (Redburst), Averie Brown & Jacob Menzi
5. Ovaltop Ladd P Ranait-Red (Ladd P), Michael Wolfe

Production Cow

1. Highcroft Absolute Lily-Red (Absolute), Glamourview Farm & Eaton Holsteins
2. Tiger Lily Apple Pie-Red-ET (Awesome), Lily Marshman
3. Futurama Redburst Hazel-Red (Redburst), Mason Ziemba