New York Spring Red & White Holstein Show 2015

April 12, 2015 8am @ Syracuse, NY

Nathan Thomas, OH

Four year old, MS D Apple Danielle receives Grand Champion honors! 

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Junior Show Champions

Junior Champion
Glad-Ray-K Mor Sleet-Red-ET (Contender-Red), 2nd Spring Yearling, Patrick S Youse, MD
Reserve Junior Champion
Glad-Ray-K More Wine-Red-ET (Contender-Red), 2nd Fall Calf, Patrick Youse, MD
HM Junior Champion & Best Bred & Owned
Pheasant Echos Dieon-Red-ET (Apples Absolute), 1st Fall Yearling, Trinity Kaye Miller, MD

Junior Champions

Junior Champion
MS Absolute Sunspot (Absolute),Winter Yearling, C&J Hill, T Merwarth, F Connelly, G Coughlin, MD
Reserve Junior Champion
Greenman Acres Anna (Picolo), Fall Calf, B Greenman & Budjon Farms, WI
Hon Mention
Joleanna Moses MaCaw (Moses),Spring Yearling, Joleanna Holsteins, NY

Intermediate Champions

Intermediate Champion
Liddleholme Alice (Heztry)Senior 2yr old, Hailee Liddle, NY
Reserve Champion
Glad-Ray-k Allstar (Contender), Senior 2yr old, Kayla Umbel, MD
HM Int. Champion
Sunnylodge Reality Laurel (Reality), Junior 2yr old, Whitney Kugler, NY

Senior Champion Junior Show

Senior Champion
Liddleholme Alice (Heztry), Senior 2yr old, Hailee Liddle, NY
Reserve Senior Champion
Ainger Advent Jessa (Advent), 125,000lb Cow, Britney Hill, VT
HM Senior Champion
Glad-Ray-k Allstar (Contender), 2nd Senior 2yr old, Kayla Umbel, MD

Senior Champion - Open Show

Grand Senior Champion
MS D Apple Damielle (Destry), 4yr old, Amanda Kennedy and Chip Savage, PA
Reserve Senior Champion
Foltzbrook Advent Janie (Advent), Aged Cow, B&B Gingerich & Ryland Helbig, IN
HM Senior Champion
M-Riverview Audra (Contender), 5yr old, Austin Yoder, GA

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
MS D Apple Damielle (Destry), 4yr old, Amanda Kennedy and Chip Savage, PA

Reserve Grand Champion
Foltzbrook Advent Janie (Advent), Aged Cow, B&B Gingerich & Ryland Helbig, IN

Winter Calf (7)

1. Roggua Destry Tammy (Destry), Hayleigh Geurink, MI
2. Apple C Rasberry (Redburst), Jim Ward,
3. M Signature Hot Topic (Armani), B, C, M & M Maxxaro, OH
4. Joyride Hvezda Penelope (Hvezda), Robert & Ashley Abbott, NY
5. Monanfran Bpidybopdyboo (Archive), Lilly & Logan Mills, NY
6. Ms Rigerlily HD Cloe (Hvezda), Lily Marshman, NY
7. Bulldog Rdburst Darling (Redburst), EfrainDe Jesus, NY
8. Ovaltop Colt-P Rose (Colt-P), Justin Wolfe, NY
9. Creek-Crest Victory (Advent), Tyler Hymers, NY

Fall Calf (15)

1. Greenman Acres Anna (Picolo), B Greenman & Budjon Farms, WI
2. Glad-Ray-K More Wine (Contender), Patrick Youse, MD
3. Liddleholme Apple Sauce, (Barbwire), Anthony Liddle, NY
4. Glad-Ray-K Mor Shots (Contender), J&S KeilHoltz and C&S Umbel, MD
5. Pheasant Echos Dena (Barbwire), Trinity Miller, MD
6. Glad-Ray-K More Rum (Contender), J&S KeilHoltz, C&S Umbel and C&J Hill, MD
7. Tiger-Lily A-Jack Mave (Apple Jack)m Lily Marshman, NY
8. Greenlea AD Mitzi (Advent), Madison Iager, MD
9. Penn-Gate Florist (Redburst), Douglas Boop, NY
10. MS Barb Act Beauty (Action), Franchise & Roll N View, OH

Summer Yearling (15)

1. Ransom Rail Rdbrst Kacey (Redburst), J Duepengiesser, NY
2. MS Mamajuana Martina (Action), Glad Ray, C Umbel, T Whittier and C&J Hill, MD
3. Whittier-CF Lily (Larson), K&B Ziemba and Ziems Farm, NY
4. Galestone-TM Mist (Picolo), Thomas Mercuro, MD
5. Curr-Vale Def Arla (Defiant), Cooper Galton, NY
6, Midas-Touch Cibol (Prodigy), Lily Marshman and A&J Merrill, NY
7. Sco-Lo-kruse No How (Aladdin),G. Schmidt & Highlife Farms, WI
8. Curr-Vale Arielle (Defiant), Craig Shedd, PA
9. Monanfran Oh So Fancy (Fantasy), Justine Kelsey, NY
10. Midas Touch Cinch (Absolute), Jennifer King, NY

Spring Yearling (10)

1. Joleanna Moses MaCaw (Moses), Joleanna Holsteins, NY
2. Glad-Ray-K Mor Sleet (Contender), Patrick Youse, MD
3. Reyncrest RB Loca (Redburst), Andrew Retnolds, NY
4. Schluter Barbwire Avery (Barbwire), Frank & Diane Borba, CA
5. MS-Aol Cntndr Rowdy (Contender), Jason Tooley & Lucy Stockwell, NY
6. Roll N View BW Cameo (Barbwire), Allison Galton, NY
7. S-Kenn RB Tarzana (Redburst), Sara Kennedy, PA
8. Reyncrest Poc Lansbury (Picolo), Maddison Eddy, NY
9. Ovaltop BWire Courtney (Barbwire), B&L Byma, NY
10. Blue-Gene Aftbrn Alexis (Afterburn), Marshman farms & Brian Sheridan, NY

Winter Yearling (9)

1. MS Absolute Sunspot (Absolute), C&J Hill, T Merwarth, F Connelly, G Coughlin, MD
2. MonanFran Riesling (Destry), Jenny Mills & Maurice Kelsey, NY
3. Zehrview Absolut Hi-time (Absolute), Rosalee Zehr, IL
4. Tiger Lily Absol Lara (Absolute), Lily Marshman, NY
5. Ziems-Ember RB Libby (Redburst), Mallory Rhodes, NY
6. Mslushs Absolute Lust (Absolute), Marshman Farms, A&K Merrill and Blackfire, NY
7. OCD Blaze Jagerbomb (Blaze), Tyler Nephew, NY
8. Oakfield Blz Sangria (Blaze), Ryan Hamilton, NY
9. EL-VI Cashman Pandora (Cashman), George Andrew Jr., NY

Fall Yearling (7)

1. Pheasant Echos Dieon (Destry), Trinity Miller, MD
2. Jerland DH Dir Nika (Director), Landree Fraley, PA
3. Ridgedale Raging Fire (Absolute, B, L, R, H Byma, NY
4. Roll N View Attitude Mindy (Contender)’ Cooper Galton, NY
5. Hilltip haven L-PR Tidy (Ladd P), Jared Dueppengiesser, NY
6. Fantasy-Found GN Danni (Gordon), Rusty Edwards, NY
7. Lick-Spring AB Hailey (Absolute), Ryan Lawton, NY

Junior 2yr old (2)

1. Sunnylodge Reality Laurel (Reality), Whitney Kugler, NY
2. Ms Tigerlea Brst Rielly (Redburst), Lily Marshman and A&J Merrill, NY

Senior 2yr old ()

1. BU – Liddleholme Alice (Heztry), Hailee Liddle, NY
2. Glad-Ray-k Allstar (Contender), Kayla Umbel, MD
3. Ovaltop Picolo Rojo (Picolo), Michael Wolfe, NY

Junior 3yr old (4)

1. Groseslon V Schl Sachet (Satchel), Phyllis Roberts, NY
2. Bo-Ann Cranberry (Redliner), Robert & Judi Hauck, PA
3. Ovaltop Reality Robin (Reality), Michael Wolfe, NY
4. Tiger Lily Ladd Fifi (Ladd P), Marshman Farms, NY

Senior 3yr old (2)

1. Knee-High Contend Anna (Contender), Jayvee & Cody Bacheler, NY
2. Tiger-Lily CT Lavish (Colt P), Marshman Farms, NY

4yr old (4)

1. MS D Apple Danielle (Destry), Amanda Kennedy and Chip Savage, PA
2. BU – Long-Brook RL Sweety Pi (Redliner), Hembury Farms and Marshman Farms, NY
3. Del-Hollow Sking Jill (Sofa King), D&D Bendig, Dana Erway, PA
4. Ovaltop Picolo Sandy (Picolo), Douglas Wolfe, NY

5yr old (6)

1. M-Riverview Audra (Contender), Austin Yoder, GA
2. Four Hills Adv Kalie (Advent), E & B Hill, VT
3. Bo-Ann AB Watermelon (Absolute), R & J Huack, PA
4. Ovaltop Advnt Fallon (Advent), Michael Wolfe, NY
5. Leeland Apple Sider (Big Apple), Ryan Morrill, NH
6. MS Glad Ray More Fun (Contender), Cooper Galton, NY

Aged Cow (1)

1. Foltzbrook Advent Janie (Advent), B&B Gingerich & Ryland Helbig, IN

125,000lb Cow

1. Ainger Advent Jessa (Advent), Britney Hill, VT

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Ovaltop Holsteins, NY