New York Spring Holstein Sale

April 8th, 2016 at 4pm @ Syracuse, NY

89 Lots

New York Spring Holstein Sale 2017

The NY Spring Holstein Sale held on Saturday, April 8 in Syracuse, NY set some new records for the history books.

Topping the sale was Lot 90, a consignment from Furnace-Hill Holsteins, Joel Krall and family from Lebanon, PA. Selling in absentia, this daughter of Bandares born 1/14/17 carried a GTPI +2954, the highest GTPI individual to ever sell at public auction. Bidding was fierce and when the gavel fell at the $275,000.00, the new owner was Progenesis of Canada. Contending bidder of lot 90, ST Genetics, purchased lot 91 a maternal sister carrying a GTPI of 2859 sired by Jedi for $68,000.00. There were four bidders on lot 90 over the $200,000.00 level!

The Catalog is available HERE or by clicking the image below. The PDF is available to download.


Sale Results

Lot 64, a flush age Delta daughter carrying a GTPI +2745, consigned by Cookiecutter Holsteins sold for $35,000.00 to AOT Genetics backed by a VG-88 Day dam from the Halo family!

Lot 63, a December Jedi from Currie Holsteins carrying a GTPI +2823 sold for $32,000.00 to ST Genetics. Her dam is a fresh Kingboy from the world famous “Delicious family”.

Matt Hoff of Windsor, MD made a great purchase on Lot 79 consigned by Allen McClure, a fancy Spark daughter carrying a GTPI +2691 +1515M +101F +55P, ready to IVF from an EX-90 Mogul with 6.0%F with a huge pedigree selling for $16,500.00.

Some very fancy calves sold from well-known show individuals including Lot 1 consigned by Gold Barbara LLC, a lovely Aftershock daughter of the great 2E-95-GMD “Gold Barbara”. This heifer sold for $9,700.00 to Richard Denair of California. Monday, the great Gold Barbara, 3x All-American & All-Canadian did it again and was crowned Grand of the NY Spring Holstein Show!

Lot 19, a fancy Red Addiction-P heifer due 9/4 consigned by Hays Farm Int., sold for $9,000.00

to Ferme Garay of Canada. This fancy heifer is backed by a VG-88 dam from the Apple family!

The sale Managed by The Cattle Exchange of Delhi, NY averaged $8,255.00 and grossed $712,775.00. Dave Rama handled the gavel while Dan Brandt presented pedigrees. Sale Staff were extremely active on the phones and included Don Welk, Rick Verbeek, Tom Harkenrider, Abe Light, Jamie Black & Kelly Reynolds. Aaron Ray Tompkins of handled many online bids as well. Lester Hosking, Chris Curtiss, Shane Wilson, Warren Post, Jason & Jordon Thomas and Connor Nesbitt had the cattle looking spot on for the sale!

Congrats to all the consignors and buyers of this year’s NY Spring Holstein Sale and the NY Holstein Association for another breed leading event!

Report Courtesy of The Cattle Exchange


Sale Week

Lot 1…A September Aftershock daughter of Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX95-2E-GMD 3x Unanimous All-American!

Lot 3…A September Goldwyn daughter of Ernest Anthony Thriller EX95-2E

Lot 10…a Junior 2 Year Old Atwood, due in August to sexed Soloman, from an EX91 Sanchez x EX94-2E Aspen x EX94-3E Durham

Lot 19…A Red, Polled Addiction P Junior 2 Year Old due in September to Doorman, sells with embryo contract, from a VG88 full sister to McGucci, next dam Apple EX96-3E-DOM!

Lot 50…a September Diamondback from a VG86 Gold Chip followed by three generations of EX dams

Lot 64…A February 2016 Delta +2739GTPI +3.0DPR from a Supersire-free pedigree, sells with Gene Diffusions embryo contracts, from a VG88, 9th generation EX-MS Day from the Halo family

Lot 79…A June 2016 Spark from an EX90 Mogul, sells ready to IVF