New York Holstein State Show 2020

September 4 & 5, 2020 @ Greenwich, NY

Justin Burdette, PA

The New York Holstein State Show has concluded with Oakfield WB Tiffany (Windbrook) winning Grand Champion! Congrats to Alicia and Jonathan Lamb. Sorting through the classes was judge Justin Burdette, PA. Thanks to Dr. Jack Zeh, Town and Country Veterinary Clinic!



Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Oakfield WB Tiffany (Windbrook), 1st 5-Year Old, Alicia and Jonathon Lamb

Reserve Grand Champion
Savage-Leigh Style In-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Senior 3-Year Old, K Doeberiener, L Bowen, M Heath

HM Grand Champion
Macland HF Yoder Rachel (Yoder), 2nd 5-Year Old, Adam Liddle and Kyle and Shanna Reid

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Oakfield WB Tiffany (Windbrook), 1st 5-Year Old, Alicia and Johnathon Lamb

Reserve Senior Champion
Macland HF Yoder Rachel (Yoder), 2nd 5-Year Old, Adam Liddle and Kyle and Shanna Reid

HM Senior Champion
MS Libyes Wind Lysette (Windbrook),  1st 4-Year Old, Elmvue Farm

Senior & Grand Champion Junior Show

Senior Champion Junior Show
Kings-Ransom Monterey Clash (Monterey), Adam King

Reserve Senior Champion Junior Show
Jericho-Dairy Baracuda-ET (Corvette), Lance McClure

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Savage-Leigh Style In-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Senior 3-Year Old, K Doeberiener, L Bowen, M Heath

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Oakfield Solom Footloose-ET (Solomon), 1st Junior 3-Year Old, Alicia & Jonathan Lamb

HM Intermediate Champion
Jacobs Solomon Bridal (Solomon), 2nd Junior 3-Year Old, Elmvue Farm

Intermediate Champion Junior Show

Intermediate Champion Junior Show
McGarr-Farms Solomon Zara RC (Solomon), 2nd Junior 2-Year Old,  Norah D McCarthy

Reserve Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Petitcler C Avalanche Syrah (Avalanche), 1st Fall Yearling in Milk, Johnathan King

HM Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Petticlerc Doorman Sapphire-ET (Doorman), 4th Junior 3-Year Old, Sarah Hill

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Miss Goldwyn Andrea-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Spring Yearling, Mackenzie Reynolds

Reserve Junior Champion
Luncrest Dmpsy Apri-2167-ET (Dempsey), 1st Winter Calf, Luncrest Farm and Jamie Black

HM Junior Champion
HS-Hotstuff An Spicy-Red-ET (Avalanche), 1st Winter Yearling, Reyncrest Farm & Fly-Higher Holsteins

Junior Champion Junior Show

Junior Champion Junior Show
Maple-Downs-PV Gracie (Monterey),  2nd Summer Yearling, Alexis Payne

Reserve Junior Champion Junior Show
J-Folts Sandstorm Lydia (Sandstorm), 1st Fall Yearling, J. Isaac Folts

Summer Calf (4)

1. EGL-Acres Warrior Amaya (Warrior), Emily Lampson
2. ZBW M Stop LA Quarantina (Unstopabull), Mason Ziemba
3. Whitdale Dback Minnie Mouse (Diamondback), Grace Depew
4. ZBW M Doorman LA Corona (Doorman), Mason Ziemba

Spring Calf (29)

1. AOT Avalanche Hangover-ET (Avalanche), AOT Genetics & Reyncrest Farm
2. Cashells Chelios Levine (Chelios), Landree & Dakota Fraley
3. Reyncrest Ex Dirty Shirley (Expander), Jacob & Hannah Coller
4. Nasholm Gold Chip Ferrari (Gold Chip), Joe and Amanda Nash
5. Kiaras Unstopabull Kinsley (Unstopabull), C, T & E Coon, J&A Perotti & C Woodmansee IV

Winter Calf (35)

1. Luncrest Dmpsy Apri-2167-ET (Dempsey), Luncrest Farm and Jamie Black
2. Oakfield Us Aviva-Red-ET (Unstopabull), A&J Lamb and Jamie Black
3. Cash-Al Warrior Maserati (Warrior), Chase & Alexis Cashell
4. Liddleholme Ava Mocha-ET (Avalanche), Chloe & Claire Lamb
5. Reyncrest Door Greedy-ET (Doorman), Reyncrest Farms

Fall Calf (20)

1.  MS Reyncrest C Babyspice-ET (Crushabull), Mackenzie Reynolds & Reyncrest Farm
2. Oakfield Ava Timeless-ET (Avalanche), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
3. Liddleholme Jordy Lu-ET (Jordy), Anthony Liddle
4. Maple-Downs-PV Gracie (Monterey), Alexis Payne
5. MS Andringas Flare-Red-ET (Avalanche), Justine Kelsey

Summer Yearling (16)

1. Errolea Solomon Belcalis (Solomon), Reyncrest Farm
2. Maple-Downs-HH Zara (Immunity), Alexis Payne
3. Merrillea Bflip Bumblebee (Backflip), Merrillea Holsteins
4. Maple-Downs Jordy Juno (Jordy), Kelsey Campbell
5. MS BV Solomon Hope-ET (Solomon), Allen and Chris McClure, Anthony Crothers

Spring Yearling (16)

1. Miss Goldwyn Andrea-ET (Goldwyn), Mackenzie Reynolds
2. Reyncrest Legendary-ET (Control), Reyncrest Farm
3.MS Elmvue Drmn Hardrock-ET (Doorman), Elmvue Farm
4. HS-Hotstuff Diggity-Red-ET (Avalanche), Reyncrest Farm & Fly-Higher Holsteins
5. MS ElmVue Drmn Hysteria-ET (Doorman), Elmvue Farm

Winter Yearling (16)

1. HS-Hotstuff An Spicy-Red-ET (Avalanche), Reyncrest Farm & Fly-Higher Holsteins
2. Reyncrest Doorman Carmen-ET (Doorman), Reyncrest Farm & Cybil Fisher
3. MS Shazam Shooter-2072-ET (Doorman), Reyncrest Farm & Luncrest Farm
4. Maple-Downs-PV Dback Gin-ET (Diamondback), Maple Downs Farms II & Duane Tillapaugh
5. Cashells Solomon Fluto (Solomon), Ben & Liz Cashell

Fall Yearling (6)

1. J-Folts Sandstorm Lydia (Sandstorm), J. Isaac Folts
2. MS Connies Crush Cait-ET (Crush), Watch Hill Holsteins and Tim Larence
3. MS Beechnutacr ES ZBW Eva (valanche), Grace Stroud
4. Just-A-Dream Avery Rosie-Red (Avery), Abigail Foster
5. Retro Crushed Peaches-ET (Crush), Kolin Rowland

Junior Best Three (2)

1. Reyncrest Farm
2. Oakfield Corners

Fall Yearling in Milk (8)

1. Petitcler C Avalanche Syrah (Avalanche), Johnathan King
2. Luncrest Cheif Brazil-2043 (Chief), Luncrest Farm LLC
3. OCD Doorm Electric-ET (Doorman), J BLack, D&M Rama, J&A Lamb, Oakfield Corners
4. MS-AOL Dbac Radiance-Red-ET (Diamondback), Andrew Reynolds & Whitney Kugler
5. Oakfield Solomon Sunrise-ET (Solomon), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
Kings-Ransom KD Carnival (King Doc), Johnathan King

Summer Junior 2-Year Old (11)

1. Oakfield Undenied Eclair-ET (Undenied), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
2. Cornerest Dback Laudia (Diamondback), Cornerest Farm LLC
3. Durkacres Apple Ale-ET (Unstopabull), Anthony Liddle and Kyle and Shanna Reid
4. Kings-Ransom Und Curlie (Undenied), Hannah King
5. Milksource Sills Bmr Biloxi (Beemer), Daniel Sill & Lori Benson

Junior 2-Year Old (13)

1. MS Abba Amazing 2319-ET (Avalanche), Oakfield Corners Dairy Show Cattle
2. McGarr-Farms Solomon Zara RC (Solomon), Norah D McCarthy
3. ZBW M KD Lori (King Doc), ZBW Genetics, Retso Holsteins & Peter Vail
4. Luncrest Unix Munch-1980 (Unix), Luncrest Farm LLC
5. LME Ready To Rock-Red (Avalanche), Anthony Liddle and Barclay Phoenix

Senior 2-Year Old (12)

1. Oakfield Doorm Brilliant-ET (Doorman), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
2. Ridgedael Raquel (Diamondback), Isaac Conrad
3. Liddleholme D-Back Asia-Red (Diamondback), Wyatt Mitchell
4.  Maiz-N-Blu Add Lucy-Red (Addiction-P), Maple Downs Farms II
5. Milksource Zest-ET (Avalanche), Reyncrest Farm

Junior 3-Year Old (14)

1. Oakfield Solom Footloose-ET (Solomon), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
2. Jacobs Solomon Bridal (Solomon), Elmvue Farm
3. Maple-Downs D Back Addie (Diamondback), Maple Downs Farms II
4. Petticlerc Doorman Sapphire-ET (Doorman), Sarah Hill
5. Hillpine Doorman ASAP-ET (Doorman), Oakfield Corners Dairy Show Cattle

Senior 3-Year Old (16)

1. Savage-Leigh Style In-ET (Goldwyn), K Doeberiener, L Bowen, M Heath
2. Kevetta Daniel Lexi (Daniel), Oakfield Corners Dairy Show Cattle
3. Signature B Classic-ET (Bradnick), Elmvue Farm
4. Oakfield Goldwyn Daisy-ET (Goldwyn), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
5. Rocklan-ZBW M Paris-Red (Malone), ZBW Genetics & Eleni, Dina & Cheryl Rigas

4-Year Old (16)

1. MS Libyes Wind Lysette (Windbrook), Elmvue Farm
2. Kings-Ransom Monterey Clash (Monterey), Adam King
3. Jericho-Dairy Baracuda-ET (Corvette), Lance McClure
4. Pleasant Nook DM Madison-ET (Doorman), Adam Liddle and Jamie Black
5. Reyncrest Corvette Gracie (Corvette), Reyncrest Farm

5-Year Old (10)

1. Oakfield WB Tiffany (Windbrook), Alicia and Jonathon Lamb
2. Macland HF Yoder Rachel (Yoder), Adam Liddle and Kyle and Shanna Reid
3. Maple-Downs Armani Glamor (Armani), Maple Downs Farms II
4. Carpsview Armani Velvet (Armani), Elmvue Farm
5. Oakfield Gold Chip Efron (Gold Chip), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb

Aged Cow (8)

1. Reyncrest Lets Do This (Windbrook), Reyncrest Farm
2. OCD Bradnick Candy (Bradnick), Oakfield Corners Dairy Show Cattle
3. Posthaven Absolute Sassy (Absolute), Andrew Post
4. Golden-Rose Abs Ginger (Absolute), Ridgedale Farm & Richard Witter
5. Parkvue Absolute Rap-Red-ET (Absolute), Cookiecutter LLC

150,000 Pound Cow (5)

1. Oakfield Reality Harmony-ET (Reality), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
2. Gillette Lauthority 2nd Run (Lauthority), Retso Holsteins & Peter Vail
3. Posthaven Hank Creampuff (Hank), Rose Mary Post
4. Long-Haven Sid Carla (Sid), Oakfield Corners Dairy Show Cattle
5. Kings-Ransom Jives Gabrina (Jives), Adam King

Produce of Dam (2)

1. Reyncrest Farm
2. Kings-Ransom Farm

Dam and Daughter (1)

1. Post Haven

Best 3 Females (4)

1. Oakfield Corners
2. Reyncrest Farm
3. Post Haven
4. Kings-Ransom Farm

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Oakfield Corners