New England Milking Shorthorn Show 2020

August 5, 2020 @ Greenfield, MA

Joe Nash, NY

The New England Milking Shorthorn Show took place August 5, 2020 at the Franklin County Fair in Greenfield, MA.  Joe Nash, NY sorted through the classes as the official judge of the show. Cowsmo was on-hand covering the show with results and photos.

Judge Nash Selected Ridale Sumthin Special EXP ET as Grand & Senior Champion for Ridale Genetics & TJ Wingert. 

Junior Champion honors went to Mountain View IC Fired Up owned by Jason Bagley.

Grand & Senior Champion Open Show

Grand & Senior Champion

Ridale Sumthin Special, 1st 4-Year-Old, Ridale Genetics & TJ Wingert

 Reserve Grand & Senior Champion
Heavenly Mega Cutiepie ET Jacob Fisher (1st Junior 2- Year-Old)

Grand & Senior Champion Junior Show

Grand & Senior Champion Junior Show 
Heavenly Mega Cutiepie ET Jacob Fisher (1st Junior 2-Year-Old)

Reserve Grand & Senior Champion Junior Show 

Hard Core Lottery Scratch Jacob Fisher (1st Summer Junior 2-Year-Old)

Junior Champion Open Show

Junior Champion Open Show
Mountain View IC Fired Up Jason Bagley (1st Fall Calf)

Reserve Junior Champion Open Show
Honor Roll Ocean Breeze Dan Bagley

Junior Champion Junior Show

Junior Champion Junior Show
Mountain View IC Fired Up Jason Bagley (1st Fall Calf)

Reserve Junior Champion Junior Show
Heavenly Badgers Sweet Victory Jacob Fisher (1st Winter Calf)

Spring Calf

1.Ridale Special Day EXP, Ridale Genetics
2. Green Acres Ash Twirl, Wyatt Chambers
3. Mountain View MOJ Smackdown EXP, Jacob Fisher
4. Bagley Bogs Triple Crown Freedom Jason Bagley
5. Green Acres Ash Twist, Wyatt Chambers

Winter Calf

1.Heavenly Badgers Sweet Victory, Jacob Fisher
2. Cates TC Kloe Kardashian, Jacob Fisher
3. Morning Dew Liv Morning, Dew Farm
4. Morning Dew Phoebe, Morning Dew Farm

Fall Calf

1. Mountain View IC Fired Up, Jason Bagley
2. Bagley Bogs Blaze Bucci, Jason Bagley
3. Swag C Motley Crue Wyatt Chambers
4. Gary’s Al Vira Dakota Phelon

Summer Yearling

1.Iroquois Acres Jubilee Ashlynn Foster
2. Swag Twister Mischief Exp Wyatt Chambers

Spring Yearling

1. Honor Roll Ocean Breeze, Dan Bagley
2. Cold Springs Lot Parti Time, Wyatt Chambers
3. Mountain View Lad Sunburst EXP Jacob Fisher
4. Garys Ocean Scotti Ben Bemis
5. Cold Spring Pixie Dust Dakota Phelon


Winter Yearling

1.Mountain View LB Denali Jacob Fisher
2. Glen-mar Soldier Must Have Leigha Noto

Fall Yearling

1. Garys Al Vivian Dakota Phelon
2. Garys RU Serious Ben Bemis
3. Krauses Dazzler Dakota Phelon

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old

1.Hard Core Lottery Scratch, Jacob Fisher

Junior 2-Year-Old

1. Heavenly Mega Cutiepie ET, Jacob Fisher
2. Morning Dew Spring, Morning Dew Farm
3. Cates Jeffs Miley Cyrus, Jason Bagley
4. Prospect Valley Shugar, Dakota Phelon

Senior 2-Year-Old

1.Echo Farm Patriot Riff, Kaylin Noto

Senor 3-Year-Old

1.Elmhurst Farms Lido Kiara, Leigna Noto

4 Year-Old

1. Ridale Sumthin Special EXP ET, Ridale Genetics & TJ Wingert
2. Morning Dew Late, Morning Dew Farm
3. Swan Mr Rights Frozen Jason Bagley

5 Year-Old

1. Echo Farm Petri, Dakota Phelon
2. Morning Dew Stepaside,
Morning Dew Farm

Aged Cow

1.Morning Dew Lucious, Morning Dew Farm

Dam Daughter

1.Ridale Genetics
2.Morning Dew Farm
3.Jason Bagley

Produce of Dam

1.Morning Dew Farm
2.Dakota Phelon
3. Dakota Phelon

Best 3 Bred and Owned

1.Morning Dew Farm
2. Jacob Fisher