National Jersey Show 2019

November 9, 2019 @ Toronto, ON

Pierre Boulet, QC

Judge Pierre Boulet, QC made his choice and it was the 4-Year-Old who took home both Grand & Senior Champion at the National Jersey Show. Congratulations Vierra Dairy Farms, CA & Showdown Justine!

We are excited to announce our new partnership with The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and will be awarding the Jersey Grand Champion cash prize. Cowsmo will be on-hand providing photos and results thanks to our show coverage sponsors STgenetics & STgenetics Canada, Beslea Farms Ltd., Drentex Jerseys & Enniskillen Jerseys.

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Grand & Senior Champion

Grand & Senior Champion
Showdown Justine (Showdown), 1st 4-Year-Old, Vierra Dairy Farms, CA

Reserve Grand & Senior Champion
Bri-Lin Valson Spritz (Valson), 1st 5-Year-Old, Vierra Dairy Farms, CA

HM Grand & Senior Champion
Bri-Lin Karballa Salvia-ET (Karbala), 1st Mature Cow, Brian & Linda Raymer, ON

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Pleasant Nook Apple Dumpling (Applejack), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Genesis Premier Vista (Premier), 1st Senior 2-Year-old, Vierra Dairy Farms, CA

HM Intermediate Champion
Sugar Brook Bartender Bridgett (Bartender), 1st Junior 2-Year, Underground Genetics & Clarkvalley, NY

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Golden Joyride Louisa (Joyride), 1st Senior Calf, Glen & Sheila Burgess, ON

Reserve Junior Champion
Morningmist Premier Izabelle (Premier), 1st Junior Yearling, James & Cathy Mason, ON

HM Junior Champion
Arethusa Fizz Cabernet ET (Fizz), 1st Intermediate Calf, Vierra Dairy Farms, CA

4-H Champion

4-H Champion
Morningmist Premier Izabelle (Premier), 1st Junior Yearling, James & Cathy Mason, ON

Reserve 4-H Champion
Payneside 2nd’s of Mac N Cheese ET (Tequila), 2nd Senior Calf, Dani Karn, ON

HM 4-H Champion
Air American Lollipops Lucinda ET (Vaden), 3rd Junior Yearling, Laura Deklein & Geoff Innes, ON

Junior Calf (21)

1. (B&O) Roggua Robindale Just Take Viralook ET (Viral), Ferme Roggua Enr & Jeffrey Ross, QC
2. Charlyn Getaway Vacay (Getaway), Charlyn Jerseys & Lee Simanton, ON
3. Charlyn Certified Joel Villa (Joel), Sandy MacGillvary & Charlyn Jerseys, ON
4. Drentex Colton Mamiec (Colton), Michael & Monique Bols, ON
5. (1st 4-H) Morningmist Blackapple Lovebug (Black Apple), James & Cathy Mason, ON
6. Verona Joyride Merry Sophia, Alicia, Justiin & Marie-Eve Veronneau, QC
7. Alexvale Viral Geedazzle (Viral), Mark McPhedran, James Alexander, and Pleasant Nook, ON
8. McIntosh Andreas Silky (Andreas), Ferme Godstar Jersey, QC
9. Maker Tequila Shots (Tequila), Ferme Grejec
10. Aleah Tequila Drama Class (Tequila), Aleah Farms Ltd, ON

Intermediate Calf (26)

1. Arethusa Fizz Cabernet ET (Fizz), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
2. (B&O) Marlau Fizz Marguerita ET (Fizz), Laurent Lambert & John Weaver, QC
3. (1st 4-H) Spatz Joel Lily (Joel), Russell Prins, ON
4. Stee-La Velocity Adele ET (Velocity), Alica, Justin & Marie-Eve Veronneau, QC
5. Brandervale Naughty Nickers (Tequila), James Alexander and Tyler & Debbie Brander, ON
6. Drentex Gentry Gazoo ET (Gentry), Michael & Monique Bols, ON
7. (2nd 4-H) Paullor Re-Action Jentree (Re-Action), Paul-Lor Jerseys, ON
8. Maker Christmas Crack (Vivitar), Maker Farms, ON
9. Arethusa Fizz Chateau ET (Fizz), Alica, Justin & Marie-Eve Veronneau, QC
10. Elegance Joel Peanut ET (Joel), D. Fossaert, Marie-Claire Girod, and Ferme Elegance, QC

Senior Calf (29)

1. (B&O) Golden Joyride Louisa (Joyride), Glen & Sheila Burgess, ON
2. (1st 4-H) Payneside 2nd’s of Mac N Cheese ET (Tequila), Dani Karn, ON
3. (2nd 4-H) Morningmist Joel Gracie (Joel), James & Cathy Mason, ON
4. Perennial Tequila Fortune ET (Tequila), Ferme Cerpolait, QC
5. South Mountain Viral Respect ET (Viral), Lorne Ella, ON
6. Avonlea V Keep Your Distance (Vitality), Avonlea Genetics & Taylor Vander Meulen, ON
7. Charlyn Vitality Rocco (Vitality), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
8. Edgelea Tequila Postscript (Tequila), Joel Bagg, ON
9. Beslea An Evening Sky ET (Colton), Beslea Farms, ON
10. Drentex Request Tanisha (Request), Michael & Monique Bols, ON

Summer Yearling (20)

1. (B&O) Glenholme Viral Attack (Viral), Robert & Bruce Mellow, ON
2. (1st 4-H) Bridon B Apple Scream (Black Apple), Bridon Farms, ON
3. Dulet Victorious Bagel ET (Victorious), Ferme Dulet, QC
4. (2nd 4-H) Payneside Tequila Greybird (Tequila), Payneside Farms, ON
5. Charlyn Venue Bling (Venue), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
6. Hollylane Renaissance Ciara ET (Renaissance), Hollylane Jerseys, ON
7. Stee-La Velocity Amy ET (Velocity), Alica, Justin & Marie-Eve Veronneau, QC
8. Paullyn Black Apple Aleta (Black Apple), Paullyn Farms, ON
9. Golden Black Apple Maddox (Black Apple), Glen Burgess & Joel Bagg, ON
10. Pleasant Nook Tequila Mellow (Tequila), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON

Junior Yearling (23)

1. (B&O, 1st 4-H) Morningmist Premier Izabelle (Premier), James & Cathy Mason, ON
2. Wildweed Andreas Mantis (Andreas), Ferme du Sillon II, Ferme Charest, and Edouardo Ramirez, QC
3. (2nd 4-H) Air American Lollipops Lucinda ET (Vaden), Laura Deklein & Geoff Innes, ON
4. Avonlea Keeper at Burntwood (Joel), Avonlea Genetics & Edward Facer, ON
5. Huronia Gentry Marissa 6F (Gentry), Jeff & Chelsea Stephens, ON
6. Charlyn Tequila Schnapps (Tequila), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
7. Milk & Honey Vaden Fern ET (Vaden), Triple-T, Michael Heath, and Kelly Barbee, OH
8. Drentex Gentry BabyG (Gentry), Mauranne Herbert, QC
9. Starcrest A Lil Nookie (Axis), Starcrest & Oasis Jerseys, ON
10. Underground Natasha Mamie Naughty (Joel), Clarkvalley, ON

Intermediate Yearling (5)

1. Summer Breeze Tequila Gayle (Tequila), Kendall Thomas, OH
2. (B&O) Glenholme Gentle Apology (Gentry), Robert & Bruce Mellow, ON
3. Charlyn Tequila Bullet (Tequila), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
4. RJF VIP Kupcake (V I P), Robert Jarrell, ON
5. Despresverts Dragon Glow (Dragon), Ferme Rejebel, QC

Junior Breeders Herd (10)

1. Glenholme Jerseys, ON
2. Morningmist Jerseys, ON
3. Charlyn Farms, ON
4. Avonlea Genetics, ON
5. Marlau, QC
6. Payneside Farms Inc., ON
7. Drentex Jerseys, ON
8. Golden Jerseys, ON
9. Jersey Inn, QC
10. Maplevale Jerseys, ON

Junior Exhibitor Banner

1. James & Cathy Mason, ON
2. Charlyn Farms, ON
3. Glenholm Jerseys, ON

Junior Breeder Banner

1. Charlyn Farms, ON
2, Morningmist Jerseys, ON
3. Glenholme Jerseys, ON

Milking Intermediate Yearling (7)

1. (BU, B&O) Bridon Colton Trample (Colton), Bridon Farms, ON
2. Spruce Briar Invigorate Eleanor (Invigorate), Andrew & Anne Bromley, ON
3. Roggua Robindale Just Like Juanita ET (Tequila), Ferme Roggua & Jeffrey Ross, QC
4. RJF Premier Insane (Premier), Robert Jarrell, ON
5. Golden Premier Shaker (Premier), Glen & Sheila Burgess, ON
6. Hollylane Counciller Mandy (Counciller), Hollylane Jerseys, ON
7. Entourage-LC Show Kaliber ET (Showdown), Marlau, QC

Milking Senior Yearling (16)

1. (BU) Goff Andreas Mae-ET (Andreas), Milksource Genetics & Buster Goff, WI
2. (B&O) Frankstyle Karobert Joel Allie (Joel), Ferme Karobert, Ferme Frankstyle, and S. Boissonneault, QC
3. Glenholme Tequila Almond (Tequila), Kevin Doebereiner, Lindsay Bowen, Mike & Julie Duckett, and Triple-T, OH
4. Milksource Gentry Mink-ET (Gentry), Milksource Genetics & Finco Valparaiso, WI
5. Lookout A Fire Ball (Andreas), Frank & Diane Borba, Elitehaven, and Lookout, QC
6. Musqie Colton Majesty ET (Colton), Avonlea Genetics & Boyd Nelson, ON
7. Bridon Colton Volt ET (Colton), Bridon Farms, ON
8. Bridon Down Marble (Showdown), Bridon Farms, ON
9. RJF Engineer Charmer (Engineer), Robert Jarrell, ON
10. RJF Engineer Kracker (Engineer), Lauren Barker, ON

Junior 2-Year-Old (15)

1. (BU) Sugar Brook Bartender Bridgett (Bartender), Underground Genetics & Clarkvalley, NY
2. (B&O) L’Ormiere Tequila Lili (Tequila), Christine Desrosiers and Julien & C A Sicard, QC
3. River Valley Colton Juliette (Colton), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
4. Top Gene Flocon Baby (Tequila), Stephane Marceau & Marie St-Cyr, QC
5. Lookout Joel Brooksey (Joel), Lookout, Brooke McKinven, and Frank & Diane Borba, QC
6. Drentex Colton Tazo (Colton), Beslea Farms and Kingsdale Jersey Farm, ON
7. Edgelea Tequila Posterity (Tequila), Mike Bols & Joel Bagg, ON
8. Avonlea Silver CF Vixen ET (Wildcat), Cybil Fisher, Patty Jones, and Avonlea Genetics, ON
9. Pleasant Nook/WR Tequila Vodka (Tequila), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
10. Charlyn Perennial Tequila Sunrise ET (Tequila), Charlyn Jerseys & Bryan Weldrick, ON

Senior 2-Year-Old (23)

1. (BU) Genesis Premier Vista (Premier), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
2. (B&O) Maker Baileys Vanna (Baileys), Maker Jerseys & Lorna Ella, ON
3. Pleasant Nook Must Have Venue (Venue), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
4. Swissbell Joel Ocean (Joel), Walter & Marlies Kaehli, ON
5. Charlyn Velocity Nexus (Velocity), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
6. Maker Shut Out Lipstick (Shut Out), Patty Jones & Cybil Fisher, ON
7. Bridon J Paste (Joel), Ferme Garatm Ferme Karobert & Lookout Jerseys, QC
8. Edgelea Genetics Sharon (Gentry), Quality Holsteins, Joel Bagg, Agriber, Beckridge, ON
9. Bridon Tequila Evening-ET (Tequila), Bridon Farms Inc., ON
10. Rich Valley Gentry Addison (Gentry), Walkerbrae Farms, ON

Junior 3-Year-Old (14)

1. (B&O) Pleasant Nook Apple Dumpling (Applejack), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
2. Pleasant Nook Pinky Promise (Tequila), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
3. Twin Cty Premier Sisown-ET (Premier), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
4. Enniskillen Gentry Of BC Sue 22 (Gentry), Enniskillen Jerseys, ON
5. Stoney Point Giller Dazzler (Giller), Lookout Jerseys & Elite Haven, QC
6. Marbro Brandon Keni (Brandon), Roslin Cattle Company Ltd., ON
7. Charlyn Certified Venue Viva (Venue), Charlyn Farms, ON
8. Avonlea Colton Aphrodite (Colton), Musqie Valley Farms & Briana Dillman, NS
9. Bridon Tequila Evening (Tequila), Bridon Farms Inc., ON
10. Enniskillen Getaway Mamie 436 (Getaway), Enniskillen Jerseys, ON

Senior 3-Year-old (9)

1. (BU)(B&O)Tanbark Joel Kryptonite (Joel), Jenny Butcher, ON
2. Golden Getaway Exotica (Getaway), G&S Burgess, Lookout, F&D Borba, L&B Davis, QC
3. Kilgus Valentino Mya (Valentino), Tom Breakell, Patty Jones, Cybil Fisher & Avonlea, ON
4. Avonlea T Keep A Secret (Tequila), Avonlea Genetics Inc., ON
5. Lorivale Tequila Chicnlittle (Tequil), Lorivale Farms, ON
6. Bridon Att Goldie (Attraction), Bridon Farms Inc., ON
7. Bridon Timber Peach (Timber), Bridon Farms Inc., ON
8. Marlau Beautiful Fancy (Beautifull), Laurent Lambert, John Weaver, Hodglynn Holsteins Ltd., ON
9. Edgelea Glenholme TQ Vacation (Tequila), Carol Ruta & Joel Bagg, ON

4-Year-Old (12)

1. (BU) Showdown Justine (Showdown), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
2. Marbro Premier Ezra (Premier), Ferme Frankstyle & Ferme Karobert, QC
3. (B&O) Pleasant Nook Premier Jellyroll (Premier), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
4. Pleasant Nook /WR Premier Voila (Premier), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
5. Audibel Hot Money Nickie (Money), Starcrest & Oasis Jerseys, ON
6. RJF Premier Chance (Premier), Robert Jarrell, ON
7. Enniskillen Vincent Suzy II-ET (Vincent), Enniskillen Jerseys, ON
8. Golden Excitation Pocahontas (Excitation), Glen & Sheila Burgess ON
9. Golden Dragon Moyrah (Dragon), Glen & Sheila Burgess, ON
10. Jolibois Noisy Premier-ET (Premier), Ferme Rolandale & Rosalie Dubois, QC

5-Year-Old (14)

1. (BU) Bri-Lin Valson Spritz (Valson), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
2. Fairvista Koop Ferocious (Koop), B Weeks, Fisher, F&D Borba, Parrabel, Hi-Caliber, ON
3. (B&O) MB Lucky Lady Fired Up-ET (Velocity), F&D Borba, Lookout & Elite Haven, QC
4. Pleasant Nook Premier Miss Me (Premier), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
5. Spatz Premier Amelia (Premier), Quality Holsteins & Agriber, ON
6. Maker Minister Vavoom-ET (Minister), Maker Farms Inc., ON
7. Glenholme Maestro Takoda (Maestro), Curtis Ruta & Adrian Franken, ON
8. Golden Fakir Dynamic (Fakir), Glen & Shiela Burgess, ON
9. Hometown Velocity Masquerade (Velocity), Neil & Melanie Hunterm ON
10. Golden Irwin Dazzle (Irwin), Glen & Sheila Burgess, ON