National Jersey Jug Futurity 2023

November 5, 2023 @ November 5, 2023

Mike Berry, Powell Butte, OR; Associate Tony DeMellow, Turlock, CA

The National Jersey Jug Futurity 2023 has ended with Ratliff Irwin Cadillac-ET taking home top honors for Ron & Christy Ratliff, Garnett, KS. This prestigious event was held November 5 in Louisville, KY, with Judge Mike Berry, Powell Butte, OR, and his Associate Judge Tony DeMello, Turlock, CA, placing the class. During the ceremony, the Max Gordon Award was presented to Rob & Lisa Leach of Linwood, KS, making them only the second couple to be recognized with this award. Congratulations!

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Jersey Jug Futurity (19)

1. (BU, B&O) Ratliff Irwin Cadillac-ET (Irwin) Ron & Christy Ratliff, Garnett, KS
2. WF Terpster Blessing (Terpster), Reese & Brinkley Burdette, Mercersburg, PA
3. Red Dirt Comerica Boobers (Comerica), Red Dirt Genetics, Perkins, OK
4. Pacific Edge Joel Karisma-ET (Joel), Brent Rocha, Tillamook, OR
5. Spatz Applejack Demi (Applejack), Spatz Cattle Co, Kelly Barbee & Michael Heath, Harrisonburg, VA
6. Red Dirt Lollalala Frosty (Lolalala), Red Dirt Genetics, Perkins, OK
7. Discoverys Chrome Jags (Chrome), Lisa Demmer, Ellsworth, WI
8. Discoverys Fireman Jenga (Fireman), Lisa Demmer, Ellsworth, WI
9. Discoverys Fireman Jeorgia (Fireman),  Lisa Demmer, Ellsworth, WI
10. Drentex Blkapple Tiffany (Black Apple), John Selin & Austin Nauman, Marshfield, WI

Max Gordon Award

Rob & Lisa Leach, Lincrest Jerseys, Linwood, KS