National Jersey Jug Futurity 2019

November 10, 2019 @ Louisville, KY

Phillip Topp, OH Associate: Joe Price, IL

Page-Crest Virtuoso 148 is your 2019 National Jersey Jug Futurity winner for the Chupp & Leach families! Phillip Topp, OH along with his associate judge, Joe Price, IL, placed the 66th National Jersey Jug Futurity on November 10 in Louisville, KY.

Futurity (31)

1. Page-Crest Virtuoso 148 {5} (Virtuoso), Justin, Daniel, Neveah, Emmet & Tye Chupp and Erin & Sophie Leach, Inola, OK

2. KCJF Tequila Sancia (Tequila), Keightley & Core, Jackson Powers and Frank & Diane Borba, Salvisa, KY

3. KCJF Tequila Now Or Never (Tequila), Keightley/Core Jerseys Jerseys and Kenny & Kelly Jo Manion, Salvisa, KY

4. SV Sultan Harmony (Sultan), Spring Valley Farm, Westminster, MD

5 & 1st Jr. Charlyn Tequila Eclipse (Tequila), Dawson & Kylie Nickels, Watertown, WI

6. Cowbell Hired Gun Flip Flop (Hired Gun), Christine L. Sheesly Rozler, Potsdam, NY